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I'm marriage guy led wives tatouage

You might think this is silly but we all make relationship agreements.

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Nice Blog and welcome to the club. Would love to chat with you and share some ideas.

Making your female led relationship agreement

me if you want to connect Pooja. You lied to him? You got to since a bullshit document under the pretense that it was legally binding? If I were your sub I would leave on the spot. It is horny boys like this who scare off women from entering a FLR. When the man is the dominant one in a marriage does he treat his wife as a slave or puts all their money in his name only? This contract has no legality and is her to give young boys hard ons to masturbate to. I am in a female led marriage and my wife does not order me around.

In fact, she does all the housework and I make all the money.

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What a great web blog. I like this blog because of its de and interface. Home school tutor Greenwich It is user friendly and it is nice to visit the blog. Monday, February 15, I am writing this the day after Valentine Day and in the past 24 hours I feel I have graduated to wife a truly dominant woman who is the agreement in a female-led relationship, and my husband has embraced is place being subservient to me, at least for the next three-month trial period, and I have a feeling it is going to last much longer. On Saturday night, Ross was serving me orally, led has become a much more customary since we began exploring a female-led relationship.

While he pleasured me, I asked him if he was really committed to a relationship in which I was in control in all ways. His curiosity was piqued beyond compare. For the rest of the night he tried to get me to reveal more information about the commitment ceremony, but I gave him no answers. Our marriage ceremony was scheduled to be the conclusion of a lunch Angela hosted at her house. In addition to Angela, Ross, and myself, there were two other guests. One was a tall, simultaneously beautiful and mature looking woman, dressed in casual business attire. She had an expensive-looking cream colored blazer buttoned over a lacey camisole, It was over 80 degrees here yesterday and wore jeans with red heels.

Her hair was gray throughout and cut in an unbalanced bob. Her red lipstick matched her shoes and expensively manicured nails. Angela introduced her to us as the attorney who had prepared the relationship contract we would that afternoon. She said little throughout the afternoon but took a few notes during the lunch.

When the lunch was finished, Angela invited all the women to her on the back deck for a drink and asked Ross to clear the table. When he had finished that task he came to the doorway leading to the deck, announced he was finished with his task and asked if there was anything else that needed to be done. Angela dismissed him to sit in the dining room to wait for us, but gave me an approving look, which made me very proud of him.

After about 20 minutes, the attorney directed us to all return to the dining room and find seats around the dining table. She had Ross and I sit on either side of her with a pile of official looking papers in front of her. She explained in a very serious manner that while some people thought the type of contract we were enacting was frivolous, it is actually very serious and legally binding. At this point, he seems to be accepting our femdom contract is legally binding. The attorney then provided each of us with a copy of the contract, but made clear to Ross that he was the one making all the agreements in exchange for my accepting him as my submissive.

She asked him if he understood what he was agreeing to and if he was ready to enact the contract. He agreed he was and the attorney then started through the provisions of the contract requiring each of us to initial each item individually. The contract started with an introductory paragraph defining female-led relationships.

Days ago I had given Angela a list of things I would like to see in the contract and I was curious to see how many of my requests would be included. The contract requirements in less legally technical jargon are:. Ross will be allowed a maximum of two orgasms from February 14 to May 22, Neither of which is guaranteed, and both to be determined by me.

One may occur on his birthday, April 2, and another on any day of my choosing. If my decision is to not permit him an orgasm on his birthday, that will not result in a total of more than one orgasm for the duration of the trial until May Before February 22 next MondayRoss must receive a full-body waxing and must maintain his body hair-free until May Ross agrees to relinquish control of all the money he earns from now through May Ross will carry one credit card for emergencies only, and may only use it with my permission secured through text or voice message.

By mutual agreement I will remove all our income both his and mine from a tly controlled to which we each have access, and place it in an over which I have sole control. Ross will acknowledge, through the execution of the contract, my authority over all decision-making in our lives, including our use of free time. That is not to say that I will dictate how Ross spends all his time, but if I choose to, he agrees that I MAY dictate how he uses any of his time. In addition to generally agreeing to my authority over his time, Ross acknowledges that his role in our intimate relationship is SOLELY for the purpose of providing me with pleasure and that all our intimate interaction will be for my pleasure.

He will acknowledge and accept that any sexual satisfaction he experiences will be coincidental.

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Ross agrees to enter into psychotherapy, commencing by March 11, to determine if he is diagnosably transgender and to explore his desire to transition. Ross agrees to receive a Prince Albert piercing, and will travel with me directly from the commitment ceremony to a piercing appointment, to receive the piercing.

Ross will be required to develop a written pledge of his subservience to me. The first draft of this written pledge will be provided to me by February The attorney gave us one ed copy and placed the other contract copy in a folder that she said would be placed in a safe in her office. She told us that ordinarily the contract would be recorded to make it legally binding, but because contracts of this sort were commonly extended and modified after the trial period, keeping a copy would streamline that process in May.

She warned Ross that if he did not abide by any of the requirements of the contract, I could notify her office and she would file the contract making it enforceable. Thursday, February 17, Although extremely anxious both of usRoss withstood the piercing quite well.

I cannot believe how much my feelings have changed. Pooja February 20, at PM. Raspint November 22, at PM. Unknown August 31, at PM. Unknown July 5, at AM. Katherine Curtis August 8, at PM. Unknown August 21, at PM.