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Chuck's new abilities with the upgraded Intersect prove to be problematic in spy training and creates conflict with Sarah. After his Internet upgrade, Chuck agreed to start full CIA spy training int Prague, but first reneges on a secret agreement with Sara to run away from it to start a 'real life' with her, then fails the graduate after six months.

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Ellie tells Chuck that it has been 5 years since Jill broke up with him, so it is possible that it was actually that Chuck was kicked out of Stanford in his final semester…. It would seem that Sarah was born that same year, if her graduation was In fact, there I was point I thought that Chuck was younger than Sarah by 2 years. One thing we know in Chuck vs the Delorean Chuck mentions that Sarah is 28 years old. Wonderful beat! I wish to apprentice whilst you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for a weblog website?

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You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Hartley Winterbottom is reported M. A on November 20, His application is denied, however Col. Alex McHugh is born. Mary is established as a traitor to the CIA to enhance her cover. Stephen Bartowski is known to have been working on the beta Intersect during this year. Chuck downlo the Intersect prototype, age 10, and survives.

They bond over their passion for Zork and decide to build their own version of the game. Bryce also introduces Chuck to Jill Roberts.

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Chuck begins dating Jill Roberts. John Casey along with his team, Packard, T. The team tries to steal the gold, but Casey incapacitates them. He seals the vault, which can only be opened with his handprint identification, and drags his team back to base to have them court-martialed.

Later, it is revealed that Larkin did this to prevent Chuck from being recruited by the CIA after scoring exceptionally in the encoded images test. Now working at the Burbank Buy More as a green shirt, Chuck visits Jill to try to explain that he did not cheat on the test, but it is revealed that Jill is dating Bryce. Ryker goes rogue after admitting to Sarah that the mission was unsanctioned and was only done to acquire a baby, the only heir to a massive fortune whose parents were killed by the eleven men that Sarah eliminated.

Sarah gives the baby to her mother in order to protect her. Bryce breaks into an NSA base, destroying the Intersect computer but not before downloading it onto a mobile phone. Bryce sends the Intersect files to Chuck just before he is shot and killed by John Casey. Harry Tang is promoted to assistant manager at the Buy More. Chuck begins dating Lou Palone. They later break up after she finds out he is with a law enforcement agency. Thinking that they were going to die, Sarah kisses Chuck.

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Fulcrum first reveal themselves to Team Bartowski. Bryce is revived by Fulcrum, and goes undercover to take them down. Chuck coincidentally meets with Jill Roberts while on a Nerd Herd call. She later finds out he is a spy, and they begin dating. Chuck, Sarah and Casey find out that Jill is a Fulcrum agent.

She is interrogated, and tells Team Bartowski that she was recruited whilst at Stanford University.

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They are both arrested for their crimes. Another Fulcrum agent, Frank Mauser poses as a police negotiator and gains access to the store, taking Chuck hostage, to be transported to a secret Fulcrum facility, when he is revealed to be the Intersect. Sarah later frees Chuck and shoots the agent to prevent leaking the secrets. Howard Busgang.

Chuck finds a message on his computer from Orion, that he knows Chuck is the human Intersect. General Beckman first meets with Team Bartowski in person at Echo Park, to address the team on the importance of Orion. Chuck is kidnapped by Fulcrum agent Vincent Smith, who attempts to kidnap Orion.

Orion is killed in a Fulcrum helicopter when he hijacks an MQ-1 Predator to destroy it. Chuck brings his father back to Burbank. Chuck interrogates Jill Roberts to find the location where Stephen is held at. They head to the Strength Leader Corporation; a Fulcrum business front, where Jill discovers that Orion is being moved to Black Rock Chuck allows Jill to escape from custody after helping him. She is never seen again.

Fulcrum is successfully defeated. After the wedding is disrupted by Ted Roark and his agents, the wedding is rescheduled by Chuck, and Devon and Ellie marry.


Bryce dies while The Ring tries to download Intersect 2. The Ring reveal themselves as a faction. Devon discovers that Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are spies. Episode 3. Chuck begins his spy training in Prague.

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Shaw s The Ring. Chuck is pd to have killed Shaw in a showdown in Paris. Chuck and Sarah begin dating exclusively. The Governor deed for the Intersect 2.

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Shaw is revealed to have survived the incident in Paris, and downlo the Ring Intersect. Stephen Bartowski is killed by Daniel Shaw. Ellie Bartowski and Morgan Grimes find out Chuck is a spy. Shaw is incarcerated after Chuck defeats him in a final battle in the Buy More. Chuck leaves the CIA, but later res again. Chuck begins searching for his mother and finds out she is involved with Volkoff Industries.

Chuck is kidnapped by a scientist who seeks to extract the Intersect from him, and later rescued by Team Bartowski. He is revealed as being in love with Mary. Sarah is arrested for treason to establish her cover as a double agent. Sarah s Volkoff Industries. Sarah accidentally seriously injures Casey when she is ased by Volkoff to kill him. Chuck and Morgan begin another rogue mission together to bring back Mary. Clara Woodcomb is born on January 31, and Chuck and Sarah become engaged on the same date.

Team Bartowski travel to Morocco to save a kidnapped Roan Montgomery. Team Bartowski return to Morroco to take down Augusto Gaez.