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An understanding of genealogical relationships is necessary before diving into genetically equivalent relationships in your family history. This article will provide an overview of both concepts. Correctly evaluating shared DNA within the context of genetically equivalent relationships first requires mastery of genealogical relationships.

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What name best describes the siblings of your grandparents? Families are often confused between the term grandaunt and great aunt.

The mathematics of your next family reunion

However great aunt is the more commonly, although inaccurately, used term. Grandaunts are part of your extended family, and are separated from you by two-generations; your parent, and then you.

There really is no such thing as a great great aunt. However, often families use a single name when referring to elderly family members.

As children get older, help them visualize their family connections by drawing out a family tree. Knowing they are surrounded by generations of family history helps them feel connected and supported through their extended family. Enjoy those grandaunts…. What Relationship is Your Cousin's Child?

How do i determine genetically equivalent relationships?

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Grandaunt or great aunt: which is more accurate?

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