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Fanfiction michael seek Underworld for selenes

Also Lucian is just as much importance enough to have an article as Selene and Michael. Sandra hates Vicktor with all of her metaphorical unbeating heart. Mint Condition Guaranteed.

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Book by: me More Details. Add to Read List. Disclaimer: I wish I owned Underworld and it's characters. I would probably be a lot happier and richer.

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Originally posted by n00stalgic-blog. Bucky stared at the footage from the gunfight in the subway.

He gulps down at breath of air as he recognizes Night hovering over a human trying to stop the bleeding. He watches in surprise as she pauses when a human man comes near to her. Bucky had to admit it was very strange to see her response. Surprisingly Bucky was lucky enough to meet Michael outside his apartment building.

Is that alright? Michael hits the five button and they all wait patiently until the reach the fight floor. Bucky pulls out a gun he had been hiding and Hunter places Michael between them as Bucky slowly opens the door. But before she can she hears Selene call her name and she instantly points a gun at him and Hunter.

Her friend follows suit releasing Michael in the process who instantly makes a break for the elevator. Seconds later the woman that was with Night drags Michael out by his legs away from the Lycan. Bucky narrows his eyes but continues away from the Lycan. Before he can make it too far he feels a sharp pain in his neck and cries out in pain.

Chapter 1: love is a battlefield (underworld. michael/selene)

Bucky quickly turns and slams his back against the wall making the Lycan release him. Bucky makes it outside just as the dark-haired woman is shoving Michael into a car.

He quickly runs over to it and opening the rear passenger side door climbs inside only to be met by Night holding a gun at his head. The woman nodded quickly then put the car in drive and slammed her foot on the gas.

We surge forward down the street only to have the long-haired man from before leap onto our car and start stabbing a sword through the roof. Bucky lifts his hand to find he had dropped his gun the in scuffle earlier.

Letting out a cry of pain she slams on the brakes making the long-haired man flip over the hood and onto the ground. She instantly throws the car into reverse and backs up. Once the man is standing again she returns the car to drive and slams on the gas. The Lycan turns around just seconds before she hits him allowing him to roll his shoulder into the impact and land on his feet after he rolls over the car. No one glanced back as we continue to drive away. After a few minutes Bucky feels his phone vibrate and he opens it to see that Hunter had safely made it out and was waiting at a safe house.

Seconds later Selene passes out causing Michael to grab the wheel only to have us crash on some fallen poles and flip a couple times before falling into the water. Bucky braces himself but is too late to save Night as she is tossed around in the car. As the water starts to put pressure on the cabin the glass starts to crack.

Bucky looks over to see Michael pull Selene into his arms and reach for her gun. Breaching the surface Bucky points to a space under the boat docks and has Michael swim toward it. Night pulls her hand free from Bucky and quickly follows Michael. Bucky clenches his jaw but does the same.

My own little sanctuary — winternight - chapter 5 - reunions suck

Once she is taken care of Bucky turns his attention to Night. I told you it was dangerous for you to be near me. Bucky quickly moves over to him and checking his pulse lets out a sigh of relief. My new updated Masterlist :D Nexus will begin tomorrow at 8 am central us time and i hope you like it :D. Originally posted by jlstreck. I know I fucked up but I did it to protect her. I would have just ruined her life.

They sacrifice themselves for you. I have almost killed her three times now. He avoids the mirror as he walks over to the shower and turning the cold water on steps in boxers and all. The cold water stings his body as if cascades over his head and down his body. Natasha had forgiven him for shooting her twice and had even enjoyed sparing with him. Bucky had to admit that he was happy. He tried to keep busy because when he relaxed her memory would creep up on him. Bucky sat on the balcony of Stark tower dangling his feet over the edge and staring out over the city of Manhattan.

It was beautiful at night with all the lights lit up.

Bucky nods as he turns to look back out over the city when a bad feeling washes over him. He looks around frantically as he walks down the street. His eyes went red with rage and the Winter soldier took over making him run over and rip the man off of her and throw him against the wall. Bucky looks over at her to see her dress ripped and face swollen. A few seconds later, all he could feel was the cold, unconscious body of the attempted rapist hanging in his hands. He drops the man and turns toward her to see that she was now unconscious herself. I should have kept you close and safe, and then this never would have happened.

Help her please! Originally posted by captaincentenarian. YOLO Gracie!! Before it all turned out like this.

You stare out the window of the little cottage by a lake and stare at the water as the moonlight reflects off it. It had been a few weeks since that fateful night and when you had run from the room and disappeared into the night. You ended up in your car and halfway across the state before you even realized what was happening. When it finally registered you had pulled your car over to the side of the road and just bawled your eyes out. When you had looked up from your steering wheel you had seen a for cabin rentals. Before making a beeline for it you had shut off your phone to keep anyone from locating you.

You needed time alone. Thankfully they had a cabin left right next to the lake. It was a beautiful place, perfect for clearing your mind. You take a sip of your morning coffee and marvel in the way it awakens your senses.

This place was paradise. No noise, little to no people, and no men. You needed the solitude. As you stare at the ripples in the michael caused from the wind your mind drifts back to that night. How could he do that? Was hurting you all those times not enough? Did he have to go and lie like that? Love you? Ha, that was a laugh. Your brows furrow as you gulp down the rest of your coffee and set the mug in the sink.

First things first, you needed a swim to clear your head. When she had disappeared, he had gone insane with worry. All he could think about was that something horrible had happened to her, and as the weeks went on his underworld turned to sheer panic. Now he needed to go after her and try to make things right. He knew he had been a grade A asshole, but her being gone just proved how much he needed her. It seemed like that was all he was good at now, doing the right thing at the wrong times. He knew he needed to change if he ever selene her to give him a second chance to be the man she believed he was deep inside.

It would take some time but he knew that if it was fanfiction her, he could do anything. I want to protect everyone. Promise me Steve, please.