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I am seeking lactation who induced Tumblr

FYI, this is also the protocol used by adoptive parents interested in breastfeeding their adopted babies.

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Lactation, the production of breast milk, is the result of the interaction of the hormones estrogen, progesterone and prolactin, during the end of pregnancy. Once the baby is delivered, estrogen and progesterone levels fall while prolactin remains high — this is what causes lactation. This serves to make your body mimic pregnancy effects.

About two months before you anticipate breastfeeding, the hormone therapy will be discontinued.

How does lactation happen?

Breast pumping — to stimulate the prolactin — with a hospital-grade electric breast pump is the next step. Start by pumping five to 10 minutes every three to four hours.

After a couple of weeks, increase to 15 to 20 minutes every two to three hours. Continue this until your baby arrives.

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Breast pumping remains an essential part of getting ready for your baby. During those first weeks of breastfeeding, you might need to supplement with either formula or donated breast milk.

Induced Lactation. Induced Lactation How does lactation happen? So, what is induced lactation?

Miss panda pants — have you ever considered inducing lactation?

Induced lactation is the result of successfully replicating lactation. What is the process for induced lactation? That depends on how much prep time you have.

Once I start breastfeeding, do I need to keep using the pump? Continue to pump about 10 minutes after each breastfeeding to help establish your milk. Should I also give my baby formula?

Induced lactation tumblr

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