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Runic Dungeons Mod 1. You must collect keys and kill mobs to make your way to the Wither Boss. You will gain many treasures along the way including ones that give you abilities. This mod has integration with Baubles Mod. These items will only work if you have Baubles installed, but it is not required to obtain these to progress in the mod. This means that those looking for quick challenges with decent rewards will have to look to mods to satisfy their needs, but most fan-made dungeons have all of the same issues as the originals.

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Thread starter wolfsilver00 Start date Jun 30, Please make sure you are posting in the correct place. Server go here and modpack bugs go here.

Jul 29, 0 0. So, guys. After spending like 2 damn hours looking for the chalk, I realize that not only the staff consumes itself after making the portal, but even worse, this mod is badly named as runic dungeons, while it should be named 3 Runic Rooms. Is my world gen wrong or does this mod actually repeat the same 3 rooms over and over again for loot? Because tbh im fucking pissed right now about collecting that chalk just to find this. Jul 29, 5, -4 1. There are 4 rooms: 1 Library - Bookshelf maze 2 Loot room - 4 chests with spawners on top 3 Siege room as I call it - 4 pillars with obsidian that needs breaking 4 Wither room - everything in it to make a wither It has a lot of loot in it, but the mod itself is still young.

BUT the chalk doesn't get consumed when crafting unless this was recently changed. It's a bit of a grind fest that place, but for lots of loot and xp, it's not a bad mod Umm my chalk got consumed. Maybe because I did it on the spot with the C crafting grid? Oh well. Guess I'll be leaving this mod then xD. If you want to enable cheats temporarily, open the world to lan, and enable cheats. Then when you restart the game you will no longer have cheats enabled Not like a different portal helps anyway Malaclypse New Member. Jul 29, 51 0 0.

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Reactions: jordsta Malaclypse said:. As far as I can tell, yes. There's a boss room with a wither, too, but overall even though I loved the idea of the mod, I found that it didn't live up to my hopes, at least in its current state. It's a good place to farm spawners for use with other mods e. EnderIO, Draconic Evolution. What I do hate though is that when you make the portal with the staff, it's made from unbreakable blocks so you can't remove it if you decide you don't want it there anymore.

There are actually six types of rooms: The room that you spawn in - lit up and empty, except for the return portal. Four chests with spawners on top.

[wip] runic dungeons va - a whole new dimension to explore!

Dropper with the key is hidden in the centre. Obsidian-encased spawners. Four pillars near the corners, with a block encased in obsidian in each corner. Two spawners, one chest, and a dropper with the key.

Library with bookshelves, loot chests, etc. Wither boss.

There is no dropper - you must kill the wither to get a key. Note that you can actually get extra keys by summoning your own Withers in the dungeons. Guardian boss right click the spawner to spawn the boss, which is essentially a giant iron golem. Similar to the Wither, you must kill the boss for your next key. I do agree that the mod maker should add more variety.

Stuff like: The "booby trap" floor blocks which hurt you when you walk on them are more annoying than anything.

It would be better if they were replaced with, say, actual spike traps where spikes extend into the space above them periodically, doing lots of damage if you're standing on them. The random arrangement is also annoying - maybe in some cases it's okay but an ordered arrangement would be nice to see as well. More kinds of traps: Maybe you open the door and see an empty room with nothing but the dropper and a few loot chests.

Once you kill the mobs, the loot and dropper reappear and the door reopens.

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Stuff falling from above e. Anything else you can think of as long as the trap isn't both unavoidable and inescapable. Have rooms with a variety of shapes and sizes. Maybe a big room, or a long, winding, hallway-type room. Multiple floors would be cool too. Another trap would be to have a room nullification the floor disappears and you fall into a lower room. If you don't have blocks or another way to get back up, you'll have to dungeon crawl until you find a way back to the rooms you've cleared.

Maybe close the floor now a ceiling after you fall in to be even more evil. A long room where once you walk a certain distance into the room, you hear a trap and the blocks nearest where you entered start falling into the Void.

You have to run to the other end of the room which might also contain mobs and stuff. At the other end, the blocks there don't fall into the Void and there's a single dropper with the next key and one or more doors to continue on to. The player can either continue and try to find their way back, or if they have blocks they can build a bridge back to where they entered a clever wand could place their own blocks as a platform before blocks start falling into the Void, too.

More mobs, such as Nether mobs or even adding more unique mobs, or detecting other installed mods and using their mobs e. Twilight Forest mobs. I do think the mod maker intends to add more stuff since, yes, the mod is pretty new. I really don't think the spawn room should be considered a room of the dungeon, as it only exists once and has no other purpose than to spawn you. Also, the thing is breakable. I don't know how I did it, I had some blocks on top of it, one block away and when I tried to destroy it i teleported for accident, when I came back I was inside one of the portal blocks and i was able to destroy it.

Reactions: Type1Ninja.

That's strange. Oh, that's another thing I don't like about the runic dungeons, unbreakable blocks. I understand they need to be unbreakable so you can't cheat the maze. BUT the blocks look REALLY nice, and I'd like to be able to craft a breakable version or harvest them when a room has 2 doors openbut also be able to break them if I build with them in the overworld.

I think there's a crafting recipe for a breakable version. I think something like 8 stone bricks around a dungeon key.

Waste of a nether star unless the easy mode recipe is enabled. Jul 29, -3 0. Idc if this is "cheating", but I used the staff of traveling to cheat through the thing and get some nether stars for some stuff That's genius! Okay, just thought of what would happen if you got to the ceiling of a runic dungeon, using the vanilla ender pearl glitch and putting and ender quarry that is very large down