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I liked fanfiction lady that tour photography

A post war fic, in which the boys find them selves together on a dubious anniversary. A tribute to Zeke. No matter how battle-weary or worn out he gets, he's always there taking care of his men, even though deep in his heart, he just wants it all to be over.

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You should be listening to "Paint It Black" the lead-in song of this fantastic television program. Season 3 of "Tour of Duty" became available on 5 July I received an from David Bonner stating the whole series was available with the soundtrack complete through amazon. It would mean buying a region free dvd player. On this you'll find some photos of my encounter with the members of the television cast of "Tour of Duty. I have been lucky to meet some great people.

What is my age 19
Where am I from: Welsh
I like: I love gentleman
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got bright blue eyes
What is my favourite drink: Liqueur
My tattoo: None

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Hot young soldiers in vietnam, fighting for truth, justice and the last can of beanie/weenie c-rats.

Zeke Anderson. Ezekial Clayton Anderson. Clayton Anderson Zeke is a nickname. Clayton Ezekial Anderson. The Bahamas.

Tour of duty slash fanfiction

The Fiji Islands. In said episode, why does Horn go back and help the platoon after abandoning them on the hill in the final battle? He regrets his decision of abandoning his friends, saying that he doesn't believe in the war but his friends are worth fighting for.

He's afraid he might get court tortured. He doesn't regret it. He says it's the best thing that's happened to him, so he doesn't go back to help. He doesn't go back He wants to be the hero of the battle and take over the hill himself, and win a medal to impress his girlfriend back home.

How old was Ramon Franco, the actor who played Alberto Ruiz, when the series started? Finding the hottest chick in a bar in Saigon. Saving Captain Wallace from dying. Throwing himself on a grenade to save his buddies. Rescuing Taylor and Ruiz when they were lost. Rescuing Percell after he was shot in the head. Ruiz and Taylor become separated and lost from the rest of the platoon for several days.

The shipper's manifesto

How many days are they lost? In the episode, Soldiers, why do Taylor and Ruiz through themselves to the ground in Honolulu?

Because they were drunk and they couldn't stand on their feet. A truck backfired and it was instinct. Someone threw a bottle at them. There was an explosion.

Someone tried to shoot them. In said episode, why does one of the girls that Taylor, Ruiz and Percell introduce themselves to get up and leave after they say they're soldiers from Vietnam? She didn't leave because she thinks they're heroes for all they do for the country.

Because she doesn't like the idea of war and is against war. Because she thinks they're freaks from another planet. Because she thinks they're baby killers and over in Vietnam killing innocent men, women and children.

She didn't leave LT, gives orders to everyone. Cpl, burns the crapper. LT, field duty. LT, flies choppers.

Burn, Baby, Burn. Notes From the Underground.

War Lover. Sitting Ducks. World War 2. World War 1. The Civil War. Comments 0. Change color. Delete this comment Cancel.