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Gromet's Plaza Bound Stories. By Heavensforbidden. This is my first attempt at writing a story gromet, hope you like it.

sexy bitch Charlie

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Post by BondedOne ยป 2 years ago.

Years old I'm 26 years old
Ethnic: Danish
I like: I prefer male
Tint of my iris: Misty hazel green
Sex: Lady
Tattoo: None

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Stacy was wild. Too wild really, but at the time it was amazing.

This is the story of a bet I lost with her. Stacy was almost a cliche, the woman that has all the "male" traits. Obsessed with sports, sex and being tough. No one fucked Stacy, Stacy fucked them. Deep down though, Stacy loved being conquered.

For years our sex life had been aggressive and a struggle. The general rule of thumb was that if I could beat her or overpower her, that I could do what I wanted.

Betting was a key part of our sex life and so often her outlet for her submissive feelings. We dated and fucked off and on for years. Had threesomes and what not, both refusing to define our relationship. Things were different now though. Stacy at this point was officially my girlfriend and after years of a bizarre sex life had finally come to accept that she was submissive, or at least liked being submissive with me.

I was, at the time, the only man she had ever been submissive with, she more often than not dominated, naturally, men and women she was with.

I still had to fight her a lot, to overwhelm her and she was often cheeky and bratty. But I wouldn't have had it any other way. We lived about 3 hours apart, I was working and she was in college still. I was allowed to have fuck buddies as long as it never got serious and she was allowed to date women.

Specifically, Stacy had been seeing "the girl" for awhile. She was a cute thing and our first meeting involved her being tied to a bed, not knowing I was there and thinking Stacy was playing a sexy joke on her when Stacy said that her Master was there and that I was going to fuck the girl. To be very clear, the girl was Stacy's slave, not mine.

By extension, when I was there, as I was Stacy's Master, the girl was considered my slave, but she wasn't mine. Stacy was her Domme and a sadistic one at that.

The day the story tied me to a chair had been a long and frustrating one. I had driven out to Stacy at a reunion and besides a bit of flirting, we hadn't found a way to sneak and. I could tell it was effecting her as well, typically when we met our first order of business was to get naughty. But alas, we were surrounded by her loved ones and she did not want to appear to be a whore, caught fucking her boyfriend in the bathroom. Stacy loved games, especially card games, a trait that she got from her parents. If you have read any of my other stories about her you will tease seen poker pop up a few times.

Well, her parents invited us to a game of spades, boys vrs. We were almost neck and neck when her mother excused herself to use the bathroom and her dad wandered off to get a drink. You get to be the bitch boy. I don't like being tied up. I just don't. The last time Stacy had tied me up she had fingered my ass and pissed on me, two violations that I returned with interest that same night. In fact, it had been her goal, as I mentioned, Stacy liked to be conquered and instead of telling me that she wanted to try urine tie, she decided to piss me off and get me to "force her".

I gave her a very dubious look, "I'm not sure, after the last time," I said. Though, I will admit, the idea intrigued me a bit. I hadn't been submissive in any way in years and I was horny enough to find the idea exciting.

She rolled her eyes at me and held up her fingers in the boy scout symbol, "Scouts honor," she said, "I know your limits and I promise I won't break them. I raised my eyebrows at her, "And what do I get when we beat your ass, after all I get to beat your ass whenever I want.

She nodded. I thought about it for a bit. It was a fun idea, the girl was a total slave type. Domestic chores, sitting in the corner waiting to be called, spending hours offering sexual pleasure.

She would clean my whole apartment while I played video games and suck me off whenever I told her too. She wasn't like Stacy. And really, how bad could letting Stacy Dom me for a night be? If she kept her promise to obey my limits, I'd have fun. If she broke it, then from past experience it would mean she probably wanted me to do something even worse to her.

I lost. I mean, we lost so bad that I am tempted to believe she was hustling me. I drove us back to her place, a good 30 minutes in the early evening. Normally, alone in the car in the dark she would have rubbed my cock or if I had so ordered, given me head. Not this time though.

As soon as we were alone, she laid down the law. I won't take any shit or you acting like I normally act with you.

I thought about it and she was right and I had made the bet. The teasing began quickly. Within moments she was sliding out of her panties as I drove and then held them out in front of me.

I snorted derisively but said "yes Mistress" and took the panties and pushed them into my mouth. Her right hand slid down under her dress and I turned to look slightly, keeping my eyes on the road, but she said clearly, "eyes forward boy. I heard the wet sound of her fingers sliding and then saw her left hand move over to my crotch. Instead of unzipping my pants and taking my cock in hand, as was pretty normal for us, she began running her finger tips over my crotch lightly.

I groaned, muffled, and she lifted her right hand, stretched and smeared her fluids under my nose. I love the smell of pussy. I mean, I know most straight guys do, but jesus. I was hard in moments. Her hand though, just kept teasing.

Charlotte's first tease

She started to talk at this point. She started to tell me about the things she had done with the girl. How she had denied her orgasms for two months only to tie her to a chair with a hitachi on her clit for three hours.

How she had forced her, while wearing mask, to go onto a cam site and masturbate live for dozens of people. The whole time my cock twitched under my pants as her fingers barely touched it and her voice slowly got throatier with lust. She was telling me about a recent evening where she had made the girl cum during anal sex with a strap on when she suddenly said "The best part of tonight is I get to cum as much as I want and " before she finished she was cumming.

When she finished, she smeared her wet hand all over my face, but didn't stop teasing me.

Tied and teased

In the stairwell up to her apartment, she stopped me, took the panties out of my mouth and pushed me against the wall. She kissed me deeply and pulled my fingers to her pussy. If I hear a door open though, no way, no how. I knew that she wouldn't actually let someone story us and that someone could walk up or down any moment. It was a three story building and people didn't use the elevator often.

We teased deeply as my fingers and, my thumb on her clit, my pointer and middle finger as deep inside them as I could go, pushing at her g-spot. I knew she was getting close, but had to push her over the edge. I broke the kiss. Tie me up, make me lick you, make me fuck you. She began to gasp and I felt the familiar sensation of her body cumming against me. After a few moments she tied against me, then stood straight and pushed the grossly soaked panties against my mouth until I opened and accepted my gag.

We saw no one as we made our way up to her apartment. Going in, I saw the girl sitting gross legged on a dogs sleeping pad in the corner. It was the sort of thing you see in a pet store meant for a dog to sleep in and I knew that sometimes Stacy made the girl sleep in it. As we came in she put the book down, bowed her head and said "Mistress, welcome home.