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Tina Rose Pinciotti is the younger sister of Donna Pinciotti. She made her first and only appearance in the episode Eric's Burger Job and would shortly after be written off the show, leaving Donna as an only. Her only appearance was in the episode " Eric's Burger Job " where she was seen at Donna's party flirting with Fez.

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The character, played by Amanda Fuller, appeared in one episode before she disappeared from the series. Tina's mysterious absence later became a joke but the on-screen sisters eventually reunited. Tina made her first and only appearance in the season 1 episode, "Eric's Burger Job".

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This is a list of characters appearing in the series That '70s Show. Portrayed by Topher Grace : The protagonist; Eric is a nice guy, generally geeky, physically slight, and somewhat clumsy. He is a smart-aleck with a fast wit and a deadpan sense of humor. He convinces his parents to let his best friend Steven Hyde move in with them, making Hyde like a brother. His father, Red, is always hard on him as a way to toughen him to be a man. Eric is in a relationship with his longtime love and neighbor Donna Pinciotti. He decides to become a teacher after high school, and he leaves the series at the end of the seventh season to teach in Africa.

Eric returns for the series finale, reuniting with Donna. Donna is intelligent, good-looking, and a feminist tomboy. Although she does not agree with what Jackie represents in the beginning of the series, they become friends. Donna is in a relationship with Eric for seven seasons despite their break-up during season 4. She has brief romances with Michael's brother Casey and with Randy during the final season before rekindling her relationship with Eric at the end of the show's finale.

Portrayed by Danny Masterson : Eric's show friend and the anti-establishment member of the group. By the end of season one, Kitty Forman prevails on her husband to allow Hyde to move in after he was abandoned by his mother played by Katey Sagal and sister in squalor. Hyde is promoted to brother to Eric as soon as he moves in.

Hyde has a witty, blunt, and sarcastic sense of humor, and a rebellious personality. He is also the smartest and most practical friend in the group, and the other members often ask for his advice. Hyde also has a straight-laced half-sister name Angie from this newfound relationship. Barnett, who owns a chain of record stores, makes Hyde the manager and later the owner of the Point Place store called Grooves. Portrayed by Ashton Kutcher : The dim-witted, sex-obsessed pretty boy of the group who wants to coast through life on his good looks. He spends the first half of the series in a relationship with the That vapid Jackie but their relationship comes to an end when Jackie finds out he's been cheating on her with Laurie.

In the season 4 finale, Jackie wants to marry Michael but he isn't ready, so he runs away to California with Donna. His best donna is Fez. He fathers a baby girl named Betsy during the seventh season after getting a girl named Brooke pregnant. He becomes a police officer but gets kicked off the force because 70s does just about everything wrong.

He gets a job as a security guard at a Playboy Club in Chicagoand leaves the series during the eighth and final season. He only appears in five episodes during season eight, including the series finale.

Portrayed by Mila Kunis : The youngest member of the group, Jackie starts the series as being pretty, rich, stylish, spoiled, selfish, conceited, annoying, and immature. She makes thoughtless and superficial comments, which occasionally turn out to be correct. As the series progresses, her wealthy father is jailed and her mother first played by Eve Plumb in an early episode, and later, permanently, by Brooke Shields abandons Point Place. Jackie is forced to take a job and becomes less self-centered and needy of genuine love and affection.

Partly as a result of these changes, she and Donna become better friends. By the end of the series, Jackie has dated three of the four men of the original group: Kelso, Hyde, and Fez. Portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama : The foreign exchange student of the group, whose hormones seem to be out of control. His country of origin is one of the longest-running gags on the show.

He is sweet, friendly, perverted, gullible, and rather odd. He enjoys eating candy, drinking beer, and looking at pornography.

Amanda fuller: tina pinciotti

His best friend is Michael Kelso, and he shares a "younger brother" type relationship with Hyde and Eric. He constantly flirts with Jackie and Donna and often makes romantic advances toward them. Initially, he has a lot of trouble getting attention from girls, but during the eighth season, he becomes a ladies' man. He is in love with Jackie throughout the series, but his love is not reciprocated until the eighth season when they become a couple.

Impatient, short-tempered, often grouchy and constantly threatening to stick his foot up someone's ass, he occasionally displays a soft side. His hobbies include working with his power tools, drinking beer, watching television, reading the newspaper, hunting, and fishing. He shows no respect for Fez because he's a foreigner, sometimes he gives him offensive nicknames like Tonto and Ali Baba.

Portrayed by Debra Jo Rupp : Eric's and Laurie's mother and Red's wife, Kitty is a cheerful, doting, often oversolicitous mother, who can turn cold and assertive when pushed too far. A nurse and former smoker though begins again occasionallyshe drinks far too much.

Her major mood swings are usually attributed to menopause. She is also an overly nurturing mother figure to Eric's friends, especially Fez and Hyde. Portrayed by Don Stark : Midge's husband, Donna's father. Bob often brags about his service in the National Guard, which invariably irritates Red. Bob is also known for walking around his house with his robe wide open wearing no underwear.

He eats constantly, even in bed. Bob is almost always in a good mood and is a ladies' man. His best friend is Red, even though Red sees him as a nuisance. He usually takes the brunt of Red's abuse in a jolly manner. Midge was the woman that Eric and his male friends fantasized about when coming of age.

Although often dim-witted, she is also a kind-hearted woman who develops feminist ideals. She and Bob divorce when she is written out of the series after the third season, however, returns during the sixth and seventh seasons in a recurring role where she and Bob almost reunite and decided that they're better off without each other.

She is also the foster sister of Steven Hyde. Laurie enjoys tormenting Eric and manipulating her father. She is often seen with various men, mainly Eric's friend Kelso who cheats on his girlfriend Jackie.

Laurie has a strained relationship with her mother who, unlike Red, sees Laurie for what she really is. Laurie leaves the series during the third season but returns in a recurring role during the fifth, somewhat chastened. At one point, she genuinely seeks out a loving relationship rather than merely physical with Kelso, who is dumbfounded. She also becomes attached to a baby for whom she is babysitting and feels quasi-maternal pangs, which soon disappear.

In season five, she and Fez marry to prevent him from getting deported. In season six, due to Kelly's health issues, Laurie was portrayed by Moore. He would have had a promising medical career ahead of him after the war ended, but he became the stoner he is today after accepting a ride home with some musicians that were smoking marijuana. Leo often puts play before work and maintains an easy-going attitude in most things, business included. He disappears from the series after season four but is later referenced in season five's " The Battle of Evermore ", when the gang goes on an unsuccessful mission to find him, finding only a letter from him explaining that he remembered he has a wife and should probably go back to her.

He returns in season seven and remains on the series until the show's end. In season 8, he gets a new job working for Hyde at Grooves.

Portrayed by Josh Meyers : The newest member of the group, Randy is introduced in the final season. Tall and handsome, he is laid back, polite, and forms a friendship with Red who is impressed at Randy's skill at fixing things. Randy dates Donna for the majority of season eight, causing Kitty to be infuriated with both of them. Donna eventually breaks up with him, and reconciles with Eric when he returns in the last episode of the series. Several characters on the series were written as recurring, but made only one appearance. Among them:. This article does not cite any sources.

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