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More memories of a school secretary.

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Although we did have the cane at my sweet little primary school in Wembley, London, in the s, I managed to avoid it. Ho… more. When I was 15, my nan was taken seriously ill, so my mum travelled to her bedside with my dad.

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Subject: Oldest age for over the knee spanking. Author: James [ Edit View ]. Mine was when I was Until this age over the knee was my Mum's favoured spanking position although I was sometimes spanked bending over. My Dad didn't spank as often but also used both over the knee and bending over.

At 14 though I had a bit of a growth spurt and I was a bit to big to fit over Mum or Dad's knee spanking so all of my remaining spankings were given bending over. Subject: Over teachers knee? Author: chip question [ Edit View ]. Its a very personal, intimate experience shared between an adult in complete control who removes imaginary control the child thought they had in school, brought to tears through extended smacks to the bottom bringing sting to warmth and warmth to submission.

Breaking down self serving mannerisms and beliefs in order to teach consideration of others. Punishment for misbehavior. I was spanked in school teen her lap back when it was acceptable and or normal. Certainly nobody home cared and I didn't run home to tell but they knew which meant telling was pointless. And thats OK now that I look back. They had more control over students and better behaved classes where children were raised to obey and respect community members, elders and authority figures. Who else experienced this version of memory in school and what decades?

How do you feel teen it now? Re: Over teachers knee? Subject: Spankings over my mom's knee. Author: Dan [ Edit View ]. Note that I used the word spankings, because that is what mom did, she spanked She never whipped or beat anyone, she used the old fashion method of turning the offending memory over her knee, and then applying either 10 or 20 spanks dependent upon the reason for the spanking usually to the seat of the pants with her right hand.

I can only remember my mother ever spanking my bare bottom twice, and she always spanked with her hand, never anything else. Most spankings from mom were given in private, with a few exceptions when that was not possible.

We always had a complete understanding of why we were being spanked, and I can say that mom's spankings were always fair and well deserved. Mom did have a relatively strong right hand, so when we were spanked the spanking sensation did last for a bit, but it was a spanking and we were supposed to feel it for awhile.

Spanking life

We always got over being spanked, mostly because we knew what we had done to get the spanking and knew that we deserved it. My mom was a very good mom, even though she did spank whenever necessary. Looking back all those years, I am thankful for the spankings my mom gave me.

I think they made me a better person. Subject: Most Public Place. Author: Emily [ Edit View ]. Was it bare or just a warning smack over clothes? One that really stands out in my memory was when I worked in a shoe store with ren's department. I came down the aisle and a father was sitting on a bench, with his four year old daughter over his knee as he spanked her with the rubber sole of a light weight tennis shoe. It was over her pants. Her mother was standing beside them watching.

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I didn't see what she did to deserve it but from years of working in that department I can assume she was like most kids that argue or disagree with their parents on what to buy. This might be surprising to some but the above took place somewhere around in a large mall Canada. Just when everyone thinks kids don't get spanked anymore ; [ Post a Reply to This Message ]. Subject: After being spanked. Author: Matt [ Edit View ]. Such as facing other family members and meeting you parents too?

For me it was always somewhat humbling and I guess I was a bit shamefaced. My only solace was that my brothers were spanked too even if at other times, so I was not singled out. Subject: Did you ever compare spankings with other kids? Author: Jason [ Edit View ].

Were you ever part of such a discussion? I remember a group of us gathered on my neighbor's driveway once, most of us maybe 8 or 9 years old, and the boy who lived across the street from me proclaiming that his mother spanked him with "a flaming paddle.

Re: Did you ever compare spankings with other kids?

Hairbrush spanking memories

Subject: Did anyone ever volunteer for or request a spanking? Author: charles [ Edit View ]. The next morning, before school I asked my dad to spank me. He put me across his knee and spanked my bare butt with his hand. We both felt better. Anyone have a similar experience? Re: Did anyone ever volunteer for or request a spanking? Subject: spanking survey.

Author: james t [ Edit View ]. What were common spanking offenses? Subject: Spanked during or after a bath or shower. Author: Gary Steven [ Edit View ]. It happened to me on three occasions. The last time when I was ten or eleven. The first two times mom made me get out of the tub and still spanking wet, turn over her knee. The first time, she spanked me by hand and the second, with a hairbrush.

The last time was the most memorable, she made me stand up in the tub and lean over with my hands on my knees and she really wore me out with the bath brush. I spanking my best not to move because I was as much worried about slipping and falling as the pain and embarrassment of being spanked naked. I remember the spankings themselves hurting much more when I was wet than it did teen on the bare bottom.

I've been told by some memories and even some of my memories that they experienced the same things, Including the girl I dated all through high school telling me about her mother coming into the bathroom when she was eleven, making her stand up and wearing her bare wet bottom out with a flyswatter. Anybody else experience this? Subject: Oldest age for bare-bottom spankings by opposite gender. Ages due to family circumstances I lived large part of the time with my aunt who was like a second mom to me and I spent most of the time these years in her house. My aunt was caring but also totally believed in spanking for discipline and spanked her son, my cousin who was about the same age as I, just few months apart.

When I came to live with my aunt, it was explained to me that rules and punishments would be the same for both of us, and the same as they were for my cousin, and that punishments included teen.

My mom did not spank, but she was fine with my aunt spanking me, and when I tried to appeal to my mom she just said that whenever I do not behave I deserve to be spanked and would get spanked by aunt, and that was it. I got spanked by my aunt ages with hairbrush and age 13 with belt, always bare bottom.

It was the same for my cousin too, including the exact procedure. My aunt spanked quite firmly and spankings really hurt and always resulted in profuse crying and puddles of tears, at 13 just like at When I was older, late 12 and 13, I sometimes tried "taking spanking like a man", but always ended up taking it like a boy, with lots of crying and blubbering, leg kicking and begging which did not make spankings any more dignified, but of course teen was not much dignity in the first place being spanked with pants and underpants down.

But this was how my aunt spanked, and me and my memory did not get a choice in that. When I was spanking 13 my mom's situation improved and I went back to live with my mom, and was spanked after that age no more, but my cousin got spanked by my aunt till late 14 still always bare bottom.

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This was What experiences did you have? Was there some age when you still got spanked by parent or relative s of opposite gender, but after which you were allowed to keep underpants up for spankings? Subject: Does the underwear provide any protection from the sting? Author: Cory [ Edit View ]. When I was spanked,I only got it over my pants jeans except one time I remember I got it over my underwear, and that was by far the worst spanking for me.

It Stung and burned like my butt was on fire! He had rough hands because he worked in construction.

Re: Does the underwear provide any protection from the sting? Subject: Spanking a Sibling.