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Fanfiction seeking sith who Star pleasures

It is a period of peace in the Republic. With the threat of the Sith as a distant memory, the galaxy has been able to recover from the old war.

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What are the best Star Wars fanfiction stories? Star Wars as a franchise has inspired millions of nerds worldwide to imagine a life beyond our universe. It's one in which space princesses lead rebellions, bounty hunters with jetpacks chase wisecracking smugglers, and everything depends on the balance of an invisible force. The lore surrounding Star Wars goes much deeper than what we know of the Skywalker clan.

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Greetings, readers!

That Hashtag Show is proud to offer a new feature of our site — fan fiction! The features will come in chapters or segments, serial format, so be sure to check back regularly to keep up with the stories. Today we begin with the tale of a disgraced Inquisitor with a crisis of conscience.

Thus, we happily present you the prologue of our very first fan fiction feature. We hope you enjoy, and please be sure to let us know your thoughts below! Tavek Dinaar knelt and readied himself, his black helmet resting beside him. In hindsight, he should have never taken it up in the first place.

Its calling, however, was too strong a calling to ignore; such was the power of the Dark Side. It invades you, permeates every fiber of your being with a lustful desire for power. Darth Vader sensed it in him. The Grand Inquisitor coaxed it out of him. But it was Tavek Dinaar that allowed it to control him.

For the first time in what felt like eons, he smirked, then smiled, and then laughed. It was neither remorse nor repentance that led Dinaar, the Fourth Brother of the Inquisitorius, to this fate. Rather, it was a simple, surprising, act of compassion; a moment of weakness. Tavek Dinarr reed to accept it, as if he had a choice in the matter.

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Darth Vader would be upon him soon, the Dark Lord of the Sith. So Dinaar waited, meditating, his fleeting laughter now no more than a fleeting memory. No sense in postponing the inevitable with blocked doors and blaster fire. Not since before the Dark Side of the Force enveloped him so completely that all he knew was darkness; all he felt was rage.

The troopers aimed their weapons at him but did not fire. One, through the metallic din of his voice modulator, informed Lord Vader that the Fourth Brother had been found. It had given him purpose, resolve. Rumor told Dinaar that the Grand Inquisitor was dead, perished at the hands of the very Jedi the Grand Inquisitor had tracked to Lothal.

Dinaar would soon him.

The room, and the Stormtroopers, melted away until nothing remained. There was only Dinaar. Dinaar, and Vader.

I just wanted to share this incredible fanfic, "on being a sith lord."

Dinaar never stood. Never looked up, nor so much heaved a breath in his chest as Darth Vader stood looming over him. Vader paused in his questioning. Vader, for his part, sensed neither apprehension nor fear in the one who would soon meet his destiny. What emanated from the former Inquisitor instead was an eerie sense of calmness, one Vader had long since forgotten in himself.

Heart of darkness

His distorted image reflected back at him in a fitting reminder of what Tavek Dinaar, once a Jedi padawan, had become. His breather rasped twice, then a third time, before Vader spoke. Dinaar knew what was to come. He closed his eyes and drew in his final breath. While he heard the tell-tale snap-hiss as Vader ignited his lightsaber, he never saw the Dark Lord swing the blade. Nor did he feel his searing death as Vader sliced through his neck.

No, Tavek Dinaar felt nothing but peace.

Star wars sith si/oc fic

For a moment his head remained atop his shoulders before sliding to the ground beside the body that once held it aloft. Vader turned and commanded his Stormtroopers to follow. The Fourth Brother, once one of the most ruthless and prolific of the Inquisitors, was no more. The author makes no claim whatsoever of ownership of the Star Wars name, characters represented, or the Star Wars universe generally.

The author is not profiting financially in any way as the result of the creation or publication of this piece of fan fiction. Lawyer by trade, writer by passion.

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I, inquisitor: new star wars fan fiction [exclusive]

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