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Padme war empress Star to fanfiction

F anfic A rchive. The goal onlyanidala is to be more than a simple blog.

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For the most wanted criminal in the Empire, Luke Skywalker was smaller than Piett was expecting. His face was flushes, glazed over eyes stared out from a face that was coated in a sheen of sweat.

His sprained arm was clamped in place by his bleeding hand, and the various burns still coating his pants, gave the captain the impression that the young man had collapsed against the tree. Otherwise, the determined rebel and Jedi, would never have consented to any sort of capture. Skywalker snorted faintly, turning his face toward he tree.

Padme amidala (phoenix)

It was silent for several minutes, and by the time the crashing of AT-ATs and the scream off overhead drop ships approached, the teenager had passed out. He handed it to the general who turned the weapon over in his hands before clipping it to his own belt.

He said nothing, and has only be unconscious for a short time. The empress will want you back at the core.

Prepare your best report captain, and spare no details. Empress Amidala was as intimidating as Piett had expected her to be. Commander Skywalker was oblivious to his audience, and the woman staring intently as his scarred face. He breathed in time with the respirator, sucking down extra-oxygen with each gulp.

Pushing the sweaty locks of blond hair out of the way, and tapping his nose carefully. Empress Amdiala did a slow turn around the hover-stretcher, eyeing the brace on his arm, the fading burns on his legs, and the bandaged scratch on his other arm. As requested, the rest will be divided among the teams who assisted in the hunt and capture of Commander Skywalker.

The perfect storm

General Cody followed and Piett was left with an enormous fortune and just as many questions. She walked alongside his stretcher, watching his face closely. It will take a few days before he wakes and more than a month for him to recover his physical strength. Kix and his team moved Luke Skywalker from the stretcher to the bed.

Empress padme fanfic

They checked his vitals again, and soon the Empress and her son were alone, she sat beside his bed and waited. Luke Skywalker woke up slowly.

Comfortably ensorcelled in a heavy blanket and feeling better than he ever had. Eventually he could focus on the figure coming into view.

He raised his eyes to hers, helplessness stealing away his momentary happiness. Aug 16,