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Fatties paddle spank friend especially for pings

Let me go ahead and say, I'm posting and running, because we have a million frikkin errands to run today. Let me explain. I was spanked aswith a paddle of some sort.

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Unfortunately, in church Patty and I were a bit excited and started giggling over something. This was noticed and we were moved. I expected her to put us over her knee she had done this before but she told us to bend over the sofa together.

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A common method of punishment in my family was to be made to stand in a corner and face the wall. What probably was only minutes seemed like hours. I remember one day my dad was talking to a visitor. I have no idea what I had done but I was told to go to the corner and face the wall. He apparently forgot about me. I knew better than to leave or make any sound.

Daddy finally noticed me and with the man still there, ordered me into another room.

I will never forget it. That was worse than standing in the corner. I like to talk. If she was sewing, she said it with pins in her mouth. Another form of punishment was to be switched on bare legs, especially when you had to cut your own switch! Even though I knew my boundaries, one time I wandered too far from home.

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When my mother came looking for me she brought a knife. When she found me she told me to cut my own switch. I had to cut a much bigger one which my mother used to memorable effect. I went howling all the way home.

You may be sure I never wandered beyond my boundaries again! I guess these lessons have stood me in good stead, enabling me to learn early the consequences of disobedience. Better to have switched legs than undisciplined rebellion. However, if I had it to do over I would do a lot of parenting differently.

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Too modern. This was funny to read. I too wonder about the un-spanked generation and the aftermath. I took remember the switch… it was a small brittle branch with little leaves on the end of it. I have seen a lot of tails wagging the dog due to the fact that spanking is not p.

Mom’s story: early spankings

One of my most vivid memories of spanking was in a high school history class when a young man raised his hand to ask a question and the teacher saw a lot of writing on his arm test infoboy did that kid get the paddle hard in front of all of us—the one with lots of holes in it.

It was a different day not that long ago. Rumor had it, at my elementary school, that the principal had a spanking machine in his office, complete with a hand crank. When I got in trouble for lighting matches on the playground at recess, I was sent directly to the office, paralyzed with fear.

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It turned out, the principal gave me a stern talk, which was plenty for me at the time. All I saw was an early Xerox copier … with a hand crank. Great story and great input from everyone. So interesting. I do remember the ping pong paddle.

I did not get very many spankings because all you had to do was look at me sideways and I got the message. I was and still am very sensitive. But question I have for you Hyatt is, did you and Anne spank your children?

Re: my uo - spanking

When I read all the parenting books when raising my children, they said to give the children time outs. I did that. We did not spank our 3 children. Spare the rod???? I do not think a few spankings that were administered to us kids bent out personalities or did psychological damage as I think we all turned out well. I did not have kids to spank, but had to look after 3 younger brothers who got spanked by me — not the best scenario, but they grew up good.

Love your musings on whatever topic. And Dad, standing in the middle of the hallway ordering you to get to your room.

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You knew what would happen as you had to walk past him! The Swat! Why me? It had to be as long as we were tall when we were years old.

If we tried to give her a short one it would mean an extra strike on the legs. We knew better. We removed the leaves and then handed the switch to her and then I learned to Irish step dance like Michael Flatley.

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As kids we knew when we deserved the switch and after the pain subsided we still loved and feared our grandma. Back in Catholic grade school the nuns would smack us right across the face when we were misbehaving and we deserved it. I would never go home and tell my parents that Sister Mary Holy water beat the dirt out of me today, otherwise i would get the leather belt which was far worse.

Thanks for stirring up some Great memories!

Spanking life

Good laughs. View Anne Moore's Art. As the oldest child, I became quite familiar with it. Pastor Adam Barton Jul 9, am. Mary Jul 9, am.

Dan Albers Jul 9, am. Hyatt, I think they have grown up. Great message on Sunday. It really got to the heart of the matter! Norm Jul 9, am. Lisa Jul 9, pm. Joann cokas Jul 9, pm. Kathleen Jul 9, pm. Jim Skelly Jul 10, pm.

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