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By rubbersheetmikeAugust 9, in Spanking. When I was a kid it was pretty commonplace to spank for bedwetting and particularly for chronic bedwetting because back then it was viewed as a discipline rather than medical issue. I was a regular bedwetter until well into puberty.

I was often although not severely spanked, usually with 5 or six moderate swats that were more embarassing than painful.

I spank for bed wetting

When I was younger I got it by hand and later when I was older with a hairbrush. Now I have a fetish that associates wetting and spanking and I wonder if its caused by that experience and if others had similar experiences? I was a bedwetter, thankfully for a short time, till 6. Lots of such involuntary happenings were handled with a spanking way back when. I know it happened, I know others for whom it happened to. Luckily for me it did not.

Girl spanked for bedwetting videos

But, I did suffer the teasing from. My mother spanked and otherwise disciplined me for my bed wetting, which continued until I was 8 or so. I became so afraid of how she would react when she saw my wet sheets that I would hide the wet sheets and replace them with clean ones. But she inevitably found out. And I was disciplined.

I became scared of going to sleep, because I knew what would happen. But I could not prevent it, though I did try.

I still resent my mom a little bit for bedwetting she handled that entire situation, and a few others My Mom has spanked me that once I was toilet trained at 33 months although my bladder was tiny and over-active, I always woke up in time to use a toilet during the night.

On trips and for special events where toilets were hard to find Mom asked me to wear 'just-in-case' diapers. When wearing just-in-case diapers I did my best to stay dry, but if I could not hold on until the next scheduled stop I just wet my diaper. I was never scolded. Mom would say, :That's why I call them 'just-in-case diapers'.

My oldest sister Penny is five years my senior. The first time I noticed her wetting the bed I was almost 4, so for was 9. She was never scolded. When she did wet her bed she would go to Mom who pinned Penny into a diaper. Then they would change the bottom sheet.

All of our bed always had a rubber sheet. Later our younger brother and sisters did occasionally wet their beds. None were scolded. Like my sisters I reverted to bedwetting just after puberty. That was when all of us were taught to pin on our own diapers.

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At age 10 I was tasked with diapering our youngest sister Missy, who is five years younger than me. We shared a room, which originally was the family nursery, so it still had a changing table.

Until Missy reached puberty she wet at least every other night, so she never was out of night diapers. One must train their bladder.

I was born with two kidneys and that can present a problem to the one with this condition. I found out about this problem when I took a swig of green dye indicator in a chemistry class. I knew it would come out of me black color.

It was shorter if a diuretic an agent that will make you pee was taken. I have never been spanked because of bedwetting or actually Bedwetting was never spanked by anyone though I have spanked my wife pretty often. Maybe I should ask her to spank me as well as I have a feeling I may really like it though my close friend when were kids has been a bedwetter and he was spanked by their conservative and very closed-minded parents. It was long, long time ago and they didn't understand that it's not for fault in fact and he cannot do nothing about, but from what he told me he was getting spanked as a kid very often because of that and they give him plenty of limitations - like not going out to spank football etc, kept him to study just because he was a bedwetter.

I felt sorry for him back then.

Bedwetting accidents: when parents kill

I was spanked for bedwetting only once by my Dad and it was a very traumatic experience. However I had been spanked on several occasions growing up so I'm not sure why that one time effected me so badly. I think it was because I knew I hadn't done anything intentionally wrong, everything happened so suddenly.

Getting smacked on your wet bottom also hurts a whole lot more, lol Of course the unfortunate side effect is that I've now come to enjoy the naughty intimacy that a spanking provides. I was spanked for a lot of things when I was growing up, but don't remember ever getting spanked for wetting the bed. I didn't have a bed wetting problem, and really don't remember wetting the bed, although I'm sure I probably did a few times.

This was my experience too. In the past it was often commonplace to spank for many issues even though today that wouldnt probably be the case. We were sometimes spanked for what now seem to be pretty minor infractions like lying or talking back or challenging authority.

I was once by my mother.

And regularly beat, punched, and kicked by her also for other things. She considered punishing me by not giving me food. I've noticed the people that have a fetish for these sort of things were not going through the same thing as I did as. If anything they were kind of coddled at home. I used to soil myself agebut it was an issue of laziness. I would get too involved with playing or watching TV and try to hold my bowels.

Should i spank my child for peeing the bed?

I was humiliated and made to wash my underwear, but never physically disaplined. My parents used to threaten to put be spank in Pampers, but never made good on their promise, much to my dismay. I was spanked with a thick, heavy weight yardstick for many things, but bed wetting was not one of them. I was spanked more like beat by, my,father for wetting and messing myself I'm the oldest of 10 I'm 68years old male and he would check me and find that I soiled myself and if waz messed I was sent to clean up and bedwetting back to him naked and got a beating with the belt and if just wet I was stripped and beat it didn't matter who waz there at the time.

I have been bedwetting for one or two years when I was about 6 years old. I got spanked many times, but especially shouted at. Basically I believe that my bedwetting never went for naturally. I think that overall terror from my parents forced me to somehow stop bedwetting, but the cause is still inside of my, and that's why I actually am abdl now.

I wet the bed well into my teens and my parents tried various methods to try and stop me from doing it.

I was cloth diaperd till about school age with plastic pants with poppers over the top. My parents must have thought they could not continue with that as I started school and gave me a very serious talk about the fact I was at school now and I would be made fun of if my friends found out. So they tried to scare me. Then it was fluid control no drinks after six in the evening. All this failed so another serious talk and I was told I would be punished if it continues. My dad was a builder so when he came in from work he would ask me if I had wet the bed that night.

If I said no he would say well done but then check with my mum so I had to be honest. I used to beg and say I was trying hard. He would send me to my room to wait. He would come in with slipper in hand.

The pain was bad. He would push my head into the bed and go to town on my bum and legs. Anyway over time it became less and less and they gave up. I don't think my parents liked or wanted to do it but we're desperate. Your response on this topic got pushed down the list so I guess I didnt see it earlier.

Anyway I think your experience is similar to lot of us who are over a certain age. My parents were very frustrated with me and my brother who were overage bedwetters and a family friend recommended a disciplinary response which I think was more common decades ago.