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With woman brother Showering to strangets

By MischoNovember 25, in Random.

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Also, if your brother is only 17, he's still a minor. That's illegal in many states. My brother and I both remember when we were very young and Mom used to put us both in the bath tub or in the shower together. I must have been only seven or so and my brother six.

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I don't remember what prompted us to do this bu recently my brother and I decided to do it again and we took a shower together. We took turns soaping each other down and after we showered we took turns drying each other off. It was kind of fun, even though we both laughed and giggled about it the whole time.

I have told a couple of my girlfriends about my brother and I showering together, and they all think it is a bit creepy and wouldn't even think about showering with their siblings. It did bring my brother and I closer together and shouldn't be considered creepy at all.

I have only told my girlfriends about our showering experience, but not any guys until now What do you guys think? Share Facebook. Add Opinion. Every culture is different. Most people will probably pass judgement and say it is wrong.

Now if it involves anything which could result in children, it is illegal as well. If it brings you closer together it may give you a level of trust very few people can ever experiece. As you likely know, you may not want to advertise it too much. Most people will be a bit prudish on such subjects. Deciding at your age to shower together was at least a bit sexual. Soaping each other down was definitely sexual. I do not doubt that it brought you closer, in a sexual way. That is asking for trouble. I suggest you find a guy you are not related to to have those showers with, and enjoy them.

I do not think it was very clever. Way too sexual. We are a naturist family, and sometimes clubs have a communal shower by the swimming pool. I think what you have done is a bit too incestuous. Pink 3K opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

Very weird. And it's quite nasty.

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Y'all are both grown ass people. There's no need for y'all to shower together.

I wouldn't tell people that if I were you. DevikaButts95 2. I know this is a catfish because I found where that photo comes from. Up Now! Related Questions.

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Show All. I barely saw my brother's penis and I felt horrified, help? Is it wrong for a brother and sister to shower together? Am I an asshole for not believing my brothers "victim"? Boyfriend made plans with my car and took some of my cash without asking?

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Sort Girls First Guys First. Dahlius 57 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 4. As long as relatives don't procreate and everyone consents, then I got nothing against relatives being close, and doing things together that are only weird due to people deciding that they are.

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I doubt many will see it so objectively though. You'll likely get odd reations if you tell people. Rumors might even spread about you two doing more thsn showering. People can be dicks. Intraluminal 5.

I don't think it was "wrong" per se, but it's certainly odd. I guess so long as both you and your brother were comfortable with it, and it didn't engender any inappropriate feelings, it's fine.

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If you did nothing sexual, there was no harm. It would surprise me if he didn't get a little stiffy from the intimacy but so long as it wasn't acted upon, again no harm done. Not something to discuss publickly or repeat, though. Let me ask you one question, you did that as an innocent fun only, none of you got aroused, your brother didn't get hard ot something, cuz if not, then it's not wrong and you can call it siblings fun, but if yes then it becomes incest.

QueenofCups Master. It is kind of unusual for adult siblings to take a shower together. If it doesn't bother you or your brother then I don't see the issue with it.

WhereAmI 1. Repeating troll event alert!!! I remember someone asking this before.

I have seen several too. Not seen this before, though! Glen68 Guru. It's odd but it's not like you did anything sexual so it's not that big of a deal. Jeniffer98 Xper 4. What is your and your brothers age? Nice-girl Xper 3. When you're children. It's normal. Related myTakes.

Drunk Sex jokes that is How I define humility and arrogance. It's difficult to be a feminist in the modern times. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.