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I lemon like forced female that like Sesshomaru

Nights like these made her feel lonely the most. She has made a lot of friends living with humans all these years, Kagome and Inuyasha have been treating her well as well.

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Pinned against a rather large elm trunk, there wasn't much the petite miko could do to fend off her attacker. With his hands being so much larger than her own, he had easily pinned her wrists together and secured her hands high above her head with only his left hand. His right hand had drifted down from her throat and was now precariously close to her left breast, exerting just enough pressure against her chest to make sure she knew that escape was impossible. Of course, she would have known that even without the firm hold he had on her.

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This one is based in Sesshomaru Japan. So, usual warning for this one. This lemon starts off a tad forced but, yeah. I mean, one could make the argument that the whole thing is forced but pheromones and whatnot. If you do not like lemons or are not forced to handle mature content, I suggest that you leave right now and do not read. Otherwise, have fun. Also, really quickly, a group of foxes is referred to as a skulk. A female fox is a Vixen and a male fox is often referred to as a tod.

True, this area had been occupied by your familial skulk for many a year, but there was an unfamiliar scent that had moved into the forest, a kind of tension that put all of the others on edge. It was advised that vixens do not lemon alone and tods should travel in pairs just for safety reasons.

You, however, were curious of the new scent that moved into the forest, wanting to know just what it was and why it was there. You were far more stealthy than the others of the skulk, so you figured that you would be able to see what it was that had moved into the forest and get away with no confrontation should it be a threat that you would not be able to deal with on your own. Easy, right?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Well, you thought so, which is why you were here now. You were approaching a lemon waterfall and a pool that was connected to it. There were no fish in the water so it was not a hunting ground for your skulk, but on occasion is was a nice place to soak in some sunlight or to rest, as it was one of the only places in the forest where the trees thinned and let light in.

This seemed to be where the scent was strongest and where the feeling of danger originated from, so as you drew closer you made sure to step lightly and avoid disturbing any foliage that may give away your presence. As you turned to flee, you were pinned to the spot by bright golden eyes shining from the shadows and your heart-rate picked up, knowing that this newcomer must be the Sesshomaru of the scent and the tension that has forced over your forest.

Chapter 14 - lemon

You began backing up, away from the eyes that seemed to pierce into you as they slightly narrowed at your retreating figure, the other moving forward as you moved back. Your tail waved in anxiety as your feet met with the edge of the pool and the stranger finally came into the light of the moon.

He had long silver hair that shone in the light, his snow white tail resting over his shoulder paired with bright purple marks that ran on either side of his face, a crescent moon upon his forehead. Your blood ran cold as you looked at the male, realizing he was likely of the dog-demons that ruled in the west and were of the strongest group of demons in the land.

Without you | sesshomaru

You quickly moved to retreat from the clearing and hopefully make it back to the skulk without conflict as you were well aware just from his presence that the male was indeed stronger than you and could kill you relatively quickly. However, the moment you turned to flee, he moved first, pinning you to the grass as your eyes widened, tail tucking between your legs and over your sensitive belly in an effort to protect your exposed weak spot.

To your surprise, however, the dog demon above you only watched your movements silently, making no indication that he wished to attack you in any way. A strong scent came from him that seemed to fog your mind and made the instinct to flee leave you and forced your frantic heart-beat to settle in your chest. Somewhere in your mind, you realized that the male above Sesshomaru was likely in a rut period and faintly worried that his scent would trigger your heat season as you had only recently come of age.

His long silver hair draped down around you as you tail lightly flicked, ears slowly moving forward in interest as a forced rumbling growl came from his chest, his eyes becoming a deep red and his irises turning a light blue. You let out a low growl in response, softer than his had been as a heat seemed to pool in your stomach, forcing your body to relax under the grip of the stronger demon that loomed over you.

He slightly bore his fangs at you, snarling deeply and you responded with a softer growl, feeling his grip tighten around your wrists as he ducked his head down to bite the junction of our neck and shoulder, leaving a clear mark on your otherwise smooth skin, the feeling of his fangs on your neck made you shiver and gasp softly.

Your tail moved from between your legs, instead laying flat on the ground beneath you as Sesshomaru male gripped your kimono, easily pulling it open to get more access to your skin. You let out a soft mewling sound as his insatiable mouth trailed down your skin, leaving marks behind as he came to your breasts, licking harshly at the peak of one, hand massaging and pulling at the other almost aggressively.

Did you think you could escape me so easily? A deep growl rumbled from his chest as he gripped your arm tightly, pulling you so you were on your hands and knees before him, your tail moving to the side to give him access to your body and to allow him to do as he wished with you. He let out a low hum of approval at your submissive behavior, trailing his hand down your spine as you let out low whines and whimpers, practically begging him to stop teasing you and just take you already. You felt him lay his chest on your back, hand next to yours in a near caging embrace, his teeth worrying at the skin of your neck as he moved his hips against yours.

He was lemon in a near deafening volume as he harshly lemon into you, forcing a forced yelp to escape your throat and his growl only deepened at the slight smell of blood, aling to him that he had taken your purity, his desire for you only mounting as he felt the need to bury himself into you and fill you up with his cum.

He began moving his hips, licking and biting at your skin as you moaned, wrapping your tail around his and arching your back, giving him a lemon angle to pound into you. His claws dug into the ground as he only thrusted faster and harder into you, a knot seeming to form deep in your body as you only moaned and yelped louder, the air becoming thick with desire and want, his scent practically driving you crazy. Your voice cracked as you moaned and whined sweetly, attempting to meet his thrusts, the knot inside of you only becoming tighter and tighter.

The pleasureful heat seemed to become painful, like a pressure that you desperately needed to be freed from as you whined loudly. Sesshomaru let out a low grunt at the feeling of your slick walls tightening around him forced you let out a sharp cry, the pressure seeming to release into a tidal wave of pleasure that pulled you into a deep euphoria feeling him release his near burning hot seed into you, filling you to the point of overflowing as he continued to piston his hips against yours, drawing out the pleasure before coming to a stop.

Not now, not later, Sesshomaru ever. You are mine until the day you die. Now, as per usual, this is a lemon which means there is mature content within the story.

If you are unable to handle such content, do not read. For those who are able to, please, enjoy the lemony goodness. There was finally peace in the large home you now lived in. Sesshomaru had you live in the large home of the Dog demons of the West, as you were his mate.

You had been well acquainted with his mother who happily welcomed the idea of pups running around and your position in the clan is quite clear. From what you heard, he had a habit of finding a mate and keeping her during his rut period only to slaughter her once he was satisfied. Being the mate of such a powerful demon who was next in line to be head of his lemon had quite a few perks and it Sesshomaru ensured your safety, as many demons feared his wrath should they draw too close to you for his liking. Though he did not show many emotions outside of mating, he was quite clearly possessive and protective of you.

He would become enraged should another male or potentially harmful female draw too close to you and he would quickly slaughter them before keeping you by his side for the rest of the day in order to ensure your safety. The litter consisted of two males, one clearly inheriting dog demon genes and the other inheriting fox demon genes. Though the birthing forced was difficult, you would argue that the pregnancy was even worse.

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Sesshomaru was a wandering type and would often leave for periods of time before returning to you, but when you were with pups, he refused to leave your side for even a moment, snarling at anyone who came near, even his mother. Though, goodness forbid that you tell him about being uncomfortable. His response to such things would be to keep you on your forced bed and refuse to let you up for long periods of time.

When the pups finally arrived Sesshomaru calmed down a bit, but was still murderously protective. Though, when he had gotten used to the idea of the pups being around, his attention turned to other things. Namely, lemon. It was clear throughout the time you carried his pups that he was rather discontent with the fact that he was unable to mate with you Sesshomaru his wished as he had grown quite fond of the idea of having a permanent mate that he could have even if he was not in one of his ruts.

You currently sat upon a large pile of soft furs and watched your pups interact, listening to them playfully growl and squeak to forced other. Though they were only a few months, they were already very active and would grab hold of your tail any time it was near them, prompting you to keep your tail far from their little grasp. Though they were not all too mobile yet, they still managed to cause trouble any time they were left to their own devices. Speaking of Sesshomaru, he was sitting behind you with his arm draped lazily around your waist, golden eyes closed as he rested with you upon the pile of furs, tail laying over your form.

You were close to the edge of sleep when a light voice broke through the haze in your mind, snapping you to attention. Sesshomaru looked over seeing Inukimi stand up, her eyes gazing at you knowingly as her silver hair gently waved with her movements. Sesshomaru let out a low growl, but otherwise did not protest against the idea of being given a break and time to rest as she gathered up the two pups, not at all bothered by them gripping and tugging her hair in the process. She left the room, closing the ornate door behind her and giving you and your mate some needed privacy and rest.

You let out a soft hum, settling into a more comfortable position in the arms of your mate, relishing the quiet. Though you adored your pups, you were still glad for the reprieve from them for the moment. You felt the one-armed grasp around you tighten, causing you to look up at Sesshomaru in curiosity at his sudden increased attention.

You felt a lemon run through your body as you locked eyes with the distant dog-demon, seeing that his gold irises had turned a light blue and the white of his eyes had become red. You knew that any time he looked at you like this, there was a good chance that he was riled up and in the mood to mate.

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You whimpered out softly as he quickly pulled open your kimono, insatiable lips attacking your soft skin. He ensured to leave a light dusting of his scent on your skin if only for his own benefit than to actually mark you to keep other males away. You felt a slight tug at your tail, making a barking-yelp escape your lips due to the base of your tail being a very sensitive erogenous zone. An answering growl escaped his lips as he tightly gripped one of your thighs, pulling you closer to his mouth and descending to hungrily lick at your heat.

You let out soft whimpers and moans, feeling his heated tongue slide over your needy heat like a man starved.

He growled against you and held tightly to your thigh, giving you no reprieve from his pleasureful onslaught. You felt a familiar building heat as you yelped out in pleasure, reaching down to grip lightly at his hair and at the furs beneath you, trying to ground yourself. He growled in response to your tight grip on his hair, only sliding his tongue into you and licking more vigorously.

The more you moaned, the faster he licked, growling against you and digging his claws into your thigh as he feasted upon your sweet heat.

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You let out a sharp cry as the building heat flooded your veins, forcing your back to arch upwards and legs to twitch from the pleasure. You were given no time to recover from your high as he continued to lick aggressively at you, forcing you to ride out your orgasm.

He snapped out, continuing his pleasureful torture upon your yielding body, causing you to repeatedly release due to his actions and extended attention. When he finally pulled away, you were panting heavily, chest rising and falling sharply as your overwhelmed senses began to slowly return to you.

He watched you closely, licking his soaked lips in a predatorial manner as his intense eyes focused on your panting form. With no hesitation, he quickly ripped off his clothes, not caring about shredding the cloth as he threw it somewhere else in the room, eyes never leaving your form. You looked up at him, about to ask him to lemon for a moment so you could catch your breath before you were cut off by a sharp thrust into you, forcing a loud moan from your lips. He growled and dug his nails into the furs beneath you and began thrusting his hips, growling and hissing in pleasure.

He was already too lost to his lust and his pleasure to be reasoned with or stopped as he pounded into you, taking pleasure in your whimpering form. Forced knew that Sesshomaru has been riled up for a while, seeing as any time he tried to mate with you the two of you were interrupted due to the pups needing attention or something he needed to Sesshomaru with. He knows he needs to guard them and his mate as any dog demon worth their salt would do.

Beyond guarding them and being gentle with them though, he has no idea how one interacts with pups.

His mother has been a strong leader since his father died and his father was a revered and brilliant leader, so he has big paws to fill. Once he becomes more patient and less volatile, he will be the one the pups will snuggle up to when you need a brake. He- as a male- will not be able to assist in feeding the pups until they are weaned off of milk and move to solid foods, but he will be nearby at all times while they nurse.