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Wow I have to say you really worked hard to reasearch all of this I'm impressed.

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Tropes pertaining to the playable casts of both Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. The silent protagonist of Innocent Sin and a major character and party member in Eternal Punishment. His affinity is with the Sun Arcana, with Vulcanus as his starting Persona. Before Persona 4: Arena canonized the name Yu Narukami for the Persona 4 protagonist, he and Maya were the only Persona protagonists to have official names provided in-game.

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Edogawa- what formed th origins of magic - Shamanish - yen bill Murasaki Shikibu - pronunciation -Ono-ma-to-peia - Foreigners Scared by Hairdos topnots - Mystical studies of Jewish texts Kabbalah Class Questions part 2 Pseudo Anglicism in Japanese - Mansion Madam Blavotsky - Founded Theosophy Coffee - Arabic Salt outside bars and restaurants was used - to bring in business Ancient Indian magical text is - The Upanish 6 divided by 0 - indeterminate Himiko - used Kido Sorcery Women painted faces white - to stand out Submitted by GameGhost Conversations with Maiko 6th- "calm down" "Itll take more than that" 7th- "Cmom Im sure we can find her" "maybe the takoyaki stand" 9th-"Were friends forever" 10th- "I bet you will" "Sure Thing" Marriage proposal!

I forget which- "Thats terrible" "Thats not true" I forget- "Hamburger" "You did good" "I can't im sorry" Submitted by GameGhost Emperor arcana Eventually Mitsuru will ask you if you have ed any clubs and then she will suggest you the student council.

There you will meet two new social links Justice and Emperor. The Emperor arcana is gotten by becoming friends with the student council president.

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He is a jerk but you have to agree with him in order to strengthen this link. Keep showing up to the student council to increase the link. At one point you will see him interrogating some kid who is about to slug him, intervene and your link will go up.

Submitted by GameGhost Force enemy to turn away To immediately get an enemy to turn its back on you, enter the menu, then exit out. The enemy will begin moving in a new direction.

Maya amano

Repeat this until it has turned away. Game completion bonuses Successfully complete and save the game.

Load the cleared saved game to start with your money, items, level, and money. Hermit Arcana Online Girl Mayu In your room on your days off like sundays or holidays you can play an online game. There you meet someone named Mayu.

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I did not record all the conversations with her but I did get some of the correct responses to her comments and questions. Hierophant Old Couple Eventually you will hear about a bookstore opening up at the mall station mall called the Bookworm. There it is run by an old couple, before you visit the store I suggest you go to the persimmons tree located at the school at the entrance go to the right hallway and enter the doorway right next to the staircase, the tree is through there.

At the tree you will find a leaf and you will need to take it to the old couple. You will hear them talking about it and you will give it to them, they will be so touched you will gain a social link with them. If you are sick you will be made ready again. In addition your stamina will never drop below good. If you get tired you may lose your Great status but you will never get Tired or Sick.

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Intelligence boost Intelligence is not only achieved by staying up late studying in the game or going to the library. One easy trick to get some intelligence is after school when you are picking out someone to hang out with you first go straight to the shrine in the town map, then go to the fortune drawing thing that cost yen, do it.

Normally you get a good luck talisman that gives you yen this is just normally, sometimes you get great luck and get 10, and sometimes you lose yen. Then go right next to the fortune dispenser to the alter, it will ask if you want to donate some money, donate yen and your intelligence will increase. All in all you will only lose yen on average, but it is a small cost to pay considering you will make even more at Tartarus.

Then You can go and pick someone out to hang out with. Submitted by GameGhost Judgment arcana This social link can only be reached if you do not kill Ryoji. Only if you choose to defeat Nyx can you get this. This is probably one of the easiest links to rank up because you don't have to respond correctly to anything, all you have to do is keep going up the staircases, and beat monsters until you get to the top.

I suggest you do this before the end of the month so you can get the ultimate Judgement persona Messiah. Submitted by GameGhost Kazushi conversations -"Toughen up man! You will impress your opponent at the regionals and he will offer to be your friend.

Submitted by GameGhost Leveling Up Here's a great way to level-up once you've already beaten the game. Head back to Tarturus, where you can find a door called Monad. The monsters in Monad are stronger than most other monsters in the game, but your main character should be able to take them out pretty easily.

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Spending time there can level-up your weaker characters in only an hour or two. Monk Conversations 2nd- "tale a break" "Hang in there" "what are you talking about" 3rd- "Uh thats ok" 4th- "Dad" "with a friend" 10th- "awesome" get reserve tag Submitted by GameGhost Moon Arcana Social Link At the mall some chubby kid that is what his title is in the game is eating a sandwich and he will not be torn away from it unless your charm is at least at lvl 2.

He will ask you if you want to be friends but get this, even if you say yes you must pass his gourmet test. If you mix up and get one wrong don't worry you can go back the next day and start off from the answer you got wrong. Once you past the test he will demand from you something he never tried before. Give him an Old Morsel, he will eat it and critisize it but he will become your friend none the less.

Tatsuya suou

Then you get the Moon Arcana social link. Your party's HP and SP will be completely restored. Note: If a party member is "tired", they will go back to the dorm and you will not be able to use them until the following night. Unlock Monad Block Reach Tartarus at the th floor to access.

He is a relatively easy social link to build up because he is the only link character hanging out at night. But he can only be reached after you get the strength arcana social link up to level four. When you first see him he won't speak unless you get him a drink, go down to the bartender downstairs and give him the monk's drink order, but before he can do that he demands you get everyone else's order bloody mary, margarita, screwdriver, and oolong tea.

After you give the monk his drink the Tower arcana will appear. I suggest saving before going out to see him so that you can get the correct responses to his questions when you want to build up the social link. Class Questions part Conversations with Maiko Emperor arcana Force enemy to turn away Game completion bonuses Hermit Arcana Online Girl Mayu Hierophant Old Couple Infinite Tartarus Stamina Intelligence boost Judgment arcana Kazushi conversations Kendo Special Training Leveling Up Monk Conversations Moon Arcana Social Link Restore party's HP and SP Unlock Monad Block Unusual Monk Tower Arcana Submitted by GameGhost.

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