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She notices something off about Peggy and asks about it. Peggy says that it's work, and Angie asks if it's the men. Peggy replies that during the war it felt like she had a purpose, but now that it's over she doesn't get to call any of the shots.

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Angie Martinelli : [Covering for Peggy, she is trying to distract Sousa and Thompson and get them out of her room] I think it had something to do with her sick grandmother. Daniel Sousa : Oh, gee. Jack Thompson : Please don't Angie Martinelli : She's got a grandmother who's doing poorly. And whenever I think about it, I think of my grandmother who's so supportive of my acting career. I performed for her, and she said, you belong on stage, angel.

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Fonseca played Angie Martinelli in several episodes of the show, a waitress and actress who assists Peggy in her missions. Unlike Peggy, who had her storyline wrapped up with Steve Rogers at the climax of Avengers: EndgameFonseca's Angie was left at a loose end. And with the finale of Loki setting up the Marvel multiverse, it seems possible that there could be another timeline where Angie's story gets continued.

Talking to ComicbookFonseca expressed delight at Agent Carter fans continuing to ship a relationship between Peggy and Angie. After saying, " I love my Agent Carter fans very much ," she said that sometimes it could be hard to see where fans are coming from when they want two characters to get together.

But she said with Peggy and Angie, she's " here for them " and would love to work with Atwell again because " working with Hayley was a working joy every day. I know, isn't that amazing?

I love it. I'd really love it.

I can just say, working with Hayley was a working joy every day. Those little weird love connections where you're like 'What? Since Peggy Carter has featured in several movies within the MCU, it makes sense that the character could return with Angie alongside her and possibly receive a standalone film in the footsteps of Black Widow.

Viewers of Loki have also claimed to spot Peggy being arrested by the TVA in the background of a scene in the show, suggesting that plans are already underway for the character's revival. It would be great to see the character developed within the MCU since her roles in films after Captain America have been little more than cameos.

Angie’s back for agent carter season two, but not how we’d hoped

Source: Comicbook. Lillian Crawford lillcrawf is a writer on all things film, culture and gender.

By Lillian Crawford Published Jul 20, Share Share Tweet 0. Key Release Dates. Related Topics Movie News agent carter marvel. Lillian Crawford 18 Articles Published Lillian Crawford lillcrawf is a writer on all things film, culture and gender.