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I would like wife guy Pantied loves hentai

Several years ago my wife asked me if she could buy me some sexy underwear. I told her yes,and the next night she gave me a present.

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Caught The Panty Theif. Big boobs milf pawns her twat for her husbands bail.

What is my age I am 34
Nationality: I'm ecuadorian
Tone of my eyes: Enormous hazel green
My sex: I am woman
Figure features: My body features is quite skinny
What I like to drink: Liqueur
My hobbies: Dancing

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I'm just wondering how common a kink this is among women she's not the first girl to bring up the idea to me and why they find it a turn-on. I'm warming up to the idea a little.

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I mostly find it hot because SHE finds it hot, but the idea on its own feels weird to me a pound male jiu-jitsu blackbelt. My wife gets a kick of this She went out and bought me 4 or 5 of them Once in a while I do put them on and text her 'hey, btw, I am wearing the yellow ones today, for you'.

On Halloween last year I decided as a joke to be undercover cop pretending to be a hooker. She loved it, really really loved it to the point that she wanted me to wear the skirt, thigh highs and heels while we had sex that night. She was quite turned on.

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The main reason this is one of my kinks, is that I just love the way cock especially hard cock looks in frilly tiny panties. It doesn't fit, it bulges out the side, and strains the fabric. If he's hard, it pokes out the top. I have a thing for bulges and panties can't hide a damn thing. Another thing--panties on a man is kind of taboo!

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It's like a super sexy secret that we don't want anyone to find out, and that's always hot. Especially when he wears them to work!

Lastly, there's no way you can forget that you're wearing a thong. And whenever he's thinking about the panties he's in, he's thinking of me. And sex.

And the sexytimes to come. And then I get treated to a voraciously horny man when he gets home. Good times for all!!

I, personally, like to wear women's underwear on my own under my man clothes. It's not because anyone told me to, I just like it. One of my girlfriends found out I was wearing stockings, garters, and a thong under my pants and she fucked me so damn well, and insisted I keep it on. She would always tell me to do it again next time we're together.

We had a lot of sex with me in under-drag. Like this? My wife is probably the most feminine, doe-eyed, innocent-looking, petite little girly-girl you can imagine She's a total domme and loves it about herself.

But she absolutely ruined me sexually for any other woman I know. Imagine your wife grinding into you with a strap-on while stroking your cock, then whispering in your ear, "this is how your friend fucked me last night. As for why she likes it, she enjoys us "sharing secrets" and creating a world that no one else but us knows about or even suspects. I'm imagining doing that to my partner. I think I would then be murdered, haha.

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Found the internet! Wife 25 wants me 26 to wear her panties while we're out at night and when I'm at work Posted by 7 years ago. So how many women like this, and why is it a turn-on? Sort by: best.

After five years, my husband finally revealed his fetish

Reply Share. I'm the wife he's talking about! Continue this thread. South park reference? On Halloween last year I decided as a joke to be undercover cop pretending to be a hooker Like this?

Holy shit. Why does that sound so fucking hot? Just don't it into the iCloud Are you two actually into cuckold, or is it just roleplay?

I have zero interest in that, and it sounded really hot. More posts from the sex community.

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