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I am school up girl that wants jokes

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TheAtlNotes All girls private school strict uniform code even governed underwear - navy blue only.

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This is what happens when you're 16 and don't wear panties

Since I teach at a Catholic school that means uniforms and uniform skirts. I have had to take a few girls to the main office to call their parents. I have seen WAY tooo much!! We used to wear shorts under our skirts, but these girls wear thongs or nothing at all?!!!

I watched this video this morning. Guess what ladies not all woman wear panties.

I hate them. They annoy me. No matter what kind they are.

I'd rather go all natural than to have to pick it in front of anyone. Don't like it. So what. I understand not wanting panty lines. Why are woman so judgmental? It's pretty pathetic. Where's your compassion?

No underwear in school porn videos

You all have been in an embarrassing situation. Don't you wish someone would have been sympathetic or understanding with you? That's dirty I think there are times when it's understandable. Can you imagine her sweaty ass on the seat.

Oh, so now I'm totally grossed out. Don't you wish someone would have been sympathic or understanding with you? That's everyone's own personal choice.

I don't think this girl is stupid for not wearing panties. I think she's stupid for sitting on the front row, in a dress, wearing no panties, and doesn't cross her legs. Yes, it sucks to be her, but her mother shouldn't demand the entire yearbook be reprinted bc A she never taught her daughter how to sit like a lady and the daughter made all those stupid choices.

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Who has gone without panties to high school or college before?

Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Start by selecting which of these best describes you! IselaCid member. May in 3rd Trimester. I feel bad for the girl Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: This is what happens when you're 16 and don't wear panties May Bahahahhaah - I have no sympathy for her.

School no panties photos

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You would think that the publishers of the yearbook would have kept that photo out. I'd be pretty pissed if I was the girls mom but seriously.

I am totally grossed out by the teenage girls now. I suppose things are different since these kids sext?! I think she needs to go back to school It's high school for crying out loud! Resa member. She couldn't even sit with her legs closed during the CNN interview!

I can't believe this was a CNN link I think that disturbs me more. C member. No sympathy here either. Perhaps it'll teach her a valueable lesson. Either put on some pants or wear undies. Contemplating the snow. Mes Petit Choux I can't go back to yesterday - because I was a different person then. Jamie Sonnenleiter.

Girls is it true you don't wear underwear with skirts and dresses that are long enough to cover everything?

Ok, in the school I went to there was a class that created the yearbook then sent it out for publishing. Her classmates had to have seen the pic and purposely put it in there. There are also teacher editors who are supposed to oversee all s before it being sent out. Maybe it IS a shadow, but the girl uses the excuse that she didn't want any panty lines showing I feel bad for her but seriously, get a clue.

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And there she is in the CNN interview wearing super short shorts. Come on girly, cover up a little! Kimmie LovesEric. Kimmie LovesEric:.