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As a horny girl who is also interested in science, most of the men I fancy are those who self-identify as nerds.

Guys who like science, maths, video games, who are horrified that I don't like Star Wars, or are generally geekily interested in the world around them in a way that's both fascinating and sexy. I'm not, by the way, saying all scientists are nerds, or that all nerds are scientists. Just that a lot of the scientists I have met would proudly wear the "nerd" badge — a fact that immediately draws me to them.

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I spend a fair bit of time with scientists, nerds, and people from the sceptic community — those who like to meet in pubs to discuss obscure branches of science, or the legal implications of the Twitter Joke Trial, or the link between synthetic biologyhip hop and the law.

And one of the things I've noticed about this community is that there are a fair few people in it who have some odd views about sex. In April, I went to QEDcon — a huge gathering of people who are interested in science and scepticism. It's one of the nerdiest things I go to, as judged by the universal standard of whether or not there is a Dalek on display.

While I was there, I got chatting to someone in the bar and we were discussing the fact that conferences like this were an excellent place to hook up.

I suggested that they were, he was not convinced. Naturally, as a girl who has very much enjoyed hooking up before, I asked him why he thought this. It turns out that he once went out with a woman who wasn't as interested in sex as he was, and that subsequently girls he'd admired from a distance hadn't wandered up to him and placed their mouths around his cock.

Ergo, girls don't want to hook up.

I find this simultaneously hilarious and depressing. The sceptic community is all about evidence, discussion, debate, and above all not making assumptions about things without taking on board pertinent facts.

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And yet even when speaking to one of these pertinent facts a woman who has already told you that she likes having sex, and enjoys hooking up with guys at nerd conventions the guy in question was able to completely ignore it in favour of some experience he's had that has left him a little on the nervous side.

I'm not singling this guy out for rage and hatred — he is certainly not alone. I've lost count of the of times I've been told by men that I won't want to have sex, or that I could walk into any pub, announce I wanted a shag, and immediately be deluged with offers from every straight man in the room — attached or not.

Despite there being a wealth of evidence that women do actually like sex, there are a of people who refuse to believe it and continue to act in a way that implies women are confused and asexual creatures who must be either cajoled, tricked or bullied into bed. I'm even more disappointed by this attitude when it comes from a sceptic: someone supposedly rational, who is meant to question things and appeal to the evidence.

Spend more than five minutes at any sceptic event and you're likely to hear the phrase "the plural of anecdote is not 'data'", meaning that you can't just tell a story about how your mum used homeopathic remedies to overcome her eczema and leap to the conclusion that homeopathic remedies can cure eczema. This is an excellent point, and helps us remember the limitation of anecdotes.

But it can also sometimes prevent us from realising the power of anecdotes to shatter absolutes. If you make a statement along the lines of "girls don't want to hook up" or "girls just don't enjoy sex" then all I need to do to disprove your statement is find you a girl who does.

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She might be an outlier — an anomaly — but if I then parade more women past you, link you to blogs, websites and forums where women are openly discussing their sexual desire and — as happens very frequently — their desire to hook up with nerds, then you start to look like you're ignoring some pretty ificant evidence. There's a rather large helping of confirmation bias here, too. Saying that women don't like hooking up, or sex, or even that if they do like it they certainly can't be doing it with the same level of enthusiasm as you makes sleeping with you a much less fun prospect.

After all, if I offered you a cake and said "hey, you'll love this. It's amazing" you'd be more likely to take a bite than if I said "you probably won't like this but it's here if you'd like some. After all, if you assume I'm not going to enjoy it, why on Earth would I want to have sex with you? Girl on the Net tweets at girlonthenetand her dirty book, My not-so-shameful sex secrets is available from Amazon.

Brain flapping Reproduction. Sex with science nerds.

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There's nothing wrong with finding science fans sexy, but it's a turn-off when they assume women aren't interested in sex. Guest post by Girl on the Net. A stereotypically sexy scientist. Photograph: Alamy. Girl on the Net. Nerds don't get laid In April, I went to QEDcon — a huge gathering of people who are interested in science and scepticism. Don't ignore the evidence I find this simultaneously hilarious and depressing. It's self-defeating There's a rather large helping of confirmation bias here, too. Reuse this content.