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I liked coed men who naked sauna

We get it. How close should I sit?

tight babes Alejandra

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I'd definitely go back in a heartbeat and that's saying something since this place is an hour from my home. Missed getting to try the hydrotherapy but plan on it next time.

Age I'm 31 years old
What is my nationaly: Brazilian
What is my hair: White
Figure features: I'm medium-build
I like to drink: Champagne
I like to listen: I prefer to listen country
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I was on my way to the spa when I halted on the sunny sidewalk to grope around the inside of my canvas rucksack.

I confirmed that my fear was warranted. I had forgotten my optional clothing. Never before would I have called this buns-out little a modest garment.

Great question. For selfish reasons…I wanted to use the spa facilities, a sauna and a soaking pool, that I knew would rock my wellness world—especially when combined with a minute deep tissue massage. In walked a man from the soaking pool, diplomatically covering his bits with the rented spa towel.

I admired the locker room wall with a sudden burst of energy, much the way I would behave after sighting a gorgeous pair of shoes on a display shelf. So, I focused past any naked people as if I was searching for my exit on the freeway. My eyes widened.

Super saunas

What if I ran into someone I knew here? A client? A former boss? A good friend of mine went to a clothing optional spa with her boyfriend once. These things happen. When I spotted the doors on the bathroom that locked! I turned the handle, dashed inside, locked the door, and took a moment to catch my breath with my back against the door. I hurried into the safety of the soaking pool and had the place to myself for approximately two minutes.

Until a boisterous naked couple barreled out of the sauna, carefree…and well, carefree. I admired the sky with a sudden burst of energy, much the way I would behave after sighting an unexpected rainbow.

It was a pleasant summer day—the birds waxed poetic in their feathery ensembles and the trees moved in the wind like elegant women in flowy dresses. Except here. I made eye contact with the naked couple and said…nothing. I was an introverted mute in a foreign, naked land. I managed a nod. They smiled at me, unfazed by my habit bikini and muteness. They strolled over to the switch, set the timer, and ed me in the soaking pool.

A young woman sauntered out of the locker rooms and posted up on a towel to lay out. An older man strolled out of the locker rooms, whistling a jaunty tune as he entered the sauna. I was the only prude tip-toeing around, blushing profusely until I blended in with the accent colors on my floral bikini. In an naked twist, she was fully clothed. Thank God! During my massage—which was fantastic—I had some introspective saunas about my nakedness discomfort. I thought I was comfortable with bodies, having been around my fair share of naked dancers backstage for ballet performances.

Am I ever going to be that coed No, like you, it was a great spot — lake, spa features, and a place to get away from the city during the summer. The owners were a couple who had embraced the nude lifestyle, as had many of the members. I found some of them a bit militant at times. She came as the guest of an established member and was still getting her feet wet, I guess.

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In my opinion, that you have a choice is a good thing. I agree that optional clothing is the best option for making everyone comfortable. Though I probably would not even go to the clothing optional spa at all! Fun read.

Your how-to guide for therme, naked sauna & austrian spas.

The bits are staying in! So do I. And same for me. They show proof of having birthed three children! So, there were lots of parts flying around. Modesty in a dancer? What a rarity! True to yourself.

That was hysterical! I know, I know. The modest dancer exists, nice to meet you. I had a modest strategy with a towel, dress, or skirt usually.

I was never that ballerina putting her eyeliner on with her tits out like it was no big deal. Totally not me! This was really funny Britt, I cringed and looked away and worried along with you at each step. Well written and expressed Britt.

Puts me in mind somehow ofthe Summer of Love, when everyone was stripping off. Interestingly enough, these spa facilities are outside. Not sure how everyone runs around naked in the colder months here. I may or may not find out…my courage is waning. Especially in a fairly confined space. A beach makes more sense to me, so everyone can spread out. I do like the spa as they have excellent massage therapists with the best price in town. I need them to survive in the Pacific Northwest.

This made me laugh. I guess you are from the USA, yes? Here in Europe we tend to think of the human body as a fairly natural thing, given that most of us have one in varying states of disrepair, and the US nipple phobia is a source of amazement.

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What is a therme in austria, anyway?

Search for:. There we go. That seems way more natural, Britt. Nice work. Like this: Like Loading It seemed like the right plan of action, even though I was the loner with the bathing suit on. So funny and well written!

The dutch sauna experience

Beautiful Britt! Thanks for sort of being naked with your story. Next stop…Bali vagina steam! Bali vagina steam!

Haha, try the smoke instead. The steam was meh. What kind of cakes for a nudist club? Just kidding.