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I Naked date lady that schools simulators

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She has a new backpack, new text books for each subject. Either way, Eileen walks into this strange new school with confidence, she felt ready to take on anything. As she walks through the halls, she noticed that the students she walks past are giving her weird looks. She enters the room for her first lesson of the day. All of the smartly dressed students start staring at her, stunned, mouths open.

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Naked in school School Have you ever had that dream where you're naked in school? Well, that happened to me for real!

One day in the locker room, I had finished showering and then I went to my locker. The lock got jammed so I had no way of getting to my clothes. None of the other girls cared to help me.

All I had on was a towel and I had to try and get to one of the gym teachers to get the lock off and without anyone seeing me. So I went out into the hallway and walked quickly to the office. The bell hadn't rung yet so everyone was in class.


Then when I turned a corner, I bumped into a guy. Then it got worse.

When I bumped into him, I accidentally let go of my towel and it fell off, leaving me standing totally naked in front of him! Before I could get my towel, he grabbed it.

I covered up my privates with my hands and told him to give it back. He said someone was behind me so I foolishly turned around. No one was there.

He just wanted to see my butt! I told him again to give me back my towel but he wouldn't and then the worst thing happened: the bell RANG!

I tried to run to the bathroom to hide but it was too late. Everyone was coming out of classrooms.

They all saw me naked and laughed. I had nowhere to run or hide since they were all around me. I wanted to die at that moment I was so embarrassed.

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