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So a few weeks back I got home from some training military my wife had been sending dirty pictures and messages while I was away so I needed a release. The day I got home we got cleaned up and went out to dinner and a movie with another couple.

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There was barely any room for you to breathe without breathing on somebody else. The theatre was packed with adults, old and young. You had wanted to see it since you saw the previews, but it was awkward with people sitting directly next to you. But the people on your other side and in front and behind you are complete strangers.

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You got shivers up and down your arms and spine. Kai laced his fingers in yours and squeezed your hand. But you know what I like better? You hummed and kept your eyes glued to the screen.

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Kai shifted and faced you, pressing his lips to your cheek. You gasped and felt a jolt of electricity through your hip where he grasped you. I would much rather see us in their position. Was he going to cause a scene in a packed theatre?

No, Kai was smarter than that. He had the ability to enter a busy room and sit there for three hours before being noticed.

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But I have magic. And it can do wonders. Right here. Right now in this theatre. With that lady right there next to you. You felt electricity jolt through your body but located in a different spot. You could feel pressure closing in on your clit, and tracing your entrance.

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Just a single finger caressing you, gently, teasing you and seeing how loud you could moan before someone heard you. So you tried grinding down on your seat very easily. But Kai watched with his hand on his chin and a cheesy smile on his face. He knew exactly what he was doing to you. All the while nobody in the theatre noticed your conversation.

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Or you grinding into your seat. Just with a snap, Kai had your attention and there was nothing in your pants anymore. No magic no nothing. Until you heard a clink and looked down. He was whispering a spell to unbuckle your belt. Kai speaking in a different language turned you on all the more and you fought back a moan. Just let me take care of the ache. You gnawed on your bottom lip impatiently.

Nobody was looking. It was a miracle, and something you were thankful for.

Very lightly, the same index finger pressed against your lips was trailing your panty line after your pants were tugged down just enough for Kai to get to you. By your shuddering gasp, Kai confirmed that was the spot. You grasped the arm rests on your seat. Does that help? You swallowed and started thrusting into his fingers. You soon realized that the more you reacted to him, the more it spurred him on to tease you.

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No, he had the most beautiful blue eyes. Everything about him right now could make you want to pounce on him and ride him in the middle of the theatre. Your eyes widened and you knew you were in for a shitstorm of pleasure now. He pushed them through your folds again and you struggled against him. Any sound you made was muffled by his hand. Now nobody could hear you. But you never broke eye contact.

I can feel how wet that makes you. Your hips slowly worked against his fingers. You closed your eyes but Kai got rough, jerking your head to look at him again. You just moaned and let it happen. You know Kai loves his good girl. Kai was just so damn good at it and it irritated you. He could make you cum just by talking to you. Or did it? So you either upset me or really turned me on trying to fight back there. You whimpered and nodded.

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You had to agree, he was the dominant one. You closed your eyes and concentrated on his fingers.

His thumb brushed your clit again. Kai was watching for any specific reaction out of you. A nice big bruise. What if I tied you up and ate you out?

The fun will be over. You nodded and Kai looked around before pretending to cuddle you, when really he shoved your mouth into his chest so you could cry out. Just enough to get your body fired up. Your toes curled and you grasped the edge of your seat and tried your best not to cum. To hold it, you knew he was going to make you hold it.

The lights were on and people were standing and getting ready to leave.