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Requested by Anon: Hi mind doing a Ryder Scanlon imagine, reader is friends with Lennox and she is like the one night stand kind of gal, she has a fling with Ryder, Ryder catches feelings and you can take it from there.

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Lennox Elizabeth Scanlon is a free-spirited 20 year old student at the University of Toledo.

Age 52
Who do I prefer: Gentleman
Color of my hair: Golden
I can speak: Spanish

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Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. In my fanfiction I want to include all of Starkid characters.

Problem is: in Starkid, the line between a side character and an extra is practically invisible, so it was very hard to choose who will not be in The Starkid House, and you may dissagree with my decisions. For example, I excluded The Hatchetfield Bee. I literally have no character to work with. I know many people love her a lot, but Canonically, she is merely a pretty outfit. And please tell me if I did the unforgivable and forgot a Starkid actor. Kudos to Obroden for having some of the best chemistry ever. Bellarke, because, duh.

They are literal soulmates who have defied space and time to find their way back to each other, and I am so, so tired, Jason. Also, I chose this gif because underrated touch af.

Pacey and Joey, because, how could I not ship them? I enjoy slow burns with lots of relationship development, because those are just the best and most compelling relationships. I sometimes think I am admittedly losing interest in these two a bit, but I still love them.

I know that these two are a bit controversial, but I will defend them until the end. They are absolutely precious, and Melissa and Chris have some of the most natural chemistry ever. It makes so much sense that they started dating IRL. Unfortunately, the end of season three ruined the show for me and I will no longer be watching. So, I want to make this clear.

Season two and three redeemed TV show Clace for me, but they are primarily here because I love them so much in the books. These two are so, so underrated! Everlark, because Team Peeta for life. Little did I know. She suspected it happen slowly those little moments of him always being there.

Him going out of his way to make sure she and children were safe. It was him using the fabric softer she liked though he felt it was too feminine. It was him calling when she was traveling away for business. Those moments she ignored too arrogant to see the bigger picture.

Too scared to face reality. He was showing love.

In her own way with similar actions all that time were saying the same.