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Filipina fanfiction rated and for lorelai

Most of them, if not all, are rated M with some T rating in some cases. The list will be expanding as I continue to read and enjoy fanfiction works from the Gilmore Girls universe….

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A little earlier Lorelai is smiling just as affectionately when Luke is ranting about the thrill of the diner business. They are both so adorable, and this really shows how their relationship is filled with affection and tons of inside jokes.

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Password Reset. Update. Rory goes to see Luke when she's staying at her parents in season 6. When Luke has a hard time falling asleep, he ponders the choices he's made in the past until Lorelai lends a hand.

This Alternate Reality story explores what could have happened if Luke had loaned the money for Chilton instead of the Gilmores. What will happen when he runs into roy on the way home?

He wanted her, he wanted this; his happiness lived in her. Shattered glass and overturned cars drive her to dredge up questions she'd long since left behind. Write a story where Rory is intimidated by sex, and someone has to help her get over it.

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