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I liked breast friend sackhoff loves Katee

Since the dawn of the internet, people have been emboldened to make comments they would probably never make in real life. In recent years, people have also been given unprecedented access to celebrities. She took the trolling in stride though, and decided she would try to appeal to the internet in her very own way.

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You might have known the stern Lieutenant Kara in Battlestar Galactica but not the hot actress behind the character. Helens, Oregon. She had a simple childhood and academic life. Sackhoff attended Sunset High School, and inshe finished her program. The truth is that you have the power to seduce ANY woman you want, you're just not speaking the right language. Watch this video from relationship expert Kate Spring.

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Katee Sackhoff: Oh, for sure. I tend to gravitate towards Sci-Fi and fantasy for sure.

You know, I was raised on it. My dad raised me on everything science fiction and a lot of action movies in our household — a ton of action movies. So I grew up wanting to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. KS: I was, and was fighting aliens in my back yard. It was a weird thing.

I was a weird little. KS: I was very much a tomboy.

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We very much played, like, cowboys and Predators laughs. We played JAWS a lot too. KS: Not at all. KS: I think the only pressure that Vin put on himself was just making the fans proud.

DW: I was a bit shocked when I saw you taking a shower in the movie and doing a nude scene. Is that a big deal to you?

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Is it no big deal? KS: laughs It was kind of a big jump only in the sense that I had never done nudity before, so for me it was kind of like I thought about it for a second.

I really did. So it was a good moment. KS: Yeah. And it was only the left one.

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DW: Hand-in-hand with that, at what point does nudity become gratuitous for you? So it actually makes her pause when they go to kill him.

I like to think that you guys still all hang out and play poker with cubits and drink too much like your characters. How often do you see your friends?

No, I see Tricia quite a bit. I see her very, very much, and I see Michael Trucco quite a bit also. Other than that, I talk to Mary McDonnell a lot, and she and I have grand expectations of each other.

You made it to the end of the interview! Create a website or blog at WordPress. Sounds like you were a bit of a tomboy.

DW: There you go — although I felt like I maybe should have paid half price! You should put a very high bounty on them. Like this: Like Loading Search for:.

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