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I am Kasumi for vendor that boutique tradition sex

Those who receive a rating of eighty points or more will receive an additional 50, MGP. Moreover, those who continue to participate in these challenges will gain access to Kasumi's boutique, which contains unique items.

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Final Fantasy 14 offers a great way for players to earn some extra MGP, as well as letting them strut their stuff and making waves in the Eorzean fashion world. The Fashion Report feature is available in the Gold Saucer and offers a unique challenge each and every week.

For everything you need to know about the Fashion Report, where to access it, how to present yourself for judging, and the various rewards — we've got everything covered for you right here as well as how to score points for the current week. Players must be level 15 or above and have ly completed the sidequest "It Could Happen to You. Each week Masked Rose offers a different theme, which changes every Tuesday at a.

Judging begins every Friday at a. PDT and ends when the theme changes.

You can find out the weekly theme and receive clues as to what equipment you should be wearing by speaking to Masked Rose and choosing the "Confirm this week's fashion challenge" option. Players can earn MGP each week for taking part, as well as unlocking awesome items from the Boutique vendor Kasumi for continued participation.

Even if you don't want to score highly, you should still take part each week in whatever you happen to be wearing, as this is a great way to score some extra MGP. The rewards are as follows:. Each Tuesday, Masked Rose will announce the new theme and you can discover the different clues, then the following Friday you can begin to test out which armor works to earn the most points.

There are always four different armor slots that have a clue, and most of the time there is a range of options that will fit the bill. Additionally, you can often get bonus points for the types of dye you use too. Each week, Twitter user Kaiyoko posts the best options to reach points, as well as offering the easiest way to hit 80 points too.

Meg appreciates gaming on all formats but primarily spends her time achievement hunting. Share Share Tweet .

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