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Originally posted by just-purely-insane. Perhaps talk about the early days?

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So, I wrote this fan fiction about Joker and Harley Quinn having a baby together. Also — HQ is the narrator, so remember to read her voice with a heavy Brooklyn accent. Joker and I have been through so darn much.

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Harleen was mad at her. A monster, is what you are. Completed Mature. Really mad at her.

Oh I did it. Just In. He is my patient, what the hell is he doing? Why am I imprisoned? A Joker x OC fanfiction 20 year old Danielle gets thrown into Arkham asylum for the murder of two people from her past. You are the Joker and Harley Quinn's daughter but you never knew until Batman had told you the story when you were older. Joker had died of a disease before you were born. By: Sakebi.

Canon Fandom.

Livraison en point retrait disponible. Community » Comics Harley comes face to face with her past when she visits her former office at Arkham. Harley kept her a secret for the first twelve years of her life. Great job! Dear Miss Quinn. Get noticed by the legion of Doom Check. Browse through and read popular fanfiction harley quinn joker fanfiction stories and books Forum.

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But I don't have to fucking tell them anything. It's so unlikely, the way worst enemies turn to so much more. I push him away. Give me requests! Add to library 77 Discussion But this is one of the most controversial ships you can find in any of the DC universes. They were well-known names throughout Gotham City, either feared, hated or admired by others. Harley : " Guys this is what we've been working towards. He strikes… Neuf. Harley Quinn has come into her own in the past few years. All you need is a little blackmail.

Add to library 67 Discussion 10 Theatre Monologues To wit, one major edit in the film was Harley chasing Joker, essentially forcing him to take her with him.

And Harley Quinn is absolutely not in love with her best friend. I apologize if everything isn't accurate about Joker and Harley, this book is just for fun. Harley x Joker is the best known, if not the most popular, Harley ship out there. Harley starts to observe the joker more and more, even at home. Joker x Harley is one of the most popular ships for both of these characters, but it is also controversial. Umbrella academy- Five ,Diego, Luthor maybe Vanya and allison. Harley came in excited" Holy Shit.

I needed a space where i could share all my Harley crazy without spamming my own feed, so i created thisWelcome NZ Cos-players and Harley Lovers We also have a reading list of several Harley Quinn stories on Wattpad we love. Why am I kissing that freak The Joker? Letting y'all know Harley Quinn is not in this, for those who are Harley Quinn or Joker x Harley fans please don't get mad at me.

Parley Oneshots by river When she came into Gotham, all hell broke loose. There she meets the infamous Joker and there is a Credit for the cover goes to dreamer Her little sister is no longer human, in result of Harley's disappearance. Guy's listen. The Joker, a. Harley Quinn and the Joker are caught by the batman and sent to jail, what happens?

Don't like, don't read!!! Joker Knocks up Harley Quinn. At first he was resistant of being a father. In the source material, Joker never loved Harley, she was just a convenient tool to him, just like anyone else.

Ashton lawton" Completed. Any tw are posted in the beginning of the chapter. Based on your nose recent evil efforts The Legion of Doom invites you and your crew to discuss further possibilities " She Squealed. And your mother Harley Quinn had the death sentence and was shot seconds after you were born. Joker and Harley Quinn: Crazy Fanfiction. J," Harley giggled, staring into his eyes as she reached for his hand across the table.

Provenance : Espagne. The sequel to this book is also published! This can't be so. The movie was heavily edited to lessen the abusive, rapey relationship between Joker and Harley. Harley Quinn once had a sister, a dull, innocent, loving sister. Originally posted on fanfiction. Joker x OC x Harley Quinn They were his queens and he their king and god help anyone who disrespect the queens. Joker x OC x Harley Quinn They were his queens and he their king and god help anyone who disrespects the queens.

Yet she had lost her after she became the Queen of Gotham. Welcome to my first and only fanfiction about Joker and Harley Quinn, the two surprise main characters in this book. They ruled a fair part of the city.

It's been four years since then, now Lucy Quinn sits with her parents atop a throne of blood money. Whether people noticed or not, they caused a lot of havoc in the city. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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