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Such is the power of women's underwear over a man that it will work its magic wherever and whenever he wears it - no matter whether that's in the intimacy of an erotic encounter or in the more mundane surroundings of his office.

Years old I am 50
Ethnicity: I'm swedish
Body type: My figure features is strong
What is my favourite music: Heavy metal
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Most of his interest seems to focus on the panties and pantyhose that I have on under my skirt suits. I wondering if anyone out there has any experience with this or how I should approach him about giving it a try.

Thanks in advance! I would approach it casually one night while you are about to engage in a regular sexual encounter, perhaps using him taking them off you as an opportunity to bring them up, start talking about how they feel on you, ask him if he likes them silly question but guaranteed to get a yesask him how they feel on top of your skin, then if it seems right, ask how they may feel on his skin, and go from there.

I mean I like panties as much as the next guy but if my girl asked me put hers on I would be creeped out lol. Well the thing is that I do know hes curious about the way they would feel to wear because hes asked me what they are like to wear and has shown curiousity about that in other ways through comments, etc. So its not a question of that.

Its more a question of how to approach it with him. Um, I guess you want him to wear them?

Just tell him. No keep your husband a man. You will be glad you did.

If not he will soon be wearing all your clothes and have a new set of friends. Sharing a fantasy and occasional cross-dressing with your partner makes someone not a man?

Will you be okay with this after you guys try it? What happens between you two, happens. You are a married couple, in love and are comfortable enough to discuss this, then by all means, discuss it! Are you kidding? It took forever for me to try to find a line of underwear that I love as much as I do!

If crossdressing turns a man into a woman now, I know a lot of MTF folks that will be pretty excited to hear this news! MacBean — Yes I do fail on this one and I am glad. The details were very disappointing to my plans.

Should i have my husband try my underthings?

You guys should go lingerie shopping together. It will give you a great way to start talking about this. I enjoy my younger boyfriend wearing lingerie. Mostly just hoseriy and panties. He enjoyed me so much in my stockings and wanted me to wear them all the time we fooled around so I put a pair on him. It excited him so much it caused me to get excited and things went from there. He does not wear them all the time but most of the time we are playing around he is in either panties, hose or both. Why Not??

My wife throws her panties at me once in a while. Granted there is nothing sexy about them, but just the feel and idea get me going.

Or a shared panty drawer could be established, you have your dainties seperate from the communal load. Yes you should. Men, like women have been subjected to dehumanizing gender roles that have robed them of much of what a human being is about. Women are told to be pretty, sophisticated, eloquent and sensual and of course denied every thing else. Men are given every thing else BUT we have had our beauty and sensuality and eloquence either ripped away from us or somehow perverted into an ugly macho character of what it would be normally.

What you husband likely wants is a piece of himself that has been cut off by a degenerate system. I gave him one. I think it may enplane why some men cross dress and your metro guys. I would see what panties he pays the most attention to and pull them out one day and just ask him if he would like to try them on.

My wife did to me on our wedding night. I have had my legs shaved and wear panties and pantyhose everyday for last five years. This is very fascinating! The past few months my husband has taken quite an interst in watching me dress for work. I too am a professional and I wear nylon stockings because I love the feel and the sexy feeling I get for my own ego.

After five years, my husband finally revealed his fetish

One day as I was getting ready and he was sitting on the bed watching and having light conversation. As I was putting my panties and Garterbelt and stockings I know there is a particular pair he loves. He has since confessed to me he wants to wear my stockings and wants to wear heels and bras. I am still trying to get a grip on this when just a few days ago while having a very hot sex night, he whispered to me that he would enjoy seeing me have sex with other men!

I am still reeling over this. However he has been wearing both lingerie and skirts and tops and I get turned on by this!

Dear mary: now that we are empty nesters, my husband wants to wear women’s panties during sex

It causes no harm to anyone and frankly I support him in this endeavor! I love wearing panties and lingerie. I have about one hundred pairs of panties and twelve nightgowns in all different colors. I love the feel of them. They are so soft and comfy. A lot of women know that I wear lingerie. I do not have a wife, but I would love to share my panty wearing with a woman. This might be a fantasy of yours and or maybe his too, I would say you should definitely bring it up to him. Here's the deal. My wife and I were going out for dinner.

She came into the bathroom smiling with my clothes in one hand and a sexy pair of panties in the other hand. She said "here, try these," and handed me the clothes, panties first. She smiled and walked out. I put them right on! That's how it started.

She's not worried, and neither am I. She liked them and said I had a cute butt lol. And I like them. This question is in the General Section. Responses must be helpful and on-topic. Toyou must be at least 13 years old and agree to the terms and conditions. General Question. Should I have my husband try my underthings?

Husband wearing women's underwear

Add Topic 7, questions people. Add Topic 1, questions people. Observing members: 0 Composing members: 0. Response moderated. Your hubby will still be a man even if he enjoys your clothes. Bagardbilla — very funny! Only you and your husband can truly decide this, we can just throw out opinions. I like it…. Heidikf —Go for it. We want pictures.

Likeradar — Just call me old fashioned. Tomato, tomahto. Likeradar — :-. Why does anyone like anything? Because they do. Rarebear but of course! or to answer. We had trouble talking to the server. Please try again.

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