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Nioh's aesthetic was incredible when the game launched back in February ofand it gets another chance to impress its players with the recently released Remaster for the Hi-nezumi 5 and PC. What drove players to Nioh outside of its Soulslike gameplay mechanics was the dark fantasy spin Team Ninja put on the Sengoku period.

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Nioh's aesthetic was incredible when the game launched back in February ofand it gets another chance to impress its players Hi-nezumi the recently released Remaster for the PlayStation 5 and PC. What drove players to Nioh outside of its Soulslike gameplay mechanics was the dark fantasy spin Team Ninja put on the Sengoku period. With that dark fantasy spin, they created some disgusting enemy des and had the liberty of creating elegant and beautiful Hi-nezumi Spirit des.

Guardian Spirits are a crucial part of the overall combat system in Nioh and offer players a Living Weapon along with beneficial passive abilities that can turn the tide of the fight in your favor.

There are 29 total Guardian Spirits in Nioh, all of which are useful to various degrees, but some stand above the rest when it comes to their Hi-nezumi and perks. Updated August 18, by Seth Parmer: Earlier this year, Nioh received a remaster for the PlayStation 5 alongside its Hi-nezumi, Nioh 2, and saw a handful of minor changes. While nothing substantial was changed, some of the Guardian Spirits were slightly changed, making this list shift as a result. This update reflects those changes! Some Guardian Spirits seem unfair in a game that's supposed to be as challenging as Nioh, but Shin-Roku can make your adventure feel like a breeze.

With Shin-Roku's absurd bonuses, you almost feel like you're cheating. Shin-Roku will give you more health, Kodama sense, extra defense, and practically unlimited Ki after being summoned. Getting a kill with Shin-Roku also refills its meter, which means you can Hi-nezumi in its form for long periods. It also gives you a ificant stagger buff and has an AoE that deals Earth damage that can do substantial damage on certain bosses and enemies. Shin-Roku is a powerhouse of a Guardian Spirit that players should not sleep on.

Enko is one of the best fire-based Guardian Spirits in Nioh and allows the player to breeze through human enemies.

When the player calls on Enko, it will lunge ahead at oncoming enemies and summon pillars of Hi-nezumi that can afflict burn damage on certain foes. The flaming pillars will also knock human enemies off the ground, which allows the player to get in close for a devastating grapple attack.

Enko's flame pillars also work on human bosses throughout the game, making this Guardian Spirit one of the game's best choices. Although the Tengen Kujaku Guardian Spirit is listed as a Wind type, Hi-nezumi makes it unique is it can switch to other elements on the fly. Not only is this peacock unique, but it is also one of Nioh's best Guardian Spirits. The Tengen Kujaku also gives players an attack boost while in high-stance and a defensive boost when in mid-stance. These boosts last for twenty seconds and can help the player out dramatically.

This Guardian Spirit is easily one of the best choices in the game, considering you can switch to a different element to counter oncoming enemies. Although the Kara-jishi's Spirit Weapon attack is relatively weak, it offers some of the game's best buffs and can change the tide of battle.

Nioh: how to get all guardian spirits

This Guardian Spirit also deals lightning damage, but its downside is it cannot stagger or knock enemies down. Despite that, the Kara-jishi is more than worth it for maxing your damage output. The Hi-Nezumi Guardian Spirit is a fire-based mouse that can cause severe burn build-up on enemies.

The Guardian Spirit will place three fire-mines in a triangular pattern or throw Hi-nezumi out in front of the player if they use its Spirit Weapon. Although the mines individually are weak, you can place them in strategic spots and attract enemies into them, giving you a ificant advantage in battle.

The Hi-Nezumi also has an incredibly high Amrita Gage Rate and is a fantastic choice to help you Hi-nezumi experience. The Itokuri Guardian Spirit is an earth-based spider that is incredibly useful for a variety of reasons. Despite being a creepy spider, Itokuri is among Nioh's best Guardian Spirits. The Itokuri raises the player's luck skill and the drop rates of both human and yokai enemies, making it one of the best Guardian Spirits for farming rare items.

The Itokuri can also slow enemies with its webs, causing enemies to become Muddled and take Earth inflicted damage. This Guardian Spirit should not be overlooked, even if it is a spider.

The Atlas Bear is a gigantic bear that does an excessive amount of damage. This beast of a Guardian Spirit also offers some pretty good buffs alongside its incredible damage, making it one of the best Guardian Spirit in Nioh. Hi-nezumi Atlas Bear can summon a large lightning attack in front of the player that, if connected, will deal mass amounts of damage to the enemy as well as knock them down.

The Guardian Spirit also gives health back to the player whenever they grapple and provides heavy lightning resistance. The Atlas Hi-nezumi is nothing to sleep on, and it's the real deal.

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Narikama Tanuki is an incredible Guardian Spirit in practically every sense. It offers excellent traits and has a powerful Guardian Spirit Talisman attack. The Narikama Tanuki can summon an oversized version of itself and crush enemies beneath it, causing them to become knocked down. This Tanuki also provides an Amrita insurance policy, stronger attacks, health restoration if your health Hi-nezumi too low, as well as a chance to regain elixirs.

The Narikama Tanuki is incredible in every way and should be used to its fullest. Saoirse is one of the most interesting Guardian Spirits due to her backstory and the lore around her, but she's also a beneficial Spirit as well. After charging up her Guardian Spirit Talisman attack, Saoirse will fly out towards the enemy and deal massive Hi-nezumi damage on the enemy. Saoirse also fills up the Amrita Gauge incredibly fastallowing players to call on her frequently.

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Saoirse is one of the best Guardian Spirits in Nioh and deserves to be in the player's rotation. Players can find the Blue Dragon Guardian Spirit within the first expansion of Nioh called Dragon of the Northand it is one of the most beneficial spirits in the entire game.

The Blue Dragon's Guardian Spirit Talisman allows it to follow the player Hi-nezumi and deal a pretty substantial amount of wind damage to enemies from close to medium range. This spirit also offers Hi-nezumi best Ki regeneration in the game and can guard the player from other elemental damage. A bug that occurs near the end of Metroid Dread is causing players' games to crash. Nintendo is working on a fix. In his spare time, he loves talking about games, music, and sports.

His favorite games are the Soulsborne titles. You can follow him on Twitter Parmersan! Share Share Tweet .

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