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South woman look up guy especially sex girdle

Slips and Girdles Category: Fetish. Total 2 votes. It was in that I originally developed a life long affinity for silk.

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I had been playing with my cock for quite a long time but when I eventually released sperm for the firt time, it was well worth the wait. A day I will never forget! In Up. My Guilt. I would like to start by confessing guilt I have been feeling due to some of my actions recently. I am a 37 year old woman who has been happily married for 12 years with two beautiful .

My age 45
What is my ethnicity: I was born in Kenya
Sexual identity: I love gentleman
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got lustrous hazel green eyes
My gender: Girl
What is my favourite drink: Champagne
Favourite music: Reggae
Smoker: No

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After a few months of working for Heather, the Fantasy Fuck Store owner, she approached me with a new offer. This posed a dilemma for me.

Second, it can ages to find out what turns them on especially if they are story to begin with. What about when they call I ask a few questions before the fitting date is set up? Tell me what you want to know. How can we ask them what turns them on or what they would like to try? You know Heather; it has worked for me very well in the past. I find that every mature woman thinks them not lovely, beautiful. So it was agreed, and in three weeks Heather had bought me a high end 35mm digital camera, a girdle light system and given me short course in measuring.

I was all set. Notes for phone call — sex she is shy until knows people, goes to bingo, social club and drinks with girlfriends, misses her husband but feels guilty of meeting other men — although interested in exploring how best to improve confidence in doing so. Reluctantly agreed to participate in catalogue but stipulated she has final vetting.

Under ware current - All in one girdle - old fashioned.

Willing to try newer type girdles — open to suggestions. This was new — and a challenge. One thing I do know is that every woman responds well to praise, flirting, and — and a helping hand. Once in, of course Cecily made coffee and we sat down side by side on her well upholstered sofa.

As she twittered on in a nervous way, I really looked at her. At 67 she was only seven years older than me. Her chubby round face had only a few wrinkles and it was what I call welcoming. sociální síť pro dospělé

She obviously cared about herself, proven by the makeup and hair style — a short cropped bob. And I noticed she wore a nice tight fitted dress, very flared and finished just below her knees. Opening my case, I laid out a brand new see through gusset less spandex all in one body shaper. Look at me? Just as I thought, a lovely BBW woman literally encased in a beige all in one, with old suspenders and stockings that looked like 50 denier. Boring, boring, and boring.

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Strange, that her under ware was so old fashioned compared to the lovely dress and make up on the outside. Mind you, the ancient hook and eye gusset did nothing to prevent her extremely hairy bush from sprouting out. I then started to measure her.

First her lovely tits — a generous 34 dd. Will you open your legs for me? Kneeling down, with my eyeballs a few inches from her bushy cunt, I ran the tape around nearest to her gusset, gently brushing her largish vulva and pubes. Go, upstairs, take it off and come back with just yourself under a housecoat.

Girdle story

Ten minutes later, she was back. With a slight hesitant look, she took off her housecoat and tried to hide her tits and fanny. You are a very pretty voluptuous woman, who would turn any man on. You have everything to be proud of. Look your boobs are a lovely size and, I must admit personally what is turning me on is your very hairy, and may I be as bold to say, fat protruding vagina.

Parting my legs, I fingered my hard cock.

He banned me from ever shaving down there. With that I could see all her inhibitions draining away.

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But before, the warm up measuring. With her standing stark naked, I started on her tits, drifting the tape around her nipples. Now why is that? I estimated an increase to 36D.

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Placing the enhancer in her hands, she looked shocked. Stepping into and rolling it up and over her tits, Cecily looked magnifcent. She actually gave me twirl. I am ready for the camera, Ken! Cecily was a very accommodating model. After the shots for the catalogue, we had another coffee and reviewed the pics for her approval, which she gave willingly.

Would you show me what turned him on about it. So you sit where you are and I will sit over there. And tell me what you want me to do. I am happy for you to lead. Wearing just the see through body shaper, Cecily sat on chair just a few feet opposite me and demurely crossed her lovely fat thighs.

‘girdle’ stories

Sliding down the chair, she started fingering it, and boy it looked juicy. Taking off trousers and pants with my straining cock standing to attention I went over kneeled down and started tonguing her fat clit. I could feel more and more of her juice as I buried my head into her fat crotch. She orgasmed almost immediately and lifting my head up, buried her tongue passionately into my mouth.

It was over very quick, I was turned on so much, my cumming was very quick, but I was still hard. Is that hairy too? Her arse crack being well lubricated with cunt juice, made rubbing my knob end over it feel really good. Slowly, I pushed it in. On that I shoved my fat 7 inches right in and continued to ride her until cumming buckets. We needed a good rest but not before she asked me wash her as my sperm dribbled down her thighs.

Look at my lovely hairy cunt. Holding my hand she led me upstairs to the bathroom and sat down on the bidet. With legs splayed wide I proceeded to soap and wash her hairy cunt and arse thoroughly.

Girdle lover part i - sex stories

She returned the favour soaping and rinsing off my cock. As I was leaving 3 hours later, Cecily remarked that the store had turned her sex life around and for the first time in many years, made her feel more confident and better about herself. The Fantasy Fuck Store - part 2 —lovely mature ladies want a man for private girdle fittings. The store starts new home visit girdle fitting service. And the lovely BBW hairy mature ladies only want a man to measure them After a few months of working for Heather, the Fantasy Fuck Store owner, she approached me with a new offer.

First client. Now I can wear lovely knickers again. The end.

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Girdle lover part i

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