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Roommate story looking sex boy for Gay

This story from kewtieboy has been read 1 2 8 5 8 3 times. Drunk roommate Written by kewtieboyongenre gay In my freshman year in college I shared a dorm room with my high school buddy Chris.

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I had just got back from work on a Friday. Brandon was already back at our apartment. He hugged me once I walked in.

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My roomate was in his room sitting on his bed with his laptop propped on his knees in his black biker style briefs that came midway down his thigh.

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His smooth haired fox terrier Spot aka Sir Shitsalot was stretched out beside him. I passed by his door way and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw him absent mindedly reach down and scratch his balls and cock. I couldn't help it He has thick muscular upper legs that are rock hard and huge calves that are covered with dark silky hair. He grew up in a very high altitude country and as a result he has a huge chest with big nipples and covered with silky dark fur.

He has dark curly hair which was right now cut into a military brush cut, a square jaw, dark eyes that were squinty like Patrick Swayze the movie star and the full lips of a greek statue. From outside of his door I could see that from scratching himself the pouch of his his briefs were slightly open.

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I could just see a portion of his long scrotum and a part of the head of his uncut dick. I felt my own member start to swell in response. He didn't see me because His head was behind the lap top screen. Since I was fourteen I had question my sexuality as I would get a hard-on when I skinney-dipped with my friends. When I was in high school, I befriended a guy who was in soccer with me who was openly gay.

One day he showed me what gay men do.

He and I lived in the same sex. Can't say we became "friends" but we knew each other -- both single guys. I must say Tad always caught my eye -- he was tall, story blue eyes with blonde hair, on the thin side, but looked very strong. Very Scandinavian looking. We passed in the halls -- sometimes saw each other in the communal showers. I grew up roommate a town located in southeast Texas in an area known as "The Golden Triangle".

The area is mostly chemical refineries and very good looking men. I am 19yo at the time and very normal and did not consider myself to be that good looking with a low self-esteem. I was and still am 6'1" with brown hair and eyes, lbs thenand round butt. I will always remember that conversation. I'm not a foot fetish person but Yohann has beautiful feet. They look like feet Michelangelo would sculpt. They are strong and square shaped with smooth skin and nails. My cock swelled even more as he reached down once more to adjust himself and more of his balls and cock came into view. I felt a little guilty as I stared at this very hot man who at the moment was oblivious of my watching him and I forced Gay to move away from his door.

I couldn't get the image of him out of my mind and my own cock was starting to hurt and throb thinking about what I had just seen. Physically he and I were very different. I have the dark almost hairless skin of my mixed heritage of African-American, Amerind, Irish-German Jewish ancestors. I'm not as tall as he is. I'm 5'9" to his almost 6 feet but I weigh slightly more.

From my years of working out I have muscular arms and muscular pecks and a 7 inch cock that thats 5 inches around in girth. Its thickest right behind the rim of the helmet shaped head and tapers down at the base. My best feature is my ass. I have a thick bubble butt ass.

I walked into the laundry room and Searched for a pair of his shorts and I sex it to my story and sniffed deeply taking in what I could of his scent. There wasn't much as he baths religiously to my disappointment and mostly he always smells like soap. I rubbed his shorts over my hardened cock and thought about what his cock would look like when it was hard. I walked back into his room and went through the door. That in itself wasn't that unusual. We were both in and out of each others room all the time during the course of the day.

Gay get to the laundry room he had to go through my room and to get to the utility closet I had to go through his room. Since I usually did the laundry for both of us it was not a big deal for me to walk in when his door was open to pick up laundry from his bathroom or to take dishes to the dishwasher. So it took a moment for him to realize that I was staring at his cock.

When he did his eyes smoldered for a moment in calculation and then he ignored me except that he spread his legs further apart and his own cock begin immediately to swell. I stuttered something about getting the laundry but roommate eyes knowingly mocked me as he said nothing but made no attempt to hide his burgeoning member as it thickened inside of his shorts and the head begin to noticeably climb up his abdomen and stretch to the top of his briefs.

I watched myself reach to his legs and run down the the silky hair. He still didn't say anything but just looked at me with absolutely no expression on his face. I slid my hand haltingly to his crotch and then squeezed the black material and felt him throb under my hand.

I reached through his underwear opening and pulled out the cock I had so wanted to see. It was steely hard and the foreskin was fully retracted. I couldn't look at him as I did this forbidden thing.

I pulled the foreskin back over the head which had begin to ooze precum. I rubbed my thumb across his cock head and watched a long stream of precum attach to my finger.

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He finally moved his laptop to the side and covered the hand that was holding his cock with his own hand and forced my hand to stroke his cock. His dog looked at us suspiciously and jumped down from the bed to crawl under it. I stroked his cock and watched his big balls start to move under his scrotum.

I didn't know what he would think of me if I sucked his cock but I wanted to so badly.

I knew this cock had sired and liked fucking women but I still wanted to taste it. He still hadn't said anythinghis eyes were unreadable as he watched me. He knew what I wanted and he was content to wait. I lay down on the bed so I could look at his uncut cock up close.

I love uncut cocks. They look savagely untamed and even soft they reek of pure raw sex. They aren't politically correct and are brutally uncivilized and I am fascinated by them. I was fascinated by his and still not looking at him I put his in my mouth. I heard him sigh contentedly and embolded by that I slid my mouth over his head and down his veiny shaft while I cupped and squeezed his big plum sized balls gently in my hands.

He arched his hips slightly to force more of his cock into my throat and I let him. I tried not to gag as I felt his cock hit the back of my throat and slide past my protesting vocal cords. I swirled my tongue around his embedded shaft and tasted the flavor of his home brewed precum. I felt his hand come to rest on my head and he massaged his fingers through my hair.

He didn't push but let me set my own tempo in sucking his cock. I went down on him until his balls were resting on my lips and I stuck my tongue out and swiped both of his squirming balls with my wet velvety tongue and I heard another sigh come from him and he hissed "oh yeah suck my balls" in that sexy accent of his. I got up on my hands and knees and starting sucking his cock in earnest until he pulled me off and told me he wanted it to last.

His eyes were closed now and he looked so beautiful laying there that I leaned across him and kissed him on the lips. For a second he resisted then he opened his mouth and forced his tongue into my mouth.

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I kissed him again. When he didn't resist I took off his t-shirt and lay back story on top of him and started to suck on his quarter sized nipples. I licked my into his arm pits and when he realized what I was up to accommodated me by raising his arms over his head. I sniffed deeply and felt my cock harden even more as I took in the heady scent of his personal musk. I kissed him again and then slid my tongue down his torso and back to the base of his cock. I was licking his balls again when he took the head of his cock and pushed the head through my lips and guided his cock back down my throat.

I sucked him until he was telling me to stop but I was so turned on and I wanted his cock juice so bad that I grabbed his hands and forced them down while I pistoned his cock in my mouth until I could feel his cock expand in my throat. He spat out oh "Yeah suck my cock you cocksucker" then gasped as his cock spat out a load of salty semen. To my amazement his cock stayed hard and I encouraged that by lifting his legs onto my shoulder and burying my face in his hairy bung hole. I drove my tongue in as deep as I could get it and felt his sphincter give way to the relentless probing it was getting from sex ravening tongue.

This stud who had fathered children was letting me eat his ass and I was loving it. I didn't know if I would ever get another chance or Gay whether he might kick me out after he had the chance to think about what had happened with his cock roommate roomate.

I could almost guarantee that none of his women had ever licked his hairy hole and I knew that I was a very talented ass licker.

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I wasn't surprised when he pulled his legs further apart to grant me deeper access to that musky gold mind. I turned him over on his stomach and plunged back Gay his hairy bum licking him until he was arching his studly butt back to meet my marauding tongue. My cock was achingly hard and demanded relief and I grabbed blindly for the lotion my roomate usually kept on his night stand and I poured it roommate my hand and coated my cock with it while I was still feeding now desperately horny ass with my tongue.

I didn't want to give him the chance to think about what was happening so wasted no time in climbing on top of his writhing body To distract him I slid my tongue into his ear and bit the back of his neck and stealthily slid the head of my cock into his anus. His body stilled for a second and I was afraid he would throw me off but I wanted in too badly and I clamped my knees around his legs and slid my arms under his shoulders and around his chest so he couldn't move away and I raped him.

I battered my way through his tight puckered hole and then slowly slid my cock as story inside his steaming sweaty man hole as deep as I could get. I held my cock there until Sex could feel his body relaxed.