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Borderlands 3 's latest DLC titled Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright and Hammerlock has two moving parts: the aforementioned marriage, as well as the relationship between Gaige and Deathtrap, and the Lovecraftian mechanics. It has been years, literally, since players saw Gaige the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2with 7 years also passing in game and the real word as far as the release date is concerned. This means that she's no longer a teenager but a young adult, and when players meet her in the DLC, it's fitting.

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Gaige is more than just a high-schooler from the planet Eden-5 with a talent for building epic and loyal robots.

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Buiid 1: the lazy build

Print Friendly. Gaige is a technological genius who has taken several levels in the Mad Scientist prestige class. Her specialities are robotics, cybernetics, and high energy shields and weapon systems. Despite her youth she has already developed an arsenal of inventions. And they all have clear combat applications — making Gaige a one-girl fighting force. It is an over-under or side-by-side shotgun of a very robust make favouring sheer power. But then it can be hinged open and reloaded very quickly. This is a close-quarter weapon with a low effective range, due to the video game-style buckshot dispersion.

Her backup gun is usually a Torgue brand assault rifle. These shoot gyrojet projectiles — heavy, relatively slow micro-rockets with mediocre ballistics but packed with explosives. In her hands it has but a marginally longer range than her shotgun due to lack of accuracy.

But it gives her two different ammunition pools to draw from and digistruct. Special-purpose ordnance will include big-arse grenades and a rocket launcher for those situations were lots of indiscriminate damage are needed right now. Deathtrap is legless humanoid. It floats off the ground, and can move around very quickly and make big leaps to reach its targets.

Deathrap is well-armoured, and can generate large energy claws from its hands. If it cannot melee a target usually because it is flyingDTP will fire its lightning projector instead. The attack is less powerful but it practically never misses. Gaige is working on allowing Deathtrap to throw the horns and presumably headbang.

Up the irons! Gaige is from the planet Eden 5. Her father or perhaps both her parents was an inventor, and Gaige turned out to be a prodigy at engineering. Even as a teen, she could invent, program and build an artificially intelligent robot with much more firepower than common commercial robots.

And skull decals. With the encouragements of her ridiculously supportive dad, Gaige entered a planetwide school science fair competition. She brought both her combat tech prototypes and a brand new project, a sort of bodyguard robot to deter bullies.

Very excited about her robot project, Gaige hacked off her own left arm to replace it with a cyber-arm she built. Her archrival Marcie entered the competition. Though she was ificantly less gifted she was much, much richer than Gaige. Gaige went ballistic. She rebuilt her bully deterrence robot into a death machine she called Deathtrap. Presumably because of her mad scientist instincts. Gaige was quite successful during the fair, and the most likely winner.


However, she was given but a measly third place. According to Gaige, Marcie had bought the judges panel. The nearby Deathtrap robot intervened based on his anti-bully programming — but using the newly-installed weapons.

Gaige was arrested for the manslaughter and resultant chaos. She would obviously have the book thrown at her for killing the child of a highly-placed corporate executive. Her only chance was in escaping, and her father arranged for a diversion that allowed Gaige to flee Eden 5.

Gaige the mechromancer

The big news in the tech world were the eridium mines that Hyperion had established on the planet Pandora. So, whatever. Pandora was also known for its lack of corporate authority. It was generally lawless and in-between Atlas Corporation and Hyperion Corporation control. On one hand, the eridium rush on Pandora, and the erroneous rumours that a new vault full of alien technology had been found, attracted many other adventurers. This helped Gaige avoid detection after she landed. On the cyber-hand, Hyperion was determined to destroy anything interfering with its efforts. With her keen interest in eridium tech, Gaige ended up being on the list.

Hyperion forces killed the bulk of wannabe Vault Hunters without much of a problem. But a half-dozen hardarses proved way harder to kill — including Gaige.

To get rid of those, Handsome Jack set up a devious trap. He lured them aboard a train which then exploded in the glacial Windshear Wastes. But Handsome Jack had other plans — not to mention a pony made of diamonds. Gaige runs around in what was apparently her school uniform. It includes a red T-shirt and red skirt, with a fitted leather jacket thrown on top plus tights with big horizontal stripes. She wears shorts underneath, obvs.

Gaige and deathtrap: till death do we part

With modern technology, she can easily change the colour of her eyes, hair and clothing to whatever looks more metal. Gaige speaks with a nasal, high-pitched, rapid, highly excitable voice. She sounds more or less like a mouse on cocaine.

But in an adorable — if deranged — way. She is voiced by Cherami Leigh. ESL speakers, please note that she talks real quickly.

Where has gaige been?

A mad scientist well, engineer who happens to be a teenage girl. Gaige is very proud of her tech, and consummately irresponsible and unreasonable in how she uses it. Like most characters in the setting, she is unempathic, her sanity is frayed, and she considers violence and slaughter to be more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.

Gaige is enthusiastic and very excitable.


She speaks like a typical nerd on the Internet. Sharing Related articles on Writeups. Tell me more about the game stats. Bonuses and Limitations: Dimensional Travel only for Travel, and represents digistruction. Background Real Name: Gaige last name unrevealed. Marital Status: Single minor. Known Relatives: Parents names unrevealed.

Group Affiliation: Crimson Raiders. Base Of Operations: Sanctuary.

Age: Gaige is supposedly Yeah, right. Eyes: Green Hair: Red. Related articles on Writeups. Connections: Crimson Raiders Low.