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I seeking Futa who loves story sex

Comments are very welcome. One in a hundred million odds. Those words echoed over and over through my head as I slouched into my bedroom.

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Things like male-bashing, intolerance to non-smart people, stereotyping. No sex in this chapter. Futanari are women who were born with both sets of genitals, a penis and a vagina. In the mid twenty-first century, women began to be born with this genetic disorder. Their semen had the same effect as a man's semen, and could impregnate both women and futanari.

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From her teenage years Melissa was, to say least, over-sexed. In Futa of a strict religious upbringing, the genie was let out of the box when she was raped at the tender age of eighteen by an uncle. Far from being damaged by the story, she found that she absolutely loved the rough sex and being used as a slut.

Within two months she had fucked four more boys. Her life thereafter went through regular phases. For some months she would be the impregnation slut, fucking anybody and everybody, loving been dominated by boys or men, replaying the rape scene.

And then the religious side would surface, she would repent and immerse herself in church activities until the next phase of nymphomania. The amazing thing, perhaps, was that she was nearly 18 before falling pregnant. One of her lovers at the time was a year old youth worker at the church.

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They were forced into marriage, but her new husband deserted her before daughter Hollie was born. As a single mom, she stayed for a while with her parents, but found this stifling.

But the nymphomaniac phases soon started again. ». I slammed the door in disgust and flopped down on my bed. Why Why Why does this always happen to me? Am I unattractive? Is my personality so horrible that no one can love me?

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What went wrong? I turned my head and spied a picture of us on my nightstand. In a fit of rage I reached out and grabbed it, then twisted over and sent it sailing across the room. Then rolling back over I buried my head in my pillow and screamed at the top of my lungs. My muffled protest against my unfortunate life hopefully being less noticed by nosey neighbors this way. Not that it likely mattered much after my outburst. After a few more minutes of protest I started to gather myself.

Life must go on I figured, whether with someone or alone. The day over now and with darkness already here it was time to unwind, and I was admittedly very wound up still. To make matters worse I had a terrible knot in my shoulders which was making them ache like crazy.

He chooses to reincarnate in a fantasy world as a voluptuous futanari succubus with big tits and an irresistible smile.

Beatrice popped open her information and checked the one stat that was recovering in points. Was it the powerful poison of Ararachni combined with near-death experience? At first, their fantasies revolved around submitting themselves to monsters for impregnation. I suppose it was only a matter of time before they had to take care of their sexual frustrations with each other.

The girls got only more excited and continued exchanging sloppy kisses. She watched how the futanari slid her gentle hand up and down the veins of a hot, thick, pulsating cock. How could she cum so much without them? Truly a being of legends!

What is that liquid leaking from her? I have no right! Do I even dare touch her cock? Do I dare to interrupt her? No, I have to! It is my job to satisfy the cock of our Savior! The High Priest himself ordered me to do so! I can do it!

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I can! For my little sister! A feral kitsune slyly convinces a dragoness that he is the best choice to sate her breeding needs, her first season upon the adult as she desperately seeks relief….

As always, I am open for commissions starting at 30 GBP per 1, words — please e-mail arianmabe[at]gmail. The black dragoness stretched out by the lakeside, mountains rising behind, although they were glad in a summer garb of green, the mountainous area lush and prosperous. It would only be so for a few months, if even that, however, devolving back to a barren wasteland once the warmest months. But a dragon was built to more than simply survive the elements, her black scales strong, though Avina was nothing special, not when it came to dragons.

Long spines lined her back and the tips of her wings, making Avina appear a little more dangerous than she was, fifteen-foot in length, including her long neck and tail respectively. Her wings with their large, leathery flaps of hide, were most usually kept folded in against her back, for she did not often take to the wing, preferring to dwell down near the lakes and, if venturing from her home to the coast, the wider, meandering rivers that took a slower course to the ocean.

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There was plenty of fish in them, most often the salmon, for her to eat, and the taste of fish rather than mammalian flesh had seemed more pleasing on her tongue in her younger days. Virgil had been busying himself familarizing himself with the modern world. New technologies like the internet made it easy for him do so. It also helped him plan his next moves.

Maria, the desperate woman who had summoned him was currently undergoing preparations to become his concubine. As he approached he could hear her moans echoing down the hallway.

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The fiend entered to find her bound and suspended by sinuous shadows that coalesced around her arms and legs. A replica of his cock formed from shadow plunged rhythmicly into her cunt while shadow fingers vibrated on her clit.

Bucking against her restraints her body tensed as she squirted, spraying the room with her juces. Her body went limp. She hung there panting. Trying to recover from the blissful torment. Virgil walked over to Maria while his hands completed a somatic gesture.

The shadows then lowered her to the floor and forced her to her knees.

She looked pleasingly up to her captor while opening her mouth to speak. I wrote it because I do my best thinking through reflective writing.

I shared it because I value sharing the human experience in all of its unique forms. Sure, for the first 15 weeks the weirdest things could nauseate me to the point of running for the nearest trash can at any time of day. And of course there were aches and pains that made some days pretty hard to get through…. I was a goddess of creation! I was participating in the most ancient act of maternal instinct. I had ed a sacred club. Someone that I was already so fucking in love with. Maria found the book in an old used book store.

She had always been interested in the occult, and now that she was in college she had begun to search in earnest. Her friend, Becky, had always warned her against it. It was something satanic. Not what good Christians should do. Maria had never been as socially graceful. Even now in college she found she was being bullied and worse.

The magic was something to give her the power to get revenge on the girls who tormented her, and enchant the boys she lusted after. On this day she was looking through the shelves of dusty tomes of an old bookstore. Strangely she felt herself compelled deep into the store.

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Inside she found leather-bound tome dicarded under piles of old moldering books. In truth was.

The locked inside was a malevolent spirit that had waited a long time for a suitable catalyist. Her young, beautiful body would do nicely.

A feral kitsune slyly convinces a dragoness that he is the best choice to sate her breeding needs, her first season upon the adult as she desperately seeks relief… — As always, I am open for commissions starting at 30 GBP per 1, words — please e-mail arianmabe[at]gmail.

So bad. I loved being pregnant.