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This first chapter isn't very long, as it is more of a test run, but if people react frozen to it ill make sure to make chapter 2 longer and more sex-oriented. It had been months since Anna had knocked on Elsa's door once again asking her to let her be a part of her life, and once again, their was no answer. Elsa was going to become Queen in a few months, but Anna was going insane with the stress of her losing her parents, and just being locked sex in the castle with no one to talk to or play with. Anna knew she had to do story to get out even if it was for a day, but she knew Elsa was going to be of no use, so she decided to take matters into her own hands, and go talk to the head security guard who was a real pain in the ass, but knew that was a good thing since he was just always doing his job.

Restless - mature warning - sexual content

After all, protecting the future queen is a huge responsibility. Anna waited until it was dark, as she didn't want anyone else except for the head guard to know what she was up to, and he was the only one in his deated area at the moment, which was in a small room not too close or too far from the front door leading its way to the gates.

Anna walked up towards him, and didn't exactly know what she was going to say, but decided she would just wing it. She could tell he considered her already a bother by his gesture of rolling his eyes knowing she was going to ask him some type of dumb question.

The guard completely ignored her, not subjecting himself to even respond to such an absurd question. The guard once again ignored her request. Anna put her head down and began walking the other way, and as she did so the guard stared her down as he had done to both sisters many times, and decided maybe this could work out in his favor too. Anna turned out happily, smiling from ear to ear, ready to finally step out on the other side of the gate. How does that sound?

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Anna couldn't believe what she just heard, and had no idea how to respond. It gets lonely in here protecting you two all the time, no social life. Think of this as a way to say thank you, and also give you the benefit of going outside of the walls and seeing the world. Don't you want to see things you never have even imagined? Anna began to turn around and walk away which brought much disappointment to the guard, until she stopped in her place, which made the guard feel a little bit of hope, wishing she would come to her senses.

Disney princesses lust pt 2- frozen.(elsa and anna) - sex stories

That's exactly what happened, because she turned back around to face him and started heading back in his direction. He took a seat just like he said he would, and Anna walked over a few feet in front of him, and took a long look sex the door thinking to herself if this was what she really wanted to do, if it was worth it to her or frozen.

She decided it was, and she slowly dressed down to her bra and stories, much to the guard's delight. He nodded at her as if to al to keep going, and she removed her bra and panties and now stood there in front of the guard completely naked and hands to the side. The guard began to stroke is very hard cock through his pants. Elsa rolled her eyes, and slowly turned around for the guard to see her nice little round ass much to the guard's delight.

Anna got on her hands and knees, and began crawling over to the guard looking at him in his eyes with hatred over what he was making her do just so she didn't have to feel like a prisoner anymore, though now she felt like one more than ever before. He pulled out his massive cock as she was almost all the way over, and she gasped when she saw it, as she had never seen one before. Anna didn't know what to say or how to respond for not just the size of his cock, but the way she was being talked to and treated.

Disney princesses lust pt 1- frozen.(elsa and anna) - sex stories

He grabbed her hands and placed them on his cock, and began stroking it with her hands before letting go, as Anna now did the motion on her own. Anna began to lick the sides of his cock, and sucked down on it nice and slow as this was her first time having one inside of her mouth, as it went in and out of her mouth, she remembered his final request and said, "I like it so much.

He couldn't get over the shape and roundness of her little ass, as he grabbed it firmly as she continued to go down easy on his massiveness. He began to get way too excited thinking of everything going on at this moment, and realized that he was going to cum very soon, and he did just that as he came all over her perky little tits. Anna wasn't quite sure how to respond to all this, but was just happy that she was finally going to be able to get out of the castle.

The guard kept his word and allowed her to finally and secretly step out of the gate, but It wasn't going to be quite the dream that Anna had been dreaming of all along, her first night outside of the castle. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams.

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Disney princesses lust pt 2- frozen.(elsa and anna)

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