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Chested girl Flat guy to hardcore

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My boobs are practically non-existent. Yesterday, I felt like going for a run. So, I ran topless. It was weirdly freeing. Source: reddit.

Sounds very freeing. I hope your not insecure about your tiny boobs because I for one love small boobs on women! Anyways, does it feel ticklish sometime during that run? Thats cool!

Ive always wanted to go for a naked run, but then I remember I hate running without a game element to distract me. Enjoy your newfound freedom!

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I never wear a bra. I love being topless. Feels sooo gooood. I have a tiny bit more boobs, but just enough to be sure im a girl with oestrogen and girl bits, so when i go topless its a little more observed. I prefer content like this instead of the obviously made-up stuff on this sub. Thanks for sharing! Good job. I dont know y women can go top less like men.

Its just because shape is slightly different??

Flat chested girl topless in public

That sounds awesome! I know a woman who, a few years ago, spent six months cross-dressing as a man. Photos of her in parks with her tits out are still up on Facebook. You sound like my perfect girl, love athletic women with smaller boobs. I hope to catch you running some time. Hope you enjoy your shower after the run. M here. There are a hell of a lot of people out here who love flat chested girls, and who would would give anything to see you out for a run. Way to go. Accept yourself and society will catch up.

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Where I live this is totally legal. You do you! Something about that svelte build you described is just so sexy! A cups are A-okay with me! Hey, I have a question. As a girl with no boobs or ass but very good looking, kind and good in photos my crushwhat would be the best approach in that situation? Fr tho, congrats!

Both are valid lmao. I personally without think a larger chested female with want to do the same, for fear of a black eye, but why the hell not. I dated a flat chested woman for 4 years, she never thought of herself as sexy but for me she was perfect. I hope you keep doing what you enjoy. Well done!

I can only imagine the freedom and excitement of doing so. Wish I was there at the end of your run to have you sit on me forever! Lol, so many thoughts go through my head about what if I was running in the Other direction, i totally would have not noticed. As a very skinny guy in cross country in HS, I was too self conscious to take my shirt off on hot days like the other guys cause I was too flat chested. Even when alone it felt shameful.

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My college made national news because the female athletes ran with sports bras. Legal here. And when it became legal quite a few women took advantage of it. That quickly ended.

Is it innate or learnt? Running without a shirt probably did make people think you were a dude. You were likely safer on the street half naked than a fully dressed woman. This sounds so hot. If you have any pics you wanna share, kik me at robs31york. What you did was extraordinary! I almost always run shirtless when the sun has either set or not risen in the summer to escape the heat and work during the day.

I would have noticed you were a women and honestly would have lost my mind especially with how wildly attracted I am to fellow female runners.

Congratulations for appreciating your body in such a freeing way. May the rest of us be able to run at night, tits in the wind, soon this century as well. I am so glad that was a positive experience for you!


I hope it continues to be positive in the future when you try again. Have fun! It was on an empty parking garage though so nobody saw. Kinda sad that only guys get to do this in public!

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As refreshing for this sub as the breeze while you were running! Love to read of your body positivity. That confidence must pour out of you in real life. Please let us know how your next runs go?

Men have their tits out all the time and no one gives a shit. Its very freeing.

However, my boobs are way too big to go unnoticed. Good for you. I went running amd jumped in the ocean at a nude beach recently and it was awesome. Please show a pic of your body!

I love small tits dont ever get a boob job it would ruin everything. Theres alot more guys than you know that love them too.

Where can i get your original post story i cant figure out how to find it. Im still learning how to use reddit…. post. Next post.

Hey its me your running partner.