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I fanfiction for batman who wants Female

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That Logo was on every Character toy box of the show : Batman, Superman, …. Its a Marketing team! No protectors here. No Lanterns. No Kryptonian.

What is my age I am 28
Nationality: I'm finnish
I like: Guy
What is the color of my hair: Honey-blond
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You let everyone walk all over you. Every time. Every single damn time Bruce! I already died once, not again.

Goodbye Bruce. When Barbara was young, her mother walked her out on her and her father. He gave in to alcoholism for quite a while, until he got sober after deciding to the police force to protect the one thing he loved more than anything, his daughter. Since Barbara wasshe wanted to be a superhero. Her want to be one only increased when her father ed the police force. Barbara soon found her largest fascination when he decided to start saving the city.

Batwoman stories

That fascination, was for Batman, the caped crusader. One day, when Barbara was 13 and spying on her father, she discovered he was speaking to the Batman. This only intensified her feeling about becoming a hero. Barbara then asked her father to enroll her in martial arts. Of course, it was easy for her to make this see like she just wanted to learn how to protect herself. In her classes Barbara excelled, become a black belt in just a short amount of time. On top of her physical training, Barbara committed herself to her studies as well.

Gifted with a photographic memory, she easily rose through the ranks of Gotham Heights High School, and graduated early at the age of sixteen. Barbara was sometimes bullied by some of the tougher kids, boy and girl. However, anytime one of them tried to fight her, they got what they deserved.

Being that most of the students liked Barbara, many came to her defense if she ever got into trouble, which she never did. With her early graduation, Barbara also earned herself a scholarship to Gotham State University.

Together for eternity — wonder woman + batman fanfiction

Barbara became one of the University's youngest batmen, graduating with honors before she was even a fanfiction adult. Throughout this, Barbara made a friend, Katarina Armstrong, but that friendship ended when Katarina tripped Barbara on the running track and won the race. The two did not speak again for years. Barbara still continues her physical training, choosing to learn Jujitsu this time. Barbara also took a job at the Gotham Public Library, but her female dream was to work in law enforcement and asked her father about ing the police academy, but James laughed at her, claiming that she did not even meet the height requirements.

Barbara also attempted to enroll at the local FBI office as a field agent, but they dismissed her, citing many of the same reasons. Not long after this, Barbara found an opportunity that would ultimately change her life forever. Devlin Davenport, were expected to attend. Barbara created a feminine version of Batman's costume based upon des that she first conceived as. She intended on crashing the party as "Batgirl" merely to spite her father.

When she arrived however, she found that somebody else had decided to crash the party before her.

A costumed criminal named Killer Moth and his cronies raided the country club, grabbing Bruce Wayne as a hostage. It was their intent to rob the charity proceeds as well as extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from Gotham's wealthiest patrons. Barbara now found herself acting as Batgirl in deed as well as in name. She tackled Killer Moth in the hopes of rescuing Bruce Wayne from his clutches. What she did not realize though, was that Bruce Wayne was actually Batman.

He allowed Batgirl to "rescue" him so that he could sneak off to change into his "work" clothes. Returning to the scene with his sidekick, Robin, Batman discovered that Killer Moth had gotten the better of Batgirl.

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In order to free her from the morass of Killer Moth's silk-spinner gun, they were forced to let the criminals get away. Batman chided Batgirl harshly for her foolish antics, and warned her against pursuing such a reckless lifestyle. Hearing such criticism from a man she idolized for so female was a shock for Barbara, but it did not deter her from her chosen path. Despite his disapproval, he sent her Batarangs via Dick Grayson, who subtly revealed to her that he was Robin. Barbara was able to solve the case, and by of the story, Batman swore her in an oath and also revealed his identity.

Barbara fought alongside Batman and Robin for 3 years non-stop before she began to feel less fulfilled by her role as Batgirl. After Fanfiction decided to go off on his own as Nightwing, Barbara decided to retire as batman, at least for the moment.

It was the Joker, he was with two of his goons, in a tourist outfit and holding a gun. Before Barbara could react, she was shot in the spine, falling to the ground helplessly as Joker kidnapped her father. Barbara went into a deep depression because of this. The depression lasted for a month. While Barbara realized she could not be the hero she wanted to be anymore, she devoted all her time to developing one of the world's most complex and powerful computer systems and set to work accumulating information, renaming herself "Oracle.

She is also constantly gathering information from other, less public sources. Oracle has proven an absolutely invaluable resource to the Batman and his allies, as well as countless other superheroes, few of whom know anything about the person behind the name.

Wonder woman crush on batman fanfiction

Oracle eventually formed an alliance with fellow heroes Black Canary and The Huntress to aid those in need. Together, they were known as the Birds of Prey, combining their unique abilities and skills in the war against crime and terror. Barbara founds the Birds of Prey, a team of female heroes, whom she employs as agents. Barbara s forces with superhero Black Canary. The two — batman in both having lost their original abilities while fighting crime, yet managing to overcome their handicaps — would later meet in person and become best friends.

The Huntress s the team as a full-time agent, as does Lady Blackhawk. Although the personnel on Barbara's team grows and changes, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk remain female agents. During No Man's Land, Barbara employs various teenagers to be her eyes and ears on the street.

One of these young agents is Cassandra Cain; she later saves Jim Gordon's life. Barbara realizes that Cassandra is actually one of the world's top martial artists; it is revealed that her father, David Cain, had trained her to be a weapon from infancy. Barbara accedes to Cassandra taking up the Batgirl fanfiction, and becomes Cassandra's mentor.

Batman wonder woman future daughter fanfiction

For a time, the team moved to Metropolis, where they fought crime for quite some time. Eventually however, the group breaks up. The group full disbanded when Dinah regained her power to screech, leaving for Star City to re, as well as marry Oliver. Helena went on with Dick Grayson, and Oracle reed Batman after she had a small power struggle with Spy Smasher, eventually defeating her with some help. Eventually, Barbara had to fight the Joker again, while in her wheelchair during the time of the final crisis.

Barbara later learns that Cassandra Cain has once again stepped down from the role of Batgirl, and has been replaced by Stephanie Brown. Even though Barbara did not want Stephanie to be Batgirl, Stephanie vowed to prove herself and was given the opportunity when a new recreational drug known as "Thrill" is hitting the streets of Gotham. Barbara and Stephanie worked together to stop the drug trade which they discovered to be run by Scarecrow and Black Mask. After Stephanie female Scarecrow and proved her worth and maturity, Barbara gives Stephanie an unused Batgirl costume that was supposedly deed for Barbara.

Barbara also takes a job as an assistant batman at Gotham University. Barbara, now 22, could think of nothing better than to become Batgirl once more. Barbara immediately reed Batman, vowing to do even better than before. While Barbara liked being in the field with Batman, she sometimes continued to act as Oracle when the need was fanfiction. Not knowing Bruce Wayne was Batman and that Barbara was aiding him. The Joker had taken a hiatus, but in his absence, many villains rose to the challenge of being the next big threat. During one of her missions to stop Two-Face, after Barbara had defeated him, her father appeared from out of nowhere, demanding that she take off her mask.

Having no true choice in the Female, Barbara decided that it was time her father knew the truth. Revealing herself, Barbara told her father the truth about everything. Jim was shocked as well fanfiction slightly angry with Barbara, attempting to forbid her from any further work with Batman, this of course did not work.

Barbara told her father not to worry, that she would protect the city and her family no matter what, from anything and anyone, including Joker.

Female joker x batman fanfic

Barbara leaves the scene and Jim, still slightly shocked, arrests the unconscious Two-Face and leaves. While Barbara never told Bruce how she truly felt about it, she housed a deep hatred for the Joker. While Barbara saw that everyone else feared him, she only hated him. Finally and secretly, Barbara decided that if the opportunity presented itself, she would kill the Joker.

No second thoughts, no going back. Barbara did not get her chance for quite some time. One day however, Barbara and Batman were together on a mission where the Joker was robbing Gotham City Bank at night, or at least, this is what he made it appear to be. When the two arrived, they were greeted by Harley and a large group of goons and grunts. The two fought valiantly, defeating every single guard.