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My Brother gives me a space to sleeep with him and his wife but I can not resist the ass of my beautiful sister-in-law NTR 13 min. Barely Legal Teen Strips Down 21 min. Stepmom allowed me to cum inside her pussy 5 min.

My age 25
Ethnic: I was born in Sweden
Orientation: Man
Eyes: I’ve got lively hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My sex: Lady
Hair: Ash-blond
I know: Italian
Zodiac sign: Pisces
What I prefer to listen: I prefer to listen country

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Before I knew it I was lying down on the bed with my sister's friend's butt in my face. I'm 18 and my sister and her three friends were all 19 or Our parents were gone and she was home from college for a long holiday weekend. She asked if she could have her friends over and my parents agreed.

I had to work the next day and simply asked if they could keep the noise down. We got into an argument and they said I was being too loud and that I needed to be hushed, thus throwing me on the bed and sitting on my face. They were all dressed in just panties and skimpy tops or merely bras. My sister is kind of heavy but her friends were all pretty hot, so I really didn't mind.

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Although it was getting hard to breath. I tried to push her off so I could take a breath of air, but someone grabbed my hands. Two things started happening at once my face was getting red and my cock was getting hard. I was only dressed in my underwear as I had planned to go to sleep, and I could feel my cock slip through the opening in my underwear.

Before I knew it my underwear was pulled off and the girl on my face got up. Naturally, I started licking her pussy, causing her to moan. The rest of the girls started playing with my cock which kept getting harder and harder. They were stroking and licking it.

They even licked and sucked on my balls. I almost came several times, but they always stopped before I could. Once I got the first girl off the rest of my sister's friends wanted a turn. For the next two hour's they made me lick their pussy's and ass hole's while sucking and jerking my cock. I gave them each multiple orgasms each, including my sister, who had a hairy pussy.

The rest were either shaved or trimmed. Finally, my sister sat on my face once again and sucked my cock while two of her friends sucked my balls. Dana deep throated me a few times, then concentrated on running her tongue on the head of my cock. Then she started humming and that's when I lost it.

I shot my load deep into my sister's mouth and she retained every drop. After kissing all her friends and sharing my cum, my sister then told me to get out. I called in sick the next day at work and went back to sleep. I was worn out from the activities. I had just fallen asleep when my mother came in and woke me up asking why I wasn't going to work. I explained that I hadn't slept very well and was really tired. I was getting nervous because I sleep in the nude and the sheets were starting to ride up my bare leg and my mom was just dressed in a thin nighty.

My mom was pretty with long dark hair and brown eyes. Her breasts were small but her nipples were thick. I could see them poking the thin material of her nighty.

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She leaned over to feel my head and I got a clear shot of her whole breast. Her nipples were really hard. Her big breasts spilling out of her tight tee-shirt. Her nipples were also pressing through the shirt. I could feel my cock getting hard. I politely asked them to keep it down because I had to work today. We got in an argument and they said I needed to be kept quiet and Dana and her friends sat on my face almost killing me. I mean yes, we sat on his face," she said laughing, "But we didn't kill him or even come close. Suddenly the doorbell chimed. Your father's golfing today, so he isn't home.

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Dana left, but as she did she pulled the sheet down revealing my hard cock. Mom stared at my cock for a while before looking me in the eyes. They're all young, beautiful women, but did you get hard with Dana too? What was I supposed to say?

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I couldn't tell my mom that I got even harder for Dana. But I was staring at her tits through her thin nighty and my cock was physically throbbing.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, in walks Dana with Debbie, my boss. And she did too. Every last detail.

All three women were looking from my face to my cock then back again. My mom then proceeded to climb on my brother, while my sister and boss watched. My cock which had been going soft, immediately Facesitting hard again. It didn't help when Dana and Debbie started stroking it. I started licking mom through her panties. When she felt what I was doing she told the others and pulled her panties aside to give me access. That was all the confirmation Mom needed. All three took off their clothes and Mom let Debbie sit on my face first, while she and Dana sucked my balls and cock.

I'd always had the hots for Debbie. She had a great athletic body, nice firm breasts, and a really great ass. After I made Debbie come Dana sat on my face. Mom and Debbie went to town on my cock. They were licking up the sides together until one would put the head in her mouth and swirl her tongue around it. Cum for Mommy. When Debbie started tickling my balls with her fingernails and Mom was tonging the shit out of my cock I started sooting my load, giving Dana an orgasm also.

Mom kissed Debbie, sharing my cum with her. Mom then lay down and I was ordered to get on all fours and lean down and lick Mom's pussy to orgasm. Dana got underneath me from the side and started sucking my cock hard again, while Debbie liked my butt and asshole. Soon Mom screamed and had a huge orgasm. Mom then instructed Dana to ride my cock while she and Debbie got to know one another better.

Dana and I watched for a moment as Mom and Debbie get into a 69 position.

Dana's pussy was very wet, but also very tight. At first, only about half my cock could fit.

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After a few minutes, I was able to get most of it in. Sis leaned forward so I could suck on those giant boobs of hers. I started spanking her ass, which she seemed to like and then boldly I stuck a finger in her ass. That's all it took. Dana started squirting on my cock drenching it in a powerful orgasm. Debbie and Mom took turns licking all of Dana's juices from my cock. Then Debbie climbed on and Dana and Mom ate each other out.