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From behind girl for eating especially for out

Instead, think of it as a co-main event; a necessary part of the meal rather than a side dish. And, like penetrative sex and its seemingly infinite list of positionsthere are variations to be explored when it comes to cunnilingus. Want to keep things fresh and exciting, or try something new and spicy?

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The main thing is we learn from these mistakes so everyone enjoys sex more. So sit down, light a candle, and make some notes on these mistakes guy mates when eating out a girl:. God gave you 10 fingers for a reason, and that reason was to finger a girl whilst going down on her. Not only did God give you 10 fingers to use and finger with, he gave humans a tongue to not only use for speaking, but also licking out women. Ask her what she wants, or change up from your current method.

What is my age 46
My sexual identity: Male
What is my gender: Lady
What is the color of my hair: Black
What is my body features: I'm quite fat
What I like to drink: Rum
In my spare time I love: Mountain climbing
My tattoo: None

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Very curious ladies. Is it more enjoyable for you when being eaten from behind? She use to love when id get behind her and spread her ass, but only to berry my entire face into her To be eaten out always sounds strange to me. Being on my knees and having some ones lips and nose touching me from behind is very erotic. It is the "dirtiness" of having my butt and anus in the air that does it.

Bi mom of girls, Yes it is the "dirtiest," and that's exactly what turns me on when I see a girl in that position. It is behind, and most submissive when her head and chest are down on the bed, causing her back to curve. This points her anus up at the ceiling, and brings her out lips into view. I enjoy having access to all the goods so that I can work on what ever the mood inspires. She just remains open and offering, completely exposed. My comments are about this subject, and will tell a way of oral lovemaking that my gf particularly liked. She would place a pillow under her hips and lay on her stomach with her legs spread wide enough for me to lay between them.

When she got very sexually excited, her labia seemed to swell and her vagina opened wide enough to expose her urethra and even open up a bit. This gave wonderful exposure of her clitoris. I would slowly lick the space between her labia and let my tongue touch her clitoris lightly and slowly as it moved back and forth.

I loved my position for this as it was comfortable for me and her, so there needed to be no rush job. She could relax and just focus on the feelings, and I was in heaven being able to see her open vagina and her anus just a couple of inches from my face. She was very fastidious, so there weren't many girls for me to enjoy, but the subtle aroma of an aroused vagina were very erotic.

Three or four minutes of this soft and slow oral contact from her clitoris would lead her to an orgasm that would last a minute or more, and it was subdued and quiet and it seemed eating it was almost relaxing for her. I have wondered just why this method, which we did about one time in 4 or 5, was so satisfying to her, and think it might have been that she was relaxed and enjoyed the freedom to expose herself to me in such an intimate way, and she didn't have to try to achieve her orgasm, rather it was going to occur, and she could just lay there and wait for it to happen naturally.

Also, there was no expectation of reciprocity from her which allowed her to just be in the moment for maximum enjoyment. It was absolutely rewarding to me to be able to provide her with these sweet and loving moments together. Sorry, but a tongue on my clitty is what is important. I don't care if it is from the front or behind. What a lucky ex!

Being eaten out from behind

I love receiving oral from both front and from behind. And I love giving it in any position. Of course, from behind, there's a great view -- and there's a super easy transition to analingus I enjoy it from all positions. But while he's back there if he wants to let his attention wander thats ok. I prefer to have the lady on her back with her legs spread wide and me laying on my stomach in front of her legs. I dig eating my wife out from behind. She was very very hesitant at first but as her comfort grew, she had become more aggressive.

Backing up more and grinding on my tongue. Great discussion. I love giving oral from behind, than again I love giving oral from pretty much any angle. What I find really hot is the occasional woman who will masturbate from behind.

Either laying on her arm and stomach with her ass down on the bed, or with her ass in the air. I have to say as a guy, I absolutely love doing oral from behind. She can be on her stomach or better yet on hands and knees.

When I do oral I always like to lick and suck the entire area from ass hole to clit- top to bottom. When she is on hands and knees, I can play with her clit with a finger or insert a finger in her pussy while I am tonguing her ass hole. And this is a great warm-up for fucking doggy style. I do like to perform oral on my wife from behind quite a bit.

I like to stuff my nose into her ass as I do it. I sometimes stroke her clit at the same time. She enjoys all of it, and some occasional analingus. I am not sure if it is the visual aspect of doing it, or if it is the easy access to the anus from this position. There is something special about trying different positions especially during oral sex.

19 mistakes all boys are guilty of making whilst eating a girl out

There is nothing to me that is more trusting than a woman giving complete access to her most private parts. Especially when she is relaxed enough to allow a probing tongue to go where it wants. I like being ate out but I don't care much for being ate out from behind because I don't like the idea of my ass being right there in my husband's face I love to eat out my GF from behind.

I love having my nose right up in her ass. The musky smell is a turn on as is the taste and smell of her pussy.

Unique ways to go down on her

My wife is adverse to having her anus licked but I enjoy the sight and smell of her anal area. What works for me is to have her on her back and I knell next to her facing her feet. I then proceed to lick and suck her labia and clitoris.

My nose is near her anus and I can reach under her legs to gently spread her butte cheeks for a better view. This position has the advantage that she can play with my penis and occasionally let her finger stray toward my anus.

It is a most pleasurable position for both of us. Being single it is not easy to find guys that will eat me. When I do find agreeable guys I don't care which way they want to do it.! It feels good on my back or on my knees. I really like it when I'm given an enema, maybe only a one quart enema, and hold it while some guy buries his tongue in my crotch. It just doubles the ezcitement.

Do girls like being eaten out from behind?

But finding someone who is into enemas and munching hair is difficult. Topaz -- There's nothing more delightful than nibbling a woman's most secret fruits.

I'm definitely a believe that a woman's first release in any encounter should come with the teasing of a lover's lips and tongue. Either on her back or on her knees, the opportunity is a delight. If only you were out here on the far coast. Play nice! Read here more information what is bonus group membership. Various features here might not work at all. List Browse List by tags. Female Sexuality Sexuality. Views: Created: Post 1. Post 2.

Post 3. Love it. From behind is especially erotic, but I like it anyway he wants to do it. Post 4.

Post 5. Post 6. Post 7. Post 8. There is nothing else to say.

For : eating her out from behind

I agree. Post 9. I think that all enjoy it. Post I love to eat a woman from behind, both orifices. I prefer to have the lady on her back with her legs spread wide and me laying on my stomach in front of her legs Then I wrap her legs with my arms as I am licking her. I love it but then again I love being eaten all ways.