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When animals mate, specifically canines--I'm actually not sure about felines--the penis enlarges during climax and remains enlarged to the point where he is literally stuck inside the female for as long as it the mating process goes on. This happens to ensure inseminationand the male can ejaculate several times before he is shrinks down small enough to unmount.

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Pashu Sandesh, 14 October A knot tying is normal and unique feature of dog mating breeding.

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Dog's mode of reproduction, its physiology and anatomy of reproductive organs is responsible for it. A dog knot tying is a normal procedure and may persist for 2 — 30 minutes.

Once a male and female dog is convinced that they are suited for each other, the female becomes calm and allows the male to mount. The dog penis remains semi erect or the erection is practically nonexistent. The bone on the dorsal side of the canine penis called Baculum, makes the penis appear erect and facilitates copulation.

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The act of breeding or mating initiates with the entry of the sensitive glans penis, then the mission continues with thrusting. In the act of dog breeding, tying is a normal phenomenon.

This swelling of bulbis glandis locks the penis inside the vagina. After tying, the male brings one of his fore legs over the female and stands beside her, with the genital organs still copulated. Then one of the partner swings and they come into a position where they are facing the opposite direction of each other.

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This state of union continues till the ejaculation is completed. This physiological character of dogs is thought to happen in order to allow for the complete ejaculation of sperms into the reproductive tract of the female. The ejaculation of dog is completed in three different stages. In the first stage of ejaculation the ejaculate, is usually 0. It takes half a minute to complete.

This is followed by second stage of ejaculation, in which thick and white sperm rich semen ejaculated.

Knotting out of the ordinary

It is 1 cc in volume and takes a couple of minutes to complete. In third and final stage of ejaculation, the semen is produced by the prostate gland and is usually more than an ounce of thin fluid.

It takes 6 — 45 minutes to complete depending upon the age, breed and size of the dog. If the dog knot is tied for a longer period of time it is referred to as the dog knot being stuck. A Dog Knot stuck problem occurs when tying lasts more than 45 to 60 Minutes. In such cases, both partners may experience severe injuries and bruises, which may leave a dog with secondary complications in later stages of the problem.

Bulbus glandis

Dog knot stuck is unusual and is related to any existing pathological conditions health problems and any abnormalities in parts of the canine reproductive system. Dog knot stuck usually occurs due to anatomical defects in the reproductive tract of either male, female or both.

Females, when at a younger age, may more commonly experience the condition, therefore immature females should never be preferred for breeding. Similarly, male dogs with health problems related to hypertension and the cardiovascular system may more often experience a dog knot problem due to prolonged swelling of the knot or bulbus. The normal act of breeding involves excessive thrusting, pressure, swinging of the body and a fair amount of action and changes in posture. Dog penis knot which is stuck is an abnormality in a normal act of dog breeding.

It is generally indicated in cases where the tying persists after 45 — 60 minutes of copulation. Symptoms of discomfort, torsion twistedpain, blood discharge and aggression in both the male and female surely represents a serious dog knot stuck problem.

Complications from injuries on and in the reproductive tract, high blood loss, self injury due to discomfort and secondary infections are commonly seen in stuck dog knot. These conditions require a veterinarian's attention. Some normal acts of dog breeding may appear to be a dog knot stuck problem, which is why such cases should be carefully examined before inciting treatment.

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Some breeds and middle aged dogs may have characteristics such as a prolonged ejaculation of the third fraction of semen; therefore tying may persist for more than an hour. During this, both male and female may feel discomfort due to the long duration and pretend to be experiencing a dog knot stuck. Such cases of dog knot stuck usually resolve on its own. Sometimes blood discharge that occurs during copulation may be misunderstood, but mostly these blood fractions are shed by the female reproductive tract, which is a normal mechanism.

Cases of dog knot stuck should be attended by proper handling.

Forceful pulling apart the male and female or throwing water on them during copulation can lead to a dog knot stuck problem and serious complications. However, an owner should only interfere or call a veterinarian if the time of tie is extended well above the normal. Both male and female should be checked after the act of mating for any injuries and complications that affect the reproductive organs.

Minor injuries and bruises are normal over the female vulva and the male penis may become inflamed and sore for a few hours after copulation due to intense tying.

Tips for a dog knot stuck problem

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