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I search road that like guy

The driver is obviously to be commended for delivering his passengers to their destination while participating in a sexual act, but the world is in universal near-agreement that doing so on the job—and maybe ever—is an unequivocally trash move. Or is it both? Are you the sort of person who goes bungee-jumping without triple-checking the ripcord?

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This summer, my girlfriend and I were driving back from a day spent relaxing on the beach when we started talking about the pinnacle of vehicular sex acts — road head. Both she and I had never tried it before, and after several minutes of hesitation, we decided to just go for it. Things started slowly, me trying to keep my focus on the road and her trying to figure out where everything needed to be positioned.

Years old I am 62
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One friend said his foot locked down on the accelerator and the other side he got weak and started losing control.

Better in porn than in real life. He took an exit off and hit a bump. That caused the girl to bite down and the rest was history. Ever since I heard that story I have had no desire to receive it. Truck passes us and I happen to notice the dude getting head.

Always wondered if that dude lost his dick. I drive a stick though so it kind of gets in the way.

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Ended up missing my exit and going 30 minutes in the wrong direction. The wife and I will gravel travel and do this. Mostly it le to pulling in a field lane and escalating from there!! In my experience, it sounds better in theory than in practice.

It may be ill-advised and self-defeating, but for sheer excitement value, it can't be beat

More stressful than anything. Side note, I had a buddy that worked in a mortuary. He had some young couple come in for embalming. They had to break her jaw to get his penis out of her mouth. So there are risks.

Is road head actually that common?

You may unsubscribe at any time. Pixabay 1. Not that dangerous.

Cell phones are more distracting. We ride together we die together!

Just does it. Use cruise control. On a regular road?

In the driver’s seat: the ins and outs of road head

Make sure he can grab a titty if needed. More From Thought Catalog.

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