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Dom daddy seeking boy for contract

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Writing a Contract is the best way to:. It is a tool to help guide your relationship. Scroll for more info, images and template options. Suitable for Daddy Doms and Babygirl submissives.

My age 44
Where am I from: Icelandic
Hair: Strawberry-blond
Figure type: I'm quite athletic
I prefer to listen: I like opera

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Soooooo tonight Daddy and I went toy shopping together for the first time! How fun!!! It was fun because we laughed about a lot of stuff, but I liked it because I got to learn how knowledgeable he is. So anyway, we took our time looking at everything, laughing, asking questions, and had the funniest conversations with the shop girl. I definitely want to go to more stores with Daddy to find out what he likes and desires.

I knew this before I moved in, as only children we both have the tendency to want to be near our moms so we can take care of them if needed. I was however concerned about how I would be recieved by her.

Yes i grew up around her, afterall she and my mom were friends and she lived next door to us; but i had never dated her son until now. I was nervous — would I be welcomed as she always had or would she be over critical?

Dd/lg contracts

Well, after a week here, several meals together, and 1 serious talk; I officially feel welcomed. I would be lying if I said it has been easy. Tonight Daddy and I spent time lingerie and party dress shopping. Who knew about spanking dresses? NOT ME! Fun fun fun. Anyway during all this Daddy asked about something and it made me realize how concerned he really is about me. It was something small but it made me melt.

I love him so much. Sometimes we do not even realize or we chose to ignore that fate is giving us someone who is everything we need and want.

Daddy is the person for me. I was to blind to acknowledge that.

Looking for a daddy dom little girl checklist/limit list/contract?

Today was exciting! Even though we are very far apart from each other at the moment Daddy and I chose my collar today. Being this excited about wearing something that claims I belong to someone would shock most of the people who think they know me. Anyway, I can not wait!!!

Someone is reading this thinking contract? Why do you need a contract? It felt natural and brought a sense of peace over me. I know exactly what I am supposed to do and what he wants from me.

I need that. Well firat of all for condifidentiality.

You do not necessarily want it getting out that you participate in this lifestyle because so many look down on it, which is a shame. In our case the contract process was a t effort and it helped bring us closer. We discussed each expectation, deleted the ones that were redundant or unnecessary, and added where it was needed.

It gave each of us a better understanding of just exactly we were getting into. I love this! This is far from true! It takes great strength to give ourselves to someone. To push down all the walls we have built around our hearts thru the years and open up and expose our intermost desires, wishes, and wants to this one person. We give ourselves willing to someone but only when we know they can be trusted with such a great honor.

Ddlg relationship contracts/agreements?

They honor is simply — us. As I sit here looking over pictures showing women in various forms of restraints I can not help but wonder, how did I get to this place? Just a couple of months ago I was just an average suburban housewife who had settled into a boring sex life with my husband.

I had accepted that my sex life would consist of me staring at the ceiling or a pillow just waiting for it to be over. As I was watching it I was reminded of all the times through the years that I found myself looking at videos of women being spanked or read stories of women acting as a submissive. Contract knowing I was extremely bored daddy my current situation I decided to research dom learn as much as I could about being a submissive. Who knew so many submissives wrote blogs! Thank you ladies!! Thankfully I have enough sense to NOT go with the first person who asked or demanded…nice huh.

Daddy dom/baby girl contract

At the same time I started this little journey of mine I mentioned it to a male friend of mine. We have been friends for 27 years. The one you should have taken the chance on but never did — yea that one. So why not talk about this.

I mean after all I am considering ending my marriage — I should get advice, right? Well lo and behold my friend is in the lifestyle! I mean seriously I was so shocked I was laughing. Not in a bad way but in that oh my God I can not believe I did not know this way.

Little space for starters (

Not only is he in the lifestyle he is a Dom! The one person in the world I trust more than anyone is a Dom! Needless to say my search for a Dom ended because I could not have found anyone better. Now what started out as a strange and scary journey has become the beginning of a very exciting chapter in my life. Hope you liked this! There will be more to come as I face trials and tribulations of becoming a good baby girl for my Daddy. I want to share them with you so that maybe they will help someone else.

Love ya Babygirl.

I am so lucky to have such a loving and supportive Daddy. Fun fun fun Anyway during all this Daddy asked about something and it made me realize how concerned he really is about me.

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