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Crossdressed would like seeking somebody halloween wants whisperyacht

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Age 21
Ethnicity: I'm belarusian
My Sign of the zodiac: Virgo
What is my figure features: I'm quite slender
Other hobbies: I like looking after pets
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Okay so I'm pre-everything MTF hopefully starting hormones before the end of the month. It might be a Crossdressed early to start talking about costumes but I like to plan early sometimes. I put cross dressing in quotes since I actually view wearing guy clothes every day as cross dressing but I digress I really want to go full out with dressing as a woman in public but I don't want to out myself to everyone I know just yet.

I'm afraid that going through with this would actually be a mockery of my own identity halloween I'd be pretending that it's all in good fun. I'm not even sure what I'd wear. I was thinking of just wearing some silly costume that's obviously made for girls but I'm still conflicted. I'd really want to avoid sexualizing myself too.

Good idea. I feel like almost every trans person ever does this, lol. I'd suggest something gender-specific like a witch or nun, so you can avoid the whole "get it? I'm a GIRL! Or be a famous women - marilyn monroe, lady gaga, frida khalo, a roy lichtenstein painting. Same basic thing.

A cross dressed halloween

Go as Daria. Everyone loves Daria. I want ot go as Daria. Someone even suggested it I do it one time and offered a make over, I still refused. Transgirl checking in here. Did it the Halloween before HRT. Went as Lady Gaga, was awesome. Got hit on a fair bit. Genius idea was to take photos at the end of the night, whilst drunk and half the origami had fallen off.

Still proud of the costume though! Be safe, but this is a socially acceptble way for you to explorer your feeling.

12 horrifying halloween walk-of-shame stories

The first time I dressed as a girl was on Halloween- I shaved my legs, did my nails, everything- I actually had more guys checking me out than my cis-female friend did, which was kind of funny. I wasn't even considering a transition at that point. But after that, I knew presenting as female felt right, and continued crossdressing socially for several months after until my parents made me stop.

Anyway, it's a good way to get your feet wet without worrying about people judging you.

Chi upsilon iota tri-ess

Considering it'd be for Halloween, I have no doubt that at least one female friend would be delighted to dress you up and do your makeup for halloween. I wouldn't consider it a mockery or anything, especially since you're pre-everything -- it can help you get used to the work involved, and you'll see how comfortable you are at the same time without revealing to the world that you're trans. Besides, it's not like you're a cismale drag queen trying to represent the trans community, right? I was just afraid that people would assume that I was "a cismale drag queen trying to represent the trans community" when I'm not.

Maybe that's just a silly fear. That all sounds so great, but the hitch is the "one female friend" when I'm lacking any friends I actually did this - Crossdressed I have kind of mixed emotions about this in your case.

"crossdressing" for halloween. good or bad idea?

I chose Halloween as one of my first occasions to be in public - I had dressed up quite a lot before, but I am notoriously shy, so it was mostly at private or at small-ish, very accepting venues. For me, it was very nice -- however, you have to be aware, that, if you try to look good, you might actually look "too" good, especially of you are like me and try to look really feminine and already have a bit of feminine mannerism on top of it.

At the point of time I did this, I was already out to a of people and way past the point of worrying about those that would see me that day. But I think or basically know quite a few guessed that this was not just a costume for me.

Dress-opposite party

Short version - it can be a nice occasion to get out, but even on Halloween people might guess that something more is up, depending on the look you are going for. If you don't want anyone else to know, I would be careful, otherwise - go for it.

Ha, doing it too well was actually what I was afraid of. But in the end, I think if people found out by digging hard enough and weren't jerks about it then I'd be fine. I have known at least one cis man who has done this. You can get away with it without outing yourself.

Don't worry about symbolic implications, just dress up in something obviously feminine and have fun. I was thinking of doing something similar for my costume.

Part of me is debating going out and buying a disney princess costume and going as one of them. I was actually thinking about the same thing three years ago before I came out. I was conflicted Like, if my family saw me dressing up as a girl, they might not take me seriously if I were to start living as one later.

I'm not sure what the right answer is I ended up just going out like I normally did at the time, in a sort of largely-andro girl-mode, and I felt better like that than I would have waltzing around in some dress. It's an interesting question, I hope you figure out what's right for you. When I started painting my nails "publicly", I did it around Halloween.

I figured, if anyone asked why I who still largely presented as male had my nails polished, I could just say "meh, halloween party last night, couldnt be bothered to take it off". It's not exactly "crossdressing for halloween", but the season is all about taking on aspects of something and having fun with it.

Crossdressing on halloween was the queer liberation i didn’t know i needed

I dont see it as a "mockery" of anything and can actually be a great way to open doors to the future. Found the internet! Good or Bad Idea?

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