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Steel Boned Underbust Corset Waist Training helps give you the hourglass figure you want by smoothing and shaping your tummy, waist and back for a slimmer looking, curvier silhouette.

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As Crossdressers, we often find ourselves trying to find ways to have that feminine shape. Through time, one tried and true way to reduce your waist and give you that nice hourglass shape is the Corset. Those new to crossdresser corsets and waist training may be a bit lost as there are so many variations to choose from.

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Authentic steel boned, crossdresser corsets are the ideal shaping garment to help you achieve your female transformation.

We supply full length corsets to fit those with male dimensions, so you can feel great in something that has been deed especially with you in mind. We have corsets with cups, underbust corsets and shorter steel-boned cinchers, to help you achieve that hourglass figure we would all love to have.

Our waist training corsets are crafted with either flat or spiral steel bones, or a combination of both. Layers of material enclose the steel boning to ensure a comfortable fit.

Top 5 corsets and waist trainers for crossdressers

The outer layer of our corsets may be constructed from satin, cotton, silk, leather and even PVC materials. The inner lining of our corsets will be made from strong, yet soft, cotton twill for comfort and to absorb any perspiration.

Many of the Glamour Boutique corsets are created by our own deers and manufacturers. This ensures they are made to the specification and quality that is wanted by our customers, including a narrower hip area and longer torso length; often ideal for transgender women who prefer to lace their corsets tightly.

Crossdresser corset

Even the strongest cord lacing will wear out in time. Glamour Boutique offer matching garter straps for your stockings and extra corset laces.

A full body corset or Overbust corset covers the whole torso. It has full or demi-cups and can be worn as part of a costume as well as for cinching. Deed to reduce the immediate waist.

The easiest corset model to fit under clothing. Easier to lace with their shorter length.

These corsets sit under the bustline. A little longer than cinchers, reaching further down the front of the stomach for added waist and belly reduction.

Underbust Corset for Crossdressers. Extreme Feminine Shape Underbust Corset.

Mens crossdresser corsets

Mens Crossdresser Corsets. Corset Accessories 2 Even the strongest cord lacing will wear out in time.

Full Body Corsets 7 A full body corset or Overbust corset covers the whole torso. Short Waist Cinchers 22 Deed to reduce the immediate waist. Underbust Corsets 13 These corsets sit under the bustline.

Recommended for you Corsets: for crossdressers Underbust Corset for Crossdressers. A Guide to Waist Cinchers - There are so many different styles of cinchers that it is hard to keep up!

Stealthing Corsets for Crossdressers - One of the common questions we get asked about corsets is: 'can you easily hide them under clothing? Social Media.