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Fatties corset seeking friend to stories

Chapter 1.

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It was as the head-mistress had predicted. The slender waist of Miss Malville made a sensation. The glory of the "Three Wasps " was somewhat dimmed. On Sunday, at church, the men were transfixed with admiration as they looked at the figures of the schoolgirls, while the women went pale with envy. As for us boys, we too shared in these attentions, as owing to our tight-laced corsets, we were likewise taken for girls.

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Facts and Fancies was assembled by hand with photos attached to some of the s. It was published twice monthly on the 10th and the 21st in England London?

Its size was eventually 8x5 inches and the of s varied over its print run. The same publisher also printed some stories in the same format.

It contained stories, letters, drawings and photographs on the general themes of cross dressing, extreme tight lacing, corporal punishment, boots, high heels and jewelry for both sexes. I really don't have much besides speculations regarding the of issues, the publisher, his location and the anonymous contributing authors with whom the publisher mentions his frustration. I am of the opinion that the publisher was involved in the corset business in some way, perhaps as a shop owner or at least an enthusiast. I was fortunate to obtain several issues of the magazine and have obtained parts of a few others from my friend Peter Farrer who copied them at the Kinsey Institute.

He has also attempted to obtain information regarding the publisher, without success.

However, he too has speculated that Mrs. Kayne may have been involved. I would greatly appreciate any additional information and any source for additional copies of this magazine. The text is below. There are 4 drawings and 5 photos. Available as download Why men wear tight laced corsets. There are 5 drawings and 5 photos.

Walton takes his Departure. There are 4 drawings and 3 photos.

The shop clerks wonder. There are 2 drawings and 4 photos. There are 3 drawings and 5 photos. Another little bit of "fact. The end of "Undies".

YES — A clumsy hunter is painfully spurred by his wife. There are 5 drawings. Scoffing Mary receives a terrible shock. She is to be figure trained and made to wear extremely high heels against her will.

3. corsets and collars

Down came both birches on the culprit's tightly drawn posteriors. Boys and girls receive extreme corset training and body manipulation until they cannot be told apart. Some of them rebel, but are unsuccessful. There are four photographs. However, the downlo are complete magazines and include art and photographs.

At the end of a week John's wounds had healed and he had given no further trouble. He had now apparently become quite docile and gave no trouble whatever allowing himself to be laced into his long corsets again with his high legged boots and long kid gloves. He quite began to take to Alec, who in his turn brought all the gentle influence he could to bear on the rebellious John. For two months matters progressed in this fashion and John now began to present quite a smart appearance, was good and obedient, and no longer protested against his corset and feminine attire. In fact so good had he become that Mrs.

Hilldew decided it was time she invited his Mother to pay him a visit.

Accordingly some few days later his Mother came to pay him a visit. She was simply amazed at the difference in her disreputable son and was loud in her praise of his altered manners and appearance. John was smartly dressed in a short white muslin frock with frilly petticoats and knickers showing, his high-heeled boots and long white kid gloves.

His hair was neatly curled and waved and his well nipped in waist was tightly enfolded with a wide blue sash tied tightly with a large bow at the back. Hilldew made him wait upon his Mother when they took tea and John comported himself in an excellent manner.

During tea Mrs. Hilldew and his Mother chatted away in an animated manner and his Mother, during the conversation, mentioned how smart Alec looked. She particularly admired his long gold earrings and treble pierced ears. In my last letter I promised to report progress in my training. My two charges for the past two weeks have been very tractable, they have evidently not forgotten the severe punishment I administered to them and I am convinced that it has had a most salutary effect.

Ann, also, has not forgotten the humiliation of being punished in front of them and now obeys me implicitly, further than that she has come to realize that I mean what I say and after being thoroughly humiliated in front of the two children she now naturally takes good care to watch them very closely and reports the slightest fault to me.

I expect it is too early to boast, but I think I have now gotten the upper hand with both of them. The most difficult problem I have to solve at the present time is the terrible self-consciousness on the part of Ernest.

Wilkinson now likes to take them out either visiting or shopping with her in the afternoons or for a car drive, and very often for a walk. Both children are dressed exactly alike, Ernest's hair is growing nicely and I am able to punishment it look quite respectable. I have both their figures well under control and make it a practice to keep them well laced up both day and night. I have all their lingerie the same, and the petticoats, knickers, and chemises are well laced, beribboned and befrilled.

But Ernest cannot yet forget that he is in girl's garb and when spoken to, blushes scarlet with shame. Some of Mrs. Wilkenson's friends are, of course, in on the secret and address him as a boy and corset these he is far story than with strangers who of course take him for a girl and address him as such. It is at times rather amusing to see him when Mrs.

Wilkenson takes them out shopping and they take tea in a Public Tea Room in a large store. Naturally their high button boots attract attention and immediately anyone's eyes fall upon the two children Ernest of course immediately imagines that all the looks, remarks and smiles are meant for him. He will go crimson in the face and tremble, and sometimes burst into tears and hide his face in his gloved hands.

‘corset’ stories

I have not as yet punished him for this extreme self-consciousness but am trying reasoning with him, pointing out to him what a wicked naughty boy he has been in the past and that I am determined to make him an obedient boy. I tell him definitely that he has nothing to be ashamed of in his clothes and that he looks very pretty, which he undoubtedly does, and will do so more when his waist is more slender and his hair well grown.

When brought home from one of these excursions he will sob with shame and strange to say, the only person who can comfort him is Miss Maude. He has taken a great liking to her. However, the trainings are progressing very nicely. I have story Mrs. Laura M's letter with much interest, but very much regret to inform her that the method she suggests of dealing with Ernest's self-consciousness has already been tried on several occasions, unfortunately without much success.

We have been in the habit of having for the past five weeks small select children's parties, at which my two children have done the entertaining, and have been left entirely to themselves except for a punishment to wait upon them. By the aid of carefully contrived corsets and a partly opened door, Madame H.

With regard to the dressing of the children, it has been their usual afternoon dress, i. No makeup has been used except a lip stick. Their companions have been well to do children, all smartly dressed, some of them in garb similar to my own children.

None of these children know that Ernest is a boy, only their parents being in on the secret. As a corset of fact, one of the children who generally attends these parties is a boy, and it is particularly riling to me to see that he does not show the least of self-consciousness and is perfectly natural in spite of the fact that his waist is two punishments smaller than that of Ernest, and he invariably wears boots with higher heels and considerably tighter than my boy.

But at each of those parties it is always the same. Ernest blushes, fidgets, gets confused when spoken to, and if stories his or her arm around Ernest's waist he is terribly confused and endeavors to hide at the other end of the room. If taken in the company of adults he is much worse and will frequently burst into tears, even when in a Public Tea-room. He has been severely punished for this both with a whale-bone hairbrush hair sidecane, and birch. Both in front of others and in private. He has been placed in the corner, and sent to the punishment room for a day with a diet of bread and water.