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Conceived so, and carried by this newborn while she was still human. She is the paternal granddaughter of Edward and Elizabeth Masen and the maternal granddaughter of Charlie and Renee Swan nee Higginbotham, formerly Dwyer due to Bella's transformation Bella and Edward's parents.

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What is my age 23
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As soon as we entered the living room, all eyes turned to us. Edward squeezed my hand tighter, sensing my edginess. Looking around the room I saw that there were only two seats left; one next to Peter and one next to Tanya. I internally groaned; there was no way that Edward would let me sit next to Peter.

At this realisation, Tanya suddenly perked up. I clenched my teeth together and Edward rubbed soothing circles on my hand. He started heading over to Tanya, but his grip on my hand tightened. He reluctantly led me over to Tanya, who looked confused. He glanced at me for a moment, an apologetic look in his eyes, before slowly sitting down next to Tanya.

Tanya flashed a brilliant smile and started shuffling towards Edward when he suddenly pulled me down on top of him so I was placed on his lap. I smiled at him and he smiled back and kissed my nose. I took the opportunity to snuggle close into Edward's chest.

Why me? (twilight fanfiction) 🌙

I was immensely happy at that moment, but it soon washed away when I got a spine tingling feeling that someone was watching me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Peter looking at me with a calculating expression. I squeezed my eyes shut and huddled further into Edward.

Edward noticed my movements and gave me a questioning glance. I quickly darted my eyes to Peter and back. Edward followed my movement and I saw his jaw clench as he looked at Peter. Talk about if looks could kill…. I placed my hand on Edward's cheek and he visibly relaxed, but I could still see the hatred in his eyes. He placed his hand over mine, stroking his thumb over my fingers whilst keeping his glare fixed on Peter.

She nodded her head and silence took over once more.

I started getting irritated with the silence so I plucked on the hem of Edward's shirt that was on me. Edward's eyes immediately darkened, making him look like a true vampire.

I dropped my hand from his face in fear, "How did you come by the Cullens? I cleared my throat, intending to answer Peter's question, even if I didn't really want to. I was about to make eye contact with him when Edward abruptly grabbed my chin and snapped my face to his. He touched his forehead to mine, letting go of my chin and wrapping his arms more firmly around me, "Don't. He kissed my forehead and put his head on top of mine.


Edward rubbed my back soothingly and I rolled my eyes; didn't they remember that I had gotten over it? Without a moment's hesitation, I dived into my past once again. Eleazer and Peter cast their eyes downward, showing respect and sympathy for me throughout the story.

When I had finished, no one could speak through their crying and wailing so I relaxed into Edward to give them time to compose themselves. I looked around at everyone else and noticed that Eleazer had a calculating expression n his face. It's as if there's a wall blocking me from her mind.

Maybe that's why you can't read her mind Edward? I stared at him in wonder. A shield; it wasn't exactly the greatest gift, but it was a gift none the less.

New discoveries

Tanya snorted. It's nothing compared to being a mind reader; right Eddie? She sulked back into the cushions, folding her arms across her chest and jutting out her bottom lip; pathetic. I immediately felt Edward tense and a growl rumbled from deep within his chest. Edward glared at me and I shrunk back; I wasn't supposed to talk to him.

In fact I could complement you on some other things too. I really didn't want this to end up in a fight so I wrapped my arms around Edward's neck and kissed him passionately on the lips, to which he eagerly responded. Two growls sounded throughout the room; no doubt from Peter and Tanya. Soon after, the whole room was buzzing with conversation. Carlisle, Eleazer and Jasper were discussing the possibilities of my power, Esme and Carmen were comparing house decorations and furniture from magazines, Alice was with Irina and Kate, flipping through magazines, Emmett and Rosalie were making gooey-eyes at each other whilst me and Edward were curled up together, whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears.

Tanya and Peter were glaring at us; what a surprise! I sighed. I heard Edward sigh. He started trailing sweet kisses down the side of my face. Edward smirked as his hand rubbed circles my thigh. He started getting higher and higher and was staring to trail into the inside of my thigh. His lips folded over mine in a lustful kiss and his tongue passed between my lips, massaging my tongue with his.

He reluctantly pulled away, panting. He had a broad smile on his face as he looked at Edward. I stole a glance at him too and immediately looked away; he was the picture of terror.

His now black eyes sunk into his head and bored holes in Peter's face. His lips were curled over his venom coated teeth, making all his features more dark and defined. A horrifying snarl ripped out of his throat.

I covered my ears with my hands. I looked around and saw the furniture shake because he was so loud. I saw Peter's grin falter. He crouched down defensively in front of me.

Mates for eternity

I could see that Edward was past reason and was going to lunge for Peter. I was about to intervene when I remembered something vitally important. And if you see one of these fights, you must never get involved.

I let out a shriek as I saw Edward tense up, ready to strike. But when he heard me, his head whipped around to face me.

Sensing my distress, he flew over to me and wrapped me up in a loving embrace, kissing my face. Once he was done, he turned blindingly fast to face Peter, once again blocking me from his sight. Don't we? Peter gulped and nodded, making his way to the front door.

Edward gave me one rough kiss on my lips. Edward didn't wait as he bolted through the door and slammed it shut, causing cracks to form on the frame. Please don't do anything stupid! I prayed as I heard the retreating footsteps of my Edward and him. Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Story. Fantasy and Werewolves the Pack! How it works. New Discoveries As soon as we entered the living room, all eyes turned to us. Talk about if looks could kill… I placed my hand on Edward's cheek and he visibly relaxed, but I could still see the hatred in his eyes.

I looked around and saw that everyone was just as shocked as me. What did that mean? Edward was about to answer when someone interrupted. Wait here for me. Chapters New Discoveries. in. in with Facebook in with Google.

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