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Aesthetically baby fanfiction men ivy poisons

It's not always such a bad thing, is it?

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Jim Gordon flipped the switch. The batal suddenly shone brightly in the sky. He waited.

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Detective Bullock angrily said, "That's a silly question.

If I knew where she was I would of defeated her by now. Batman replied, "Deep down Poison Ivy doesn't want to be evil. She wants to make sure all of the plants in Gotham are safe.

It's similar to how I want everybody in Gotham to be safe. The main difference is that my goal is super important. Detective Bullock replied, "Plants are stupid.

New arrivals (batman x poison ivy)

Detective Bullock quickly grabbed all of the donuts in five seconds. He said, "The five second rule saved me from losing a snack. Meanwhile Black Mask was having a meeting with Firefly in his crime office. Black Mask said, "You need to make sure that my newest scheme works out.

Black Mask said, "I picked out a great location for my next criminal building. Sadly Poison Ivy has dozens of plants there. I need you to get rid of all of the plants. A few hours later Poison Ivy was saying goodnight to her plants. Poison Ivy said, "I hope that you rest well my darling plants. After saying goodnight to the plants Poison Ivy headed to her small hideout which was only a few dozen feet away from the plants. Firefly flew up to the area where the plants were at. He looked around and said, "These plants are silly looking. Being outside would feel like an air conditioner for the plants.

That's why I'm going to be the heater.

Batman and poison fanfiction m

Poison Ivy ran out of her hideout and used a water hose to put out the fire. She looked around and saw Firefly. She said, "You destroyed a few of the plants. Firefly replied, "You're crazy. You act like plants are the most important thing ever. Money's like a million times more important. Poison Ivy said, "You're a monster for hurting my dear plants. My plants are more important than any humans.

Poison x robin by dexsss on deviantart

Firefly replied, "You should calm down. If you stopped focusing on plants you would be really popular. You're super pretty. Firefly didn't know that kissing Poison Ivy was dangerous so he took his mask off Poison Ivy gave Firefly a poisonous kiss. Firefly passed out. Commissioner Gordon said, "Yes. I found Firefly tied up in the police station. He got defeated by some kind of poison. A nearby doctor cured him before I had Firefly sent back to Arkham Asylum.

Do you think that Poison Ivy is the one who poisoned Firefly? Detective Bullock said, "That's a foolish thing to ask. It's crystal clear that she's the villain you fool. Batman drove around Gotham to find the place that had the most plants. Since Batman knew that Poison Ivy was hiding Batman drove around streets where very few people lived.

After several minutes of driving around Batman found Poison Ivy's hideout. Batman said, "I want us to talk about the big crimes that have been going on. Batman said, "Instead of using your plant powers for evil stuff you could take care of the real problems that have been going on in Gotham. Poison Ivy responded, "The evil businessmen are the ones that have doing the problems.

I'm going to poison all of them. Batman said, "Black Mask has been causing me a lot of problems recently. Capturing him has been really hard. You have what it takes to get rid of him. Batman said, "It's pretty easy to cure your poisonous kisses.

That would ruin all of his criminal plans. Poison Ivy replied, "A superhero who wants to poison a criminal seems wrong. You're breaking the law. Batman started fighting the other criminals in the building while Poison Ivy ran to Black Mask's meeting office. Black Mask looked around the office and saw Poison Ivy. He said, "You're quite beautiful for someone I hate. Black Mask angrily said, "How dare you mess with my company. I'm one of the most successful people in Gotham. I'm not as rich as my old friend, Bruce Wayne, but I'm super good. Unlike Bruce I always wear a mask. I doubt Bruce has any masks of value.

Black Mask said, "Okay. However I'm going to get rid of you and I'll have your plants destroyed. Black Mask passed out. Batman went into the room and noticed that Black Mask got poisoned by Poison Ivy. Batman said, "You did a really good job. Poison Ivy replied, "Thank you Batman. It's rare for us to have the same goal. I've been wasting time poisoning Black Mask's henchmen. You inspired me to defeat the boss instead of the silly henchmen.

Perhaps I can thank you with a kiss. Poison Ivy said, "I was offering you a normal kiss. Batman put handcuffs on Black Mask and had him sent back to Arkham Asylum. A few hours later Batman went to the police station's rooftop and asked, "Did you get Black Mask cured in time? Commissioner Gordon said, "Thankfully the doctor cured him. However the doctor barely had enough time. Detective Bullock replied, "This is why the police shouldn't trust you.

You'll probably have every criminal in Gotham poisoned. Even I think you're being too harsh. Batman said, "We have the antidote to the poison so we can cure any of the criminals that get poisoned. I told Poison Ivy to poison Riddler and Scarecrow. Detective Bullock walked up to Commissioner Gordon and said, "Batman's too dangerous. We can't hire him to take care of any more crimes. The next night Batman noticed that the Bat al was broken. Batman felt a little sad about losing the Bat al.

However a few days later Batman saw a new Bat al. Batman drove to the location of the new Bat al and realized that it was next to Poison Ivy's house.

Batman replied, "It's a very nice present. I want to thank you.