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Aesthetically licking seeking friend to asshole

Dating apps were new to me, I was nervous as I ed my photo, perfected my bio and waited for the swarm of dick pics my girlfriends had warned me about to come in.

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The Scooter Club Category: Fetish. Total 0 votes. Could I really be doing this? I'm following some guy at a garage to the back room - seriously, the back room - where he is no doubt going to fuck my brains out. I'm watching his muscular ass ripple in his tight jeans, and I'm already unzipping my leather jacket. It was barely holding me in to begin with, and since I don't seem to be wearing anything underneath it, I'm already bouncing free by the time that my surprise lover opens the stock room door.

Years I'm 23 years old
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Sex: I'm female
Color of my hair: Brunet
Favourite music: I prefer to listen easy listening

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I woke up on my stomach hearing the alarm clock at am.

I looked over at him and lifted up a little to come over to him lying on his back. I kissed him after saying good morning then smiled at him, to let him know I wanted him to do what I find irresistible for him to do for me in the morning. I fell back onto my stomach spreading my legs pulling a pillow under my stomach as I bent my knees a little and he crawled behind me grabbing hold of my legs still in black fishnet stockings from the night before.

I had my ass in the air and I buried my head into my pillow as I felt his warm dripping tongue briskly move over my asshole. I groaned and sighed as I take extreme pleasure in his tongue beginning to move all over my ass crease and I could feel his saliva starting to coat my asshole.

He was moaning persistently as he gave me the impression that he tremendously loved licking on my asshole. I had never considered having anyone actually lick my asshole before and he had just started doing it to me.

I remember the shock and awe I had when I first felt what he was doing to my asshole with his tongue. He loves licking my asshole almost more than I adore him licking it so I never have to hesitate to ask him to lick it for me.

I cherish going to bed and waking up to his tongue in my asshole. Today was no different as for about 20 minutes I lied there with my ass in the air and my mouth open moaning softly, as I lightly held his head with one hand and the pillow with the other.