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Espanol story fetish for male for anesthesia

It was a large house in the suburbs set well back from the street and inside a stone-fenced yard. She had been buzzed through a security gate after which she had driven up the drive to the parking area behind the house.

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J shows up to clinic dressed in a beautiful blue satin strapless ball gown with satin elbow length gloves. As she walks in there is a saying please put one of these on with an arrow pointing down to some full face respirators. She picks one up and places it over her face and pulls the straps tight. Now each breath is now muffled with the respirator filtering the air.

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I arrived at the clinic around 9 am, knowing that over the next 36 hours I would experience some of the most intense and bizarre pleasure of my life. The clinic looked like any other small medical centre; for the most part it was quite normal. However behind the ordinary reception and normal doctors rooms on the first floor lay the sexual and neurological research centre. Its anesthesia was only briefly mentioned on one of the brass plates next to the front door.

I was almost completely numb fetish anticipation and nervousness as I told the receptionist of my appointment. She smiled politely, then told me to take a seat and said they would call me through when they were ready. The waiting area was warm and spacious, there were a few other people waiting patiently, they all looked bored and probably story to be somewhere else. I couldn't help but think that even their wildest guess would not come close to the reason for my visit. A voice then call my name, I looked up to see a young brunette nurse in light blue scrubs with a clip board.

The nurse introduced herself and told me that she would be assisting in today's session. She then asked if I was feeling nervous, I lied and said only a little bit, she said not worry as I was in good hands.

I was then leaded down a corridor to an exam room. The room consisted of window looking out over the car park, a small desk, hand basin and modern white vinyl exam table partly screened off by camel coloured curtains. We sat at the desk and she began by explain what would be happening over the day.

I had ly had the details of the experimental surgery I was to undergo described too me. However she went over them again and asked if I had any questions. The procedure involved a surgical altering my penis and genitals to gain access to the thousands of nerve endings found in the male genitals.

These never endings could then be artificially stimulated using a of special microscopic electrical probes connected to a computer. This would them give the researched working on this project the ability to induce a special type of orgasm in me known as a hyper orgasm, in which a person could be held at the peak climax for many hours. This hyper orgasmic state induced a special higher state of consciousness which intern had a of almost superhuman side effects.

In experiments subjects held in this state would healed at rapidly rates, regenerate brain cells at faster than normal and even show s of slowed aging.

Thus it was thought it could have a of revolutionary applications in medicine. After she had finished explaining the procedure, I was then given a of contest forms to agreeing to the surgery. I was also agreeing to be held in hyper orgasmic static under their control for the preceding 36 hours. Although I was full committed to being part of this ground breaking experiment I did hesitate slightly, as I was agreeing them permanently altering an intimate part of me that was not with out risks.

The nurse then conducted a pre-op examination, which consisted of checking my blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and temperature. Then I was instructed to go over to the exam table and remove my clothes and place them in a plastic bag marked patient's property.

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After that I changed into a blue surgical gown and hair net and lay back on the exam table. The nurse then told me the surgeon would be into see me shortly. I lay there waiting on the cushy table a sea of nerves and anticipation. There was then a knock at the door and blond female surgeon of about 35 entered the room. We had met once before at my original consultation, although we had not talked all that much as she was just one of three doctors at the meeting.

She moved my gown up which was covering my penis and began to thoroughly examine my genitals in a matter of fact way. She said very thing looked fine for the operation today and she was looking forward to working on me.

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Then using a marker pen she drew on the incision sites, the first of which was on the head of my penis just under the glands. Here she would first cut through my foreskin to completely remove it.

Once this was done another incision would then be made a small pocket created, to allow for the implantation of a special mesh. The purpose of the mesh was to give the researches the ability to simultaneously stimulate all nerve endings contained there. The second incision would be at the base of my shaft where she would cut my suspensory ligament. This would allow a portion of penis which is normal held behind my pubic bone to come forward extending the external length of my member. This would then gain further access to even more nerve endings, which would be needed to reach hyper orgasm.

However probes would also be needed to be attached into my testicles and prostate. Once the surgeon had finished marking out the incisions she was going to made she took a of photos of my genitals as before shoots.

She then replaced my gown and told me the prep nurse would be with me soon. Another nurse then came in with a pair of medical looking slippers for me to put on.

Anesthesia stories

I then followed here to an ading room, marked prep. The prep room consisted of a wet area floor and a padded table in the centre with a hoses hanging around it and a of spotlights above it. The anesthesia then asked me to jump up on the table help me remove my gown and then she placed a blue latex sheet over me. She said I would need to receive a of enemas, as during my operation they would need clean access to my prostate.

She then wheeled over a machine with a double balloon enema hose, which contained both an story and outer tube. One would administer the enema while the other would remove the waste from my irrigated colon. The nurse then lubricated the hoses and told me to try and relax as she inserted the hoses up to the fetish balloon.

At first it would not go but then I felt my opening begin relax as it slowly accepted in the hoses.

J's operation

She then inflated the balloons which although feeling very odd was almost pleasurable. After that she began the flow and told me the three cycles I would need would take about 30 minutes. She asked if I would like something to read while the machine was doing its work, but I said I was alright and instead focus on the sensation of the water entering me then slowly being pumped out. As I lay there on table completely naked under the rubber sheet and the enema hoses buried in my ass and I couldn't help but wonder what the people in the waiting room would think if they saw me now.

Once the enema machine had finished the nurse deflated the balloons and removed the hoses, which left me feeling sort of empty.

She then said the second stage of my prep would involve the completely removal a of all my body hair from my neck down. This was necessary as I was to be placed in a special latex body suit for my surgery and the duration of my time in hyper orgasm. Using a trimmer with a vacuum attachment she began to remove the hair from my chest and under arms once this was done she moved the sheet up and repeated the process with my pubic hair and down my legs.

Quid pro quo

Once the hair had been trimmed down she said she would use a depilatory cream to remove the remaining hair. This was applied using one of the spray hoses hanging next to the table. The creamy foam was applied to my entire body and I felt it tingle as it slow dissolved way all my hair. After a few minutes the cream had dried and the nurse was able to peel it way from my now denuded skin. I was then asked to roll over on to my front and the same process was repeated on my back.

Once this was done she washed my now bare skin with a disinfectant soap and then dried with warm air from one another hoses.

Next it was time for the body suit. The purpose of it was to mitigate the effects of outside stimulation and thus keeping me in my hyper orgasmic state for the duration of the experiment. The latex suit was to be sprayed on to my skin in much the same way as a spray tan is applied.

However there were certain areas that would need to remain uncover for the duration of the surgery. One of these was my pubic area so the nurse placed a buff coloured latex C-string on me. A breathing mask was also placed over my nose and mouth and my eyes were covered with special p.

J's operation

The front half of my story was then completely sprayed with translucent latex quickly dried be for the process could be repeated on the back half. Once the eye p were removed I looked down to see my new rubbery fetish, it made me feel very strange but erotic at the same time. Lastly my hair net from earlier was removed and replaced with a clear rubber cap, it was then filled with a conductive gel which the researches would use to measure my brain activity during the experiment.

A another nurse then entered with a bed on wheels which was pulled up along the prep table I was then asked to sooch over on to it. I was covered with a sheet then wheeled to waiting anesthesia outside the operating theatre. Here the nurses inserted an IV into my arm and then said they would give me something to help me relax before my surgery.

Soon I began to feel warm and light headed. I also felt blood begin to rush to my penis which began to strain against the rubber cup of the c-string I was wearing. After about ten minutes it was time for me to go into surgery. The two nurses then wheeled me through double doors into the operating room, where a white operating table surround by an array of complex medical equipment laid waiting.

The clinic

Next to the table stood the surgeon, a doctor and the consulting nurse I had seen earlier they were all dressed in full surgical out fits with long white latex gloves. Above the table there were a of lights and a TV screen. I was then quickly but carefully transferred to the table.